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  1. The Patriots will sign him and he'll kick the winning FG against us in the rematch SB. That's Falcon's luck right there, because you know Belichek ain't scared to run the ball and kick a FG.
  2. Ok, out for this season....can't handle it anymore. Hope everyone has a good new year and good off season. Oh yea, F*** THE SAINTS!!!
  3. As is our Oline, dline, coaching......did I miss anything?
  4. So we could have been 4-12 and on our way to a good draft pick, but we win 2 meaningless games only to **** the bed against a team that is worse than us, and to tie them at 6-10 which means we'll be picking back to back in the draft.......that sound about right?
  5. Because they are playing a much worse team and they would really have to try and lose, which would look suspect. If it was even a mediocre team we'd be losing by 7.....
  6. Can't do it anymore folks....I bid you a fond farewell for this week. I'll probably drag my stupid *** back here next week just to get gut punched again, but that's the nature of being a Falcon's fan.
  7. Thank you Green Bay for helping us clear out some dead weight from this team.....Mr. Blank will surely demand a blood sacrifice for this debacle of a season.
  8. You have to laugh at how bad we are...
  9. I guess that they are going to just move down the field on penalties.....
  10. To be fair, he's also the coach that lost us the SB....but I get your point.
  11. In a close game, with the playoffs on the line, I'd be right there with you.....this is a loss and it means nothing, so I don't mind it, especially when no one else is showing much heart.
  12. Pfft why? It's not going to impact the game at all, and at least it showed that some Falcons have a pulse. Besides, I LOL'd when that little man jump on the big giant's back.
  13. Lol, when keeping up with the game on the forums is more entertaining than watching the actual game.....
  14. I also seem to remember people chanting: "Joey, Joey, Joey" when Leftwhich was in there. That's Joey Harrington folks.
  15. Being the Falcons puts us at a disadvantage
  16. Tank is part of the word do the math.
  17. Dante's 9th Circle it would seem....
  18. Heh, try being there. I didn't have the luxury of turning off the tv.
  19. Wow

    I went to my first (and only?!) game in the new stadium today. Drove 5 hrs one way to get there. It was my sons' first NFL game today. We all left disappointed with the product we saw on the field. Sure, the stadium was great, the atmosphere was awesome, the people were nice, and the concessions were more than fair.....but all of that paled in comparison to the woeful and inept play that transpired on the field. Except for the fumble recovery by Beasley, there was very little to be excited about. I feel sorry for Mr. Blank...I think he's poured his heart and soul into this team, only to be rewarded by them giving up. I doubt I even bother watching another game this season, and that's coming from someone who's supported this team for almost 40 years. It really is heartbreaking.
  20. I had hoped for a better showing for my first trip to the Benz and my boys first NFL game, but alas, Falcon's gonna Falcon
  21. Bout $70 where I'm sitting
  22. Whoo Hoo, posting from inside the stadium! This place is awesome!