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  1. 24 has always been my favorite number. Looks sick on the new jerseys.
  2. lol, happy late b-day bro..yea we got the same b-days...CAPRICORNS!!!!!

  3. thanks for the birthday wishes man......I appreciate it!

  4. Whoa dude, didn't know you had the same birthday as me. Happy birthday bro....

  5. i know but they were dissing us and i just didnt think it was right.....and i was trying to give you fans that are gone to the game something to yell about

  6. A+ Post....will read again!
  7. So a thread on a MB decides who is a true fan or not? No thanks, those who know me know where my allegiances are.
  8. I jumped on the Joey bandwagon last year. To no avail, I was sacked.
  9. Start a Harvey Dahl is DA FUTURE thread ..... who knows
  10. grrrrrr.....lol OK CAN THIS THREAD PLEASE DIE NOW
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