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  1. I'm not going to over fact, I'm pretty apathetic, which to a football franchise is much more dangerous than over reacting.
  2. Done with this garbage....nit gonna be any better next week either.
  3. It may be alot to ask of this squad today...hard to show fight, when you barely show life.
  4. Hopefully we can stop them from scoring again before the half......? Nah, probably not.
  5. They didn't miss the nitpicky hold on us though....
  6. The very definition of the word irony.
  7. Sadly there are no Falcon's fans who are commentators, so the odds are against us ever getting a fair shake in the commentators booth.
  8. Lol, he's sucking to be sure, but this suckage is a team effort.
  9. Why not, they are taking one on the field
  10. The football gods giveth and they taketh away....
  11. These are the's never too early to panic.
  12. Son of Hammer came to play at least.
  13. They aren't's an embarrassment. Hopefully our new HC that we get next year will fix this mess.
  14. Perhaps we expected more than a preseason scrimmage from our guys though?