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  1. Being that we are not exactly stacked at LB, I see making a huge push to sign Herzlich as a Low Risk-Extremely High Reward move. Before cancer, he was one of the best LB's in the nation and the ACC POY. This guy battled through cancer and made it back to football after a year. He played well, not up to his earlier level obviously thouugh. Seeing as how he played coming off cancer, I think it shows the growth he may be able to take further down the line. If he can get to anywhere near the level of his ACC POY season, he could turn out to be a mainstay and centerpiece on our defense for many yea
  2. That is also a misleading stat... Grimes gets thrown at much more than Robinson.. TRUE Number 1 CB's are purposely avoided by opposing teams.. which leads to less passes defensed
  3. Who got burnt for the most TD's on our team and killed momentum with not turning his head.. Clearly Houston.. Houston was our worst CB hands down.. Hill wasn't even on the field enough to be considered of be our worst CB.. Nough said
  4. Actually i have never said the words play makers.. My guess.. you've seen CJ play 2-3 times.. I have seen CJ play in EVERY single game of his college career.. It's not bias.. He is going to be a dynamic feature back for some team.. Remind me to bump this if we do or don't draft him and he turns out to be a top all around player..
  5. Really... Cause GM's ALWAYS tell you exactly what they are going to do in the draft.. Especialllly big D.. ridiculous post..
  6. The thing I don't understand about it is why didn't they hold Houston accountable until this offseason trade really.. He got burned over and over.. Was just all in all a weird situation.. I prefer if we give up a draft pick to atleast make an attempt to get everything out of that pick possible.. Even if it was a 7th round pick
  7. Honestly Hill struggled.. But i didn't really exactly understand the use of Hill.. They gave Houston every chance getting burnt over and over and over.. If Hill would make one bad play they would yank him and he would be done for the game.. And didn't play him much at the first couple games.. Seemed odd the way they handled him.. Didn't make much sense wasting a draft pick on him how they used him.. He is fast as heck.. They could of tried him even at return..
  8. Spiller is NOT a change-of-pace-ten-touches-per-game back.. That pisses me off so much when people make this assumption due to stupid comparisons with guys like Bush.. Spiller is built a lot wider then bush.. He PROVED this past season that he can run between the tackles and run physical.. Bush never proved that in college.. Spiller is going to be a premier back.. and we'd be ******** not to take him at 19.. People need to actually watch tape and stop making assumptions and stupid comparisons SPILLER IS NOT BUSH OR MCFADDEN.. WATCH SOME ******** TAPE.. you people show your true football ignora
  9. You guys are ABSURD if you would be upset getting CJ Spiller.. Wow.. I'm wondering if you have ever even watched CJ play if you are saying that.. He is EASILY a top 15 talent and if he falls to 19 it would be the steal of the draft.. Some people are absurd.. Norwood SUCKS.. gets injured all the time.. Snelling is average.. CJ is the tandem back needed to help turner who struggled last year.. If you did not see CJ turn into the most dynamic back in the country this past season I will ask you to please.. watch tape before you say stupid things.. I saw every single one of his games.. every single
  10. Agree with that except for Blalock and Snelling... Blalock was NOT the weak part of our line.. That is ridiculous.. The weak part were the players around him that kept getting injured.. The right side of the line struggled (Clabo Dahl and their replacements.. and Baker struggled a bit).. Blalock is going to be a good one for many years to come.. Snelling.. Great number 2 back.. Don't see how you can argue with that after last season.. and he was drafted in the SEVENTH round.. Nicholas was the Better LB than Peterson the second half of the year as well.. Just saying.. Peterson was non existent
  11. Terrance "Mount" Cody to free up Lofton or Donovan Warren if Cody is not there any more. Flat out argument over. Even with Peria Jerry last year Cody is the correct pick this year. Dude is insane. Warren over another freaking safety to.. We still don't know what we have in William Moore why would we waste a first on a Safety
  12. Just thought it was funny that Fox NFL Sunday announced it as GM Rich Mckay gets 5 year extension as the bottom line label thing. Don't see why it's talk show worthy for a team president to get an extension. He can still leave whenever he wants. But hey welcome back for another 5 years Rich McKay.. EL TEAM PRESIDENTE
  13. Field goal wasn't all Elam's fault. When you throw off any kickers timing they are going to all shank it. I am more concerned with the communication failure with holder and kicker then kicker totally. They both need to know the exact snap count. You can't mess that up in the NFL. Pitiful.
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