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  1. D-LINE he list 6 not much depth there no mention of Shelby no mention of Reed what about the other FAs signed Garrison Smith and Justin Zimmer? PS returnees Ivies and J*T Jones ADDED to be complete--- the 3 undrafted rookies His 6 plus these make 15 trying for 9-10 positions
  2. also why does everyone ignore Demario Richards when discussing possible FB? the Falcon's list him as a FB
  3. So now there are 3 OH wait is that 4? Marx, McNitt, Ortiz ------Richards for some reason the Falcons are listing Demario Richards (an UDFA RB out of Az state) as a FB----anybody know why??
  4. there is still one item that no team or organization can control some call it luck others say you make your own luck and still others say there is no such thing as luck well OK but there is randomness--random events can change everything--a team can do every thing exactly correct and still random events can change the outcome HE77 even the shape of the football is designed ti help introduce randomness into the game
  5. I was re-watching a game over the week end and the announcers said that truck driver was his team nickname
  6. I know this means nothing BUT the Falcon's roster list Jack Crawford as a DE ??? I know he played DT a lot before his injury last season UDFA Jacob Tuioti-Mariner as a DT---yes I know he was a DE in college EDITED UDFAs Winbush and Jarvis also played DE in college BUT are listed as LBs on the Falcon's roster-------EDGE rushers??????
  7. I thought they called him "Truck Driver"
  8. Interesting Point The Falcon's have only lost 2 games with Matt Ryan out of the lineup and a lot more with him in the lineup JOKING
  9. CATCH 22 if we let them go--- THEY would be the top Dozen FAs
  10. HE77 let them ALL go start all over from scratch then we can all sit around an moan about not having a SB trophy for the next 60 years AND THAT IS WHAT WE ARE GOOD AT.
  11. NO NO I had 2 questions #1 was how does he stack up against other #7's in receptions that IS the data posted--I had no idea that the #7s on other teams would be TEs ---I did not look outside the NFC SOUTH so that may be just a quirk #2 question was how against #4 WRs I have no dats so the (????)--just take too long to dig it all out BUT HERE IT IS --and I'm not sure about it--roster changes etc #4WRs ATL Hardy--20----221---3TD Car Shepard---17---191---1TD NO Fleener---22---295---2TD BUCS Godwin 34--209---1TD
  12. I do not have info on number of targets but on receptions Hardy was #7 Jones, Sanu, Hooper, Freeman, Gabriel, Coleman, Hardy........ Before we consider his fate I'd like to see DATA on How does he stack up against other #7s in receptions Atl ---Hardy(WR)----20----221---3TDs Car--Olsen(TE)---- 17---- 191----1TD NO---Josh Hill(TE)---16----125----1TD Bucs-OJ Howard(TE)---25---432---6TDs I thought it wild that OJ was #7 for Bucs How does he stack up against other #4 WR in receptions ?????? EDITED IN not positive about results of my search ATL Hardy--20----221---3TD Car Shepard---17---191---1TD NO Fleener---22---295---2TD BUCS Godwin 34--209---1TD I seen nothing here to tell me just how BAD (or how how good) he actually is.
  13. just remember for 2017 length of a Falcon's drive when Jones had NO catches about 20 yds length of a Falcon's drive when Jones had at least 1 catch about 49 yds note --posted by broadcast team during the Bucs(??) game in ATL
  14. overall look --remember they usually keep 9-10 active and 1 or 2 on PS Returning just trying to put things into focus Reed----Mckinley---Cheridor Senat----McClain---G Smith-----Zimmer---J T-Mariner Jarrett----Crawford----Ivies----Cunningham Beasley----Shelby-----J*T Jones and yea some maybe out of position--this is just for numbers
  15. Thanks for the correct spelling of KK Kuykendall was 75-84 so 2 years were with Nobis BUT he was hurt a lot in 76 and 77 out about 1/2 season each year