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  1. I'm offcially sad now.
  2. Just don't care....
  3. I made that El Paso/Juarez border run many a weekend, and quite frankly am surprised I made through those two years without getting kilt! But yeah, Bubba, the women and the tequila...oh, the women and the tequila!
  4. I hope it's more like "Infinity War" instead of "Justice League" , though. And don't come at me DC fanboys!!
  5. If the Stains can still cling to their ill gotten SB to this day, I think I can live with people saying we got an unfair advantage because we were the first team to win it in our own stadium.
  6. Artie needs to tell tbe NFL that roof will be open....IF we are playing in the SB, that is. Be tbe Godfather!
  7. Didn't care for the kneeling, as I thought it was disrespectful.....don't care for the rule as it takes a shot at our first admendment rights. Basically they should have just left it alone and it would have sorted itself out.
  8. Well, it would be helpful if we could somehow get all of the chickens out of the state of Louisiana.....
  9. Thought OP was banned for starting multiple Sark threads, then disappearing? Oh well, maybe next time.
  10. I heard he was over paid, though....
  11. Lol, nope....he'd be too drunk or high to care about mo' money, mo' money, mo' money (I am a GnR fan, just saying). This article is obviously a tounge and cheek reaction to the fan freak out. The problem is, reading sarcasm is way more different than hearing sarcasm, so without some sort of disclaimer, it's hard for some people to easily ascertain the intended meaning. Of course, they could be 100% serious, in which case, they have some very big issues and need to step back from the keyboard, but I don't believe that's the case here.
  12. I wonder if the people saying trade Julio are the same ones b****g and moaning about us not paying Deion and letting him get away. Can't have it both ways, folks. Yes, this is a very strange time for him to make waves and is a little uncharacteristic of him, but if the FO is willing to do it, why do I care.
  13. A whole lotra folks looks foolish anyway, regardless of whether or not Sark succeeds.
  14. Does Jimmy remember Jimmy at this point?
  15. Oh, and we do make it and lose....I'd be more worried about the people outside, rather than inside.