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  1. We may still have a shot at Fields. How long did it take him at UGA before he quit because they wouldn't name him the starter?
  2. Uhhhh... Hey Matt, did you hear that whistle? What are we supposed to do now? Is the play over?
  3. How closely does the roster of team Retires Elsewhere line up with the roster of former team Fields At Four? Too busy to check but I'm gonna guess 80% overlap minimum.
  4. if great QBs elevate their offenses, then mediocre / not-so-great QBs must drag them down, right? So how could ANY Falcon offensive skill player be high demand in fantasy if MR2 is just a so-so QB? Even the ground game needs a credible air attack.
  5. BLM, I admit to being totally clueless about how fantasy leagues work. But how the **** could Ridley be a high-demand projected super star while the guy he'll depend on to get the football to him goes overlooked? Does that just seem dumb to me because I myself am ignorant? Again, I realize the answer to that could be Yes.
  6. Yes, it felt like a thousand third and long conversions. Got so **** tired of watching that. It'll be interesting to see if DQ has evolved at all and we may get a sense of that tomorrow night. The Bucs could dominate TOP.
  7. No sir you are not. Bringing them home is on TD. Keeping them around while they accomplish nothing is more on DQ, right? QO was like a dirty booger hanging out of the nose of this organization.
  8. Subtracting QO and adding WG definitely should change the look of that group and reflect a change in culture too (for the better). Maybe he'll go somewhere else and accomplish something but based on what he did here - nil - I can't imagine the Falcons missing his contribution.
  9. The way things played out with QO (and in a similar fashion with Senat) is just another indictment of the previous regime in my opinion. Marginal at best players who were inexplicably allowed to remain on the roster year in and year out but who didn't make it to game 1 of season 1 when facing objective scrutiny. Bye bye!
  10. Be safe out there and otherwise keep doing what you're doing! Actually take all the rest of it up several notches. But only if you stay in here. You are on a roll with this post and I really appreciate it. You are too quick to judge TF but this thread is gold and props to you for continuing to participate.
  11. You know it just clicked for me this morning - Cam's fashion sense reminds me of Prince. Somehow Prince pulled it off - I'm a big fan. More jarring to see Cam in that kind of stuff for some reason. Totally agree on Father Time potentially catching up to him now because of his style of play. He's accomplished some good things and made a butt-ton of money. I think I'd probably put my cape on and fly off into the sunset at this point. Give my body a break.
  12. No way he'd start for Them Cowboys though, so if Cam's listening to them it undermines the theory he asked for an early cut from BB so he could go find someplace to start.
  13. I think there is a good chance that's happened. At least as far as the 21-22 season goes, we ought to find out in no more than a few weeks. I am not up on QB status of many other teams. Can you think of one where Cam can displace someone pretty quickly?
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