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  1. DL Beasley--Jarrett---XXX-----Reed Ifedi-------Crawford---XXX---McKinley J't Jones---Tupou------XXX-----Ivie LBs Campbell ---- Jones---------Riley XXXXX----------XXXXX--------XXXX DBs Trufant-----Neal------Allen-------A;lford Poole------Neasman--Branch-----Kazee McFadden--- Mauger---Burton------Wilson not so thin numbers wise ------ talent????
  2. Just do not see a1/2/3/4 rnd pick of an OG this time around Levitre-----Fusco Garland-----Schweitzer Harlow-------Douglas Crowley------Brunskill both Garland and Fusco can backup center
  3. Maybe they have more faith in players like Ifedi, J't Jones, Crawford, Ivie, Tupou on the DL plus Mcfadden, Mauger, Branch, Burton as DBs and Pasztor, Harlow, Crowley, Douglas, Burnskill, on the OL and R. Davis, R. Hall at WR Saubert, Perkins Grey at TE stepping up than you and I do They got Numbers of player--it just that talent is questioned by us fans
  4. Do not forget Perkins who was on the 53 in 16 ---and then on PS_IR all of 17 No-one seemed to understand why he was on the 53 in 16 but that's the best place to stash a player you think is not ready but does have good potential--ie he can't be snached by another team Hooper--Saubert----Perkins---Grey
  5. 2 good DTs---rotational replacements for POE 1 good FB----replace D. Coleman 1 good ILB-------Backup Jones 2 good OLBs---only Campbell and Riley now I really don't care WHO by name
  6. Do remember the Bucs game in Atl last season???? they had so many injuries that in the second half they were down to no available substitutes at several positions on the OL , TE and DBs YET they still made a good game of it until the very end!!!! If you want to compete and at least have a chance to win then YES this Falcon's team is in a world of hurt (AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME)---I expect we'll see improvements before/during (and after) the off season
  7. Matthews---Levitre----Mack----Schweitzer----Schraeder Pasztor----Harlow-----Fusco----Garland-------Sambrillo -XXX-----Crawley(PS)----XXX---Douglas----------------- ---------------------------------------Brunskill(PS) YEP they listed Fusco as a Center
  8. they better get some linebackers signed or drafted(early) ---right now is basically Jones Riley and Campbell and that's about it
  9. It's fairly common to re-sign a player from last season and then cut him after preseason if he does not show improvement---there will be other Olinemen in the mix during pre-season not just these 9 like do you think McFadden will make the final 53 next season----he'll have to beat out Ward and Magee plus more
  10. Jones-- Hardy----R Davis Sanu--- M Hall ----R Hall on the roster --re-sign N Williams Then Freeman--- Coleman Hooper---???----Saubert I just do not see using a rnd 1,2,3, on a WR nor a high cost FA GET A TE
  11. Trends---once the best tackle was on the left--in recent years the right tackle position has had to improve because of rushes from that side---last 2 years or so the trend has been more toward the middle so need better guards now
  12. Nick Williams Justin Hardy Marvin Hall Randell Hall b(PS) Reggie Davis(PS) just to name the WRs then there are some DBs etc
  13. Just a thought --if the opponents in all those games the Falcon's WON has not "shot themselves in the foot" ---the Falcons would have LOST all those games
  14. Do not understand "expected" why wouldn't he be back, he's under contract and has not been cut?
  15. as LISTED on Roster DE -------------------------------DT McKinley 250------------------Jarrett 305 Reed 254----------------------Upshaw 272 Crawford 288 -----------------IVIE 295 Ifedi 275 J'Terius Jones 245 DL Tupou 285 Poe was NT at 346 currently no one in that range