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  1. Closest thing I have seen to a Rugby style tackler in a Falcons uniform.
  2. Devin White is not going to be around most likely. If he is we should not pass on him. Forget what you currently have because you are now in a new world if you take him. You suddenly have a much better defense.
  3. I suppose the magic of this is to protect Matt Ryan's blind side? We would still have to decide who is to play the other guard.
  4. TD pieced together our entire OL last year. So I think he can find us a LG. He did fail at fielding a roster of LB's last year with only 4 on the roster in a year where there was talk of us going to a 3-4. That was pretty clear and obvious. It also led to the bizarre 4-2-5 alignment that led us to the bottom of the NFL in defense.
  5. Yes, and our option will be 300 lbs. + and hungry for an opportunity.
  6. If you are that frightened get a dog.
  7. If I owned the Falcons I would be meddling, you can book that. Zero is a big number to believe in this case.
  8. It is a history. Maybe somebody else would write that Smitty grindingly wore TD down with his persistent demanding that TD go out and draft bad players for him. So TD just went out and got him exactly who he asked for. At this point I suggest we move from Smitty bashing and enjoy the new team that has been assembled.
  9. Interesting theory but Pioli is in charge of the draft now. They went dumpster diving for late round linebackers last year cut some and the others got hurt. How can you transition a team to a 3-4 when that happens? Well, you go dumpster diving for Veteran Free agents and the ones you bring in are free for a reason. Smitty and Nolan were in trouble last year on defense because no new line backing talent was brought in through all means available. If TD was unaware that we needed more linebackers why did he go out and bring so many duds in. Nolan tried to Jerry rig it but it was a joke. Then the whole offensive line went down at one time or another, Matt Ryan started throwing more Pick 6's than TD's and we have ourselves a shiny new coach. Quinn says they "nailed" free agency and this draft was really strong so things are getting better for our team. Smitty and TD were joined at the hip just like he and Quinn are now. They had two losing seasons and Smitty had to go and TD was fortunate enough to survive.
  10. I have a few thoughts and opinions that relate to this topic. First, I don't think the running back position is de-valued as it pertains to playing winning football. Second, RB's are not a dime a dozen and you can just plug some guy in and not even tell the difference. That has been claimed about a Shanahan offense. I think there is still a benefit in having a top notch RB. It is not a waste of money or a draft pick to get the guy you want. However, TD has not demonstrated any interest at all in UGA players so I think it is a pipe dream to think we will select Gurley even if he fell to us in the second round. Avoiding local/regional talent has never made any sense to me but it seems to be part of the process.
  11. He will hypnotize the coaches in practice and when the games start they wil be mumbling "must play Biermann" to themselves over and over. Our best chance of him coming off the field was to not re-sign him. His powers are too great!
  12. Mathews should have been getting Kroy's reps. He needs to de-bulk and work on his speed. He reminds me of JA98 at his present size. He came to us very quick off the edge. DiMarco is an efficient blocker. He is more surgical than forceful. I would like to see both characteristics In a player. I would search high and low for an upgrade.
  13. He will be in high demand and make a lot of money becausehe sacks the QB about as good as anybody in the game.
  14. To change the subject and get back to football, I would say Greg Hardy types are what you look for in the draft. Great athletes with upside potential who demonstrated plus football ability in college. If you don't have enough sense to draft him way down in the draft don't compound the mistake by now paying him the big bucks after he has rusted out for a year. That ship has sailed.