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  1. BUT the glass is ALWAYS FULL---part liguid (scotch) -----part solid (ice) ----part gas(air)----unless it's in space than it's full of the trick is to manages the blend.
  2. really just wondering AND need help remembering - this is Ryan's 10 season his -- OCs Mularkey (was there one in between???) Koetter Shany Sark Do OCs change this often for other QBs?????
  3. Didn't Vellano spend 2/3 of 2016 on the PS and 1/3 of 2016 on the active roster of the Falcons? Didn't he get playing time last season? Wasn't he on the Falcons all of the 2017 off season and pre season? Wasn't he on the 2017 PS? I'm not really surprised at him getting playing time.
  4. I don't know --up here in NE Ga there are many many many Panther fans and I dearly love to see the panthers lose. ADDED very few Saints fans up in this area so they don't bother me QUESTION Is it the saint's team or the Saint's Fans you so intensely dislike??
  5. ONLY if Davis stopped running his mouth constantly --he never never ever shuts up--like announcing fo the blind
  6. active CBs were Alford Goodwin Wreh-Wilson Trufant Poole Olatoye then there is still Collins hanging out there somewhere in the wind
  7. Jake Rodgers OL 2015 7th round ???????? I really thought there were more but now I don't think so
  8. let's see just today on TATF 1. trade T Coleman 2. move Hill to PS sign Freeney today actual 1. release Pressley from PS so if all happens the RB corp would be Freeman and Ward -on 53 and Hill on PS Sooo let's add another fast RB ---who do we cut ----oh yea Freeney
  9. his choice
  10. that may true -- my point was I do not know of the word Terminus being associated with the walking dead at all since I've never seen it.
  11. pass to TE or RB on 1st down coverage will be Worrilow Soo Hooper, Freeman T. Coleman Purple just pulling from other threads
  12. Oh now come on I'm 76 years old DO you actually think I know anything at all about (or have any interest whatsoever in) "The Walking Dead"
  13. AND I do not understand how you can "set up" a trap game when the schedules (14 games at least) are determined years in advance./
  14. and there is our temp replacement for Vic