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  1. You should be honored man!'s all in good fun, these threads help give the place a change of pace and some well needed smiles. I mean look at these pics...who wouldn't laugh at those, hilarious!
  2. Cut the pity party man, geez. It's just the internet. No one means any harm.
  3. Also, because this is relevant : Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?
  4. Went from fun to tampon, just like that.
  5. lol, happy late b-day bro..yea we got the same b-days...CAPRICORNS!!!!!

  6. thanks for the birthday wishes man......I appreciate it!

  7. Whoa dude, didn't know you had the same birthday as me. Happy birthday bro....

  8. i know but they were dissing us and i just didnt think it was right.....and i was trying to give you fans that are gone to the game something to yell about