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  1. Coleman missed 3 games in 2016 AND the falcons went to the SB---is the team better off without Colman???? Did Shanny call better games when Coleman was out???
  2. after the skins game ATL 4---4 rest of schedule Cleveland 2---6 Dallas 3---4 NO 7----1 Ravens 4----5 GB 3---4 Cards 2--6 Carolina 6---2 TB 3---5 if they win 6 then they are 10---6 and a good shot at WC
  3. I live up here in NE GA and around here there are as many Carolina fans as Falcon fans-----all small groups because must follow college football and ignore pro football. PROBLEM my Carolina fan friends have great laughs at the total inaccuracies of the depth charts on the home site. " No wonder the Falcons can't play they don't even know whose on the field" Fusco still starting RG Freeman still starting RB new tackles not added Zimmer still active etc some of you with close ties with the org please ask for an update
  4. I wonder what Hardy's average.would be if there was not a holding call on 2 out of every 3 punts I don't think ANY returner can do well with all the flags thrown during returns----this is not a new problem in ATL just a historical fact
  5. Yes err what was that Dallas wide receiver's name something like Bob Hayes?
  6. could NOT afford to sign them ALL (if at their peak) and today's salaries
  7. sorry for the confusion I should have said "Falcon career"
  8. Depends on how long (game, season, carerr) you got the help Most sacks 1 Game Adrian Clayborn 6 2017 Most sacks 1 season John Abraham 16.5 2008 Most sacks career Claude Humphrey 94.5 1968-1978 Most sack yards per season Joel Williams 137.5 1980 Most Sack yards per career Claude Humphrey 757 1968-1978
  9. Quinn is a coach he'll adapt the O/D to the talent soo He77 I'll go hog wild and still leave out many Pass Rush Claude Humphrey, John Abraham, Chuck Smith, Joel Williams LBs, Tommy Nobis, Greg Brezina, Jessie Tuggle, Kykendahl (sp), Buddy Curry DBs Scott Case, Ray Brown, Rolland Lawrence, Ray Buchanan + Sanders + Hall WRs Roddy White, Terrence Mathis, Andre Rison, Alfred Jenkins, Ken Burrow, Michael Haynes RBS Riggs, Andrews, Anderson, Turner, Dunn, OL Fralic, Kenn, Van Note, McClure, Whitfield
  10. last year Schweitzer was at RG and Garland filled in as Levitre's backup at LG they may switch those two from Monday night game WHERE HAS THE FALCON FRONT OFFICE SAID THEY SIGNED Odhiambo?????? I can't find it??? So all of you are going on a third party report?? AS OF NOW
  11. According to the Falcon's homepage Fusco to IR backup G Kerin cut HARLOW signed TO PS Hassenhauer PS cut by Will Mcfadden Atlanta has waived rookie center J.C. Hassenauer from its practice squad and reserve guard Zac Kerin from its active roster. In a corresponding move, the Falcons are signing former draft pick Sean Harlow to their practice squad. nor mention of Odhiambo
  12. me? 2018 run game is down 3 reasons !. No Chester, 2. No Levitre ie run blocking not up to 2016 standards 3. Freeman injuries 2018 pass game is close mainly because of the addition of Ridley however here again the line blocking and the RB back pick-up blocks are not quite up to the 2016 standard causing Ryan to have a little less time
  13. He's on the practice squad man signed at same time as Neasman and Carter 25 Sep
  14. He was waived 6 june 2018 after spending the 2017 season on IR
  15. --admittedly I know little about Richards and Tandy.If one of them is the answer then OK if not To me moving Ishmael back seems most logical he has played that position in this system with this team Poole played satey in college but how long would it take him to get adjusted to this system???? 1 week 2? 3? what do you do until then??? NOW FS Kazee Tandy Neasman SS ????? Richards SO who becomes ????? moving Ishmael back to SS any thoughts on that??? ---Did they sign Carter to free up Ishmael from LB?