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  1. I'm over it...what's done is done. New season = clean slate
  2. Just stopping in guys, looking forward to another year of stomach ulsers and emotional breakdowns. Yes, it's finally football season again!
  3. Good question. I may change it to "Smith4Senator" or "Wiliams4whigparty"
  4. It's sad to say, but it happens in every city.
  5. That's why I don't frequent games, I've been told to sit down on 3rd and short with our defense on the field. Needless to say I had plenty of choice words. A group of about 30 of us get together on Sundays and that's just fine with me. I'm sure every team has their share of idiots; we're a young fanbase and some people have a lot to learn about the game and our team.
  6. You were in the armpit of NC...Fayettenam isn't a good barometer.
  7. I hate the Panthers don't play the Bucs 16 times a year.
  8. Atlanta 9-7 Carolina 8-8 Tampa Bay 6-10 New Orleans 9-7
  9. Yeah, the last 4 years we have owned them 136-120!!!!
  10. 1-1 this past year against us. The combined score doesn't mean a **** thing.
  11. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!
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