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  1. Only to be wasted.....$#@!
  2. Now that's some mojo....
  3. Saw that from where I was sitting
  4. Ahhh, Special Needs Teams.....the gift that keeps giving.
  5. Grady saved that series....
  6. About time....glad Son of Tuggle is back
  7. Giants are a worse team than us and they will be made to look like the Patriots tonight against us.
  8. And we all know God hates us, so..........
  9. There's always Arquiyo.....he probably needs a job.......
  10. Maybe a better strength and conditioning coach too....oh, and maybe a good priest
  11. Nah man, no where near Ryan's fault on that drive....thatvwas all Oline.
  12. That wasted int is directly on our Oline.