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  1. NOPE He was signed to the ACTIVE roster 12/04-- he's on the end of year active roster at the Falcon home site --also the home site 2018 transaction list show he was re-signed to active roster 12/04/18 Harris to IR ---Condo replaced Zimmer signed Safety Tandy cut to make room NFL site confusing about games played in it show recent games weeks 15,16,17 BUT career show 1 game if you take a player for another PS he must go to your active ( I do not know if he was still on any roster at the time he was re-signed -haven't checked)
  2. never said that --but could those "couple" of times be the tip of an iceberg? ie since it happened more than once it established a pattern of deliberate misbehavior Hey NO has also been caught with misbehavior so I'm not an anti NE fan I'm against breaking the rules deliberately or non-deliberately ALL that said I think both Brady and Brees are two of the all time greatest QBs to ever play at the pro level
  3. deflate gate
  4. My wife said that if NO and NE won they would have to re-name it to the CHEATERS Bowl
  5. Shriners plus some NFL players sponsered college bowl Senior bowl next weekend and I think one other still left to be played
  6. Kick returner---a waste to get a specific player for that job--- in today's environment--I'm guessing about 90% or more KOs are kicked out of the end zone---so in any given game there is maybe about 1 chance to return a kickoff punt returner???--3 out of 4 punt returns are called back because of a penalty ---- just fair catch all and you will wind up with almost the same field position
  7. Just a thought-- the Falcons could get about 3 good FAs and about 3 "?ready to play?" Draftees and maybe one UDFA so around 6/7 players will be added** I just think there are many more holes to fill-- than adding another talented WR Jones, Sanu, Ridley, Gage, re-signed Hall HARDY???? ** oh they will add several more but mostly in backup positions
  8. my profile says I joined December 31, 1969 BUT that is definitely wrong
  9. normally there would be 64 Guards 2X32---say add 1/4 for injuries give a total of about 80 guards and these are rated 54 and 57 LOOK ELSEWHERE
  10. what ever happened to letting them compete for their jobs----yea $$$$ is tight ---- but I'd feel much better if I were sure their replacement was Better not just CHEAPER That's a mistake the Falcons have made over and over and over and over
  11. Not aimed at anyone ---- just babbling on---a tendency of mine---the "you" is quite generic
  12. could someone please post a list of Falcon free agents I haven't been able to find one
  13. pro football is entertainment just like any other entertainment--- a live concert, a new movie, a TV show. a boxing match, a baseball game etc You do not expect each and every one to be an award winner--you go to be entertained--win lose or draw if you get too wrapped up in a professional entertainment source being a winner and lose sight of the entertainment value maybe you need to change your emphasis remember when the Braves came to Atlanta Ted Turner said it did not matter if they won or lost people would attend just to get to see the other players on the other teams--he understood entertainment
  14. It all depends on how you define winner and loser to some NOT winning the100 yard dash in the Olympic's defines loser to others just being able to walk unassisted to the front door defines winner at the small school i played for --just getting through the entire game with 11 players still standing was a win---no matter what the score was AVIS once bragged about being #2 they tried harder------were they losers?
  15. THEY have not been HIRED--- just Interviewed the Falcons may not ask them to sign ---OR they may choose not to sign