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  1. Agenda's gonna genda.....
  2. Bosher got his hit for the game.
  3. At least he held on to it......
  4. Good ole Andy Ried...trying to win preseason.
  5. "That pretty M....F...gonna cost me my job"
  6. Uh oh, the new shiny got tarnished...
  7. I got the game now, thx...I just forgot it was on.
  8. Nah, it's just pre-season so not going to sweat it....had that been regular season I would have been glued to some sort of device and watching the game.
  9. lol, I was about to say Debo sucking is not something one would like to hear about....
  10. Thx for all of the, that's great to hear. Pisses me off that I missed it.....grrrrr.
  11. Minus Debo, as in he didn't play or he sucked?!
  12. Dang, after last week, sorry I missed it....
  13. That's what I thought, but was waiting on someone else to say it first, lol.
  14. I missed the whole first half due to brain failure (forgot it was on), how did our starters look?