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  1. very hard to answer it's almost a trick question-----kinda like which is you favorite child or which was your favorite dog or which was your favorite car or which was your favorite wife not saying they are the best just my favorites anyway all time William Andrews/ Tommy Nobis/ Jeff Van Note current roster Grady Jarrett/ Matt Ryan/ Julio Kones
  2. this is impossible to do different times---- different games ----different rules*** --- different defenders---different QBs etc etc etc ***the pass interference rules have changed a lot over this time frame a 67 vette was great a 17 vette is great but they are totally different automobiles can't compare them
  3. I'm not going to try to build an entire roster since I think most of you have done a real good job of that Just going to throw out a few names I haven't noticed ( I may have overlooked them) LB Boley, CB Foxworth, FS E. Coleman DE Umenyiora Todd Weiner(07), RB Norwood, WR Michael Jenkins, WC swing tackle Svitek added ST Weems, Hester, Koenen
  4. if the goal is to save money in order to get better defensive players WHY start with Freeman? Trade Ryan that gets you a lot of money-- PURPLE OFF
  5. ??????????? So everyone who has worked hard and succeeded should be fired if they ask for a raise ???????????????????????????????
  6. Nope he was on IR the for the entire season-- BUT he was the only player that was on IR that had not been assigned to the active or PS roster since he was injured during training camp --- well maybe Fuller also If he reverted to the "general 90" roster then so did some of the 10 players on the PS with multi year contracts (4?) but they do not show on this depth chart This is not the right place but here goes--the home site NEEDS to do a much better job on their transactions list for example I was going to say he missed Goodman --ie Goodman shows on the list as signed
  7. I thought Mayes was a PS player why include him and not the others??? actually he was injured and was a cut about 16 Aug 16 then placed on IR -- before PS established
  8. My cuz says she spends too much time eating at the fork.
  9. It;s just that some of us older crowd went to very rural schools in the late 1940s and grammer was not a strong point in those educational systems---Home EC. and Shop were far more important
  10. READ you resign they re-sign just read the **** sentence
  11. truthfully it does bother me and YES I often make the mistake myself! BUT I think that 99% of the time the context of the usage makes it clear---- IF you take time to READ instead of just checking titles, etc.
  12. My QB questions Will Shaub go with Shanny? Is Simms good enough for Falcons #2? Where is Aaron Murray???
  13. Or just trade 31 for a 1st & 3rd 2018 pick--yea I'm greedy BUT seriously I think the Falcons will have more immediate needs in 2018 so why not stock up some extra picks for that year
  14. Defense DT (someone who can collapse the pocket), LB (depth), FS, every team can always need additional better pass rusher Offense RG What if Dimarco gets hurt? A RB --I like the guys they got but need an addition--(A Bus or a Fridge)
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