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  1. Yup....well, at least they were able to keep most of us from turning it off. Well played NFL, well played
  2. 2 things: I almost turned this off, and that camera girl is super cute!
  3. Aye, the HC that got us to the SB in 2016 is undefeated in SF.
  4. Well, I agree, but in order to get a new regime, we gotta get rid of the old one first.
  5. That might be the only way we score one.
  6. We are in contention for the #1 pick next year.
  7. So, does Blank have mercy and wait until the bye, or does he lower the boom this week? Either way I would be very surprised (and extremely pissed) if DQ is HC coming off of the bye week
  8. At this point I'm all for the water boy taking over if it'll shake things up a bit and light a fire under some rumps.
  9. The only way that Quinn is NOT gone by at least the end of f the season is if we somehow finish the season at 11-5 with a SB appearance. That ain't happening, so it's a safe bet that this is Quinn's last year. The WHEN is really the only thing up for grabs right now.
  10. They just put 54 pts on We are turds. Sad thing is, we have competition for being the worst team in the league right now, so wouldn't even pick in the top 5 at this point.....
  11. Milk this Ryan thing? You mean the most successful QB that the Atlanta Falcons has ever had? Yea, these boneheaded interceptions frustrate me too, but you guys and your QB envy are beyond a joke. Get Ryan a stable OC that plays to his strengths for longer than 2 years, a HC that hasn't lost his mind or given up and a healthy OL and he would return to MVP form. But seeing as how we can't or won't do that, then yea, let the man go to a better team and get his. Bring in a young, mobile QB that everyone is so in love with just to watch him fail too.....
  12. Can't do it anymore folks...catch you all next week.......maybe.
  13. That'll do pig, that'll do......*sigh* maybe next week?
  14. They would not be the only ones.
  15. He would joining several Falcon's players then.....
  16. Our offence would torch them for 400 yds, but due to them turning it over on every series it would end up a 0-0 tie.
  17. Aside from this being a nonsensical statement, who would they bench him for?!
  18. Well, the good news is that the Falcon's are doing their best to help me free up my Sundays for something more watching paint dry.
  19. Finally found a stream that worked only to watch our D get torched for 7..... don't even know why I bothered.....
  20. Lol, it"s not even being televised where I live, they are showing Patriots/Bills. That's when you know you are in trouble just 4 weeks in
  21. Give me a few games with the energy and attitude of last night and I'll jump on the hype bandwagon, until then we are still 1-1 and that first game was inexcusable. I've been a Falcon's fan for too long to let a single game sway me one way or the other.
  22. Well, they were....up until last night.
  23. I'm not going to over fact, I'm pretty apathetic, which to a football franchise is much more dangerous than over reacting.