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  1. Why do I get tbe sneaking suspicion that you and the OP are one in the same....?
  2. Came for the news....stayed for the arguments....another classic TAFT thread!
  3. Nothing makes this fanbase happy.....
  4. 2018....Joey dodged a bullet, literally, think of how he will dodge opposing defenses!
  5. Just an insomniac (evidently) trying to see the glass half full, lol, I don't have any answers. If I did, I wouldn't be on a message board at 4:30 in the morning
  6. That, my friend, is my point. We don't know who is going to be added, so we may all be pleasantly surprised.....and by god it's 4:30 am again....gotta stop this s***!!
  7. Ok, I'll play your game....let's say he takes that team discount that some seem to think he should....and we still don't win a SB? Kinda screwing himself if you ask me.
  8. Based on the history of this team, 2016 should have never happened, yet it's our best season in franchise history (ok, I pulled that last part out of my rectum) to be followed up, by any other year but 2016 standards, a pretty decent run. I think people only see the guys who have left and not the people who will be added. We'll have a strong team this year.....mark my words.
  9. IS 4:30 in the morning and I can't sleep, so my ramblings may have something to with that too....
  10. A tongue and cheek response to the people that seem to think Ryan has destroyed the team because his deal hasn't gotten done yet. I don't think the FO ever had any plans to make a big splash in FA this year, whether Ryan's deal was done or not. I think they have a plan and are sticking to it. I like a new "shiney" as much as the next guy, but it needs to make sense for the over all well being and future of the franchise. Obviously I'll change my tune if we suck because of the plan, but for now I'll trust the FO.
  11. Guess I'll still be there in Dec cheering for this broke down, delapitated, 0-16 team which has suddenly lost all of its playmakers because of that greedy SOB Matt Ryan.....
  12. He might not be too happy when Poe slams him to the ground....but what does our QB's happiness have to do with a defensive guy?
  13. That guy just carried two different teams into the endzone from the 25 yard line....
  14. Not happening, but give you props for the title
  15. That's 5 minutes more than I would need...