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  1. Closest thing I have seen to a Rugby style tackler in a Falcons uniform.
  2. Devin White is not going to be around most likely. If he is we should not pass on him. Forget what you currently have because you are now in a new world if you take him. You suddenly have a much better defense.
  3. I think we have missed our window.....again. Without going into ancient history with the exception of Petrino we have had defensive coaches and our defense is awful. Atlanta should have a defensive legacy to be proud of by now. Then offensively we have to throw on 3rd and 1 or 4th and one. We flash in the passing game but I still wonder if Matt Ryan can really throw the fade. It is disturbing when you think of all the money Mr. Blank has made available to Thomas Dimitroff. He is entrenched at this point and I can't think that will change nor do I have his replacement unless it is Bill Belichek. So I have no answers except to hope for a draft/free agency that is not what/why/who???
  4. I always liked him and thought he was underused as a receiver in the redzone. He was part of the glue that held things together. Our 2017 team was pretty good talent wise.
  5. The problem is that he needs to be on the field full time. He is not a part time player. DQ is paid to sort that stuff out so I will just watch.
  6. The importance of picking super early in the draft is over-rated. The people picking early are not picking there because they have had great drafts. They will make mistakes and somebody good will be there. I think that holds true for about 3 rounds then you really need to get it right from that point on to get anything out of it.
  7. Be it ever so humble it begins to establish a winning habit. I don’t mind us playing to win pre-season games either.
  8. Note to Sark and Matt Ryan: They are going to blitz us until we make somebody pay for doing it. Even throwing at their gonads would be better than going into the fetal position.
  9. Our backs can run the ball. Our blocking has been very poor on running plays. The philosophy of building the line on the cheap didn't work out this year. It seems like it will work but you have to guess right! There also seems to be an incompetence in pressure situations and any kind of blitzing we have faced.
  10. Freeman is not a good short yardage back. He doesn't want to hit the hole as the play is designed and when you have no blocking it works as well as anything. He is looking to reverse field and catch people leaning but if somebody stays home he loses yards.
  11. He can’t hold High Top Jop’s jock strap.
  12. We didn’t play our style=we got run over by the Cleveland Browns. All 3 phases and coaching.
  13. Don't compare anybody to Jerious Norwood. He was one of a kind. A beautiful runner who understood there were yards to be made by cutting back against the grain in the open field. I don't see anybody doing much of that. They head to the sidelines and get pushed out of bounds. It is sickening. Coleman is Coleman. Just block for him and he will make you look good. Freeman had a great deal of success looking to reverse field instead of hitting the hole. Sometimes there was a hole there and he reversed into a tackle for loss. I prefer a back who hits the hole and then reverses field as Norwood often did. Freeman gets through the line of scrimmage and goes looking for somebody to butt, which ends the run.
  14. Just keep winning and it will solve all our problems. I concur with DQ that we played "our style" against the Giants. The defense was rallying to the ball and the offense was very strong. It was the first game in awhile that I have truly enjoyed watching! I think we are beginning to play a winning style of football. Now, I think that should have started at the first pre-season game but that is another matter. Just play better!
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