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  1. Anytime you're dealing with announcers , especially ESPN, you may as well get ready for a pathetic display of audio man love during the game.
  2. Irvin picked us last week. Took some flack for it too.
  3. I haven't held in there through 4 decades yelling, cursing, cheering and defending just to give up at this point in my life. This team has a fan for life, no matter what ever happens.
  4. 49rs beat them with the magic formula. Matching them point for point and putting just enough pressure on their team cheer leader. **** we all knew what the formual was, it just had not been implemented by our team. Needless to say it made me to smile to know that for the rest of the post season the Aints will be watching from the same spot as our Falcons, and **** as myself even...... on their *****!!!
  5. If you watch our WR and TE it's a wonder sometimes they don't have more injuries from stretching or trying to exhibit acrobactic skills when the ball is thrown past the 20 yd mark. With JJ and RW's speed it has frustated me to no end why those receivers cannot be hit with the ball at full stride. He's not one of them.
  6. Tom: Trust me Mike the sun rising this morning was more of a surprise that that QB sneak play on 4 and 1 that you tried! Haha.
  7. Note to staff, grab some yellow legal pads and pens and take some notes on what's going on around the league and other offenses like NO,Detroit, Denver,GB. If you want to call these boring *** predictable plays even into the post season, then try it on the high school level.
  8. Yahoo Sports: Jason Cole Excerpt: Worse for Atlanta, the Giants seemed to have a very good idea of exactly what to expect. Both Canty and Tuck said they studied the exact quarterback sneak plays the Falcons tried to run. “We saw the second one on film this week,” Tuck said, referring to a play in which the Falcons had four players shift before the snap. “They were trying to draw us off. We’d seen that.” I think we all knew what was going to happen. Ryan is not athletic enough to make plays like that and our O line is not powerful enough. Now can someone please go tell MS and MM! I dropped my head on the second attempt because I knew we would fail.
  9. Either fans were embarassed before the game was ever played or fans have dwindled to those at the dome and this MG. I went out running errands on Sat afternoon wearing my jersey,hat and sporting my rise up flag on my car. You would have thought I was dressed for Halloween the way people looked at me. Number of people I spotted with jerseys? 2! This for a team on a SB run. I got asked twice, who are they playing tomorrow?
  10. After watching Stafford put the ball up repeatedly the night before on some nice passes, watching Ryan is a bit different. **** even watching Tebow last night in the pocket was more exciting. Like I said before, I don't know if he's not confident, not capable or capable and just not being let go on the field, but Ryan is not there.
  11. I like that one! How about if upon kick off the defense yells , "Red rover red rover send the kick off return right over." That way only the player running with the ball gets tackled and less players get physical per game.
  12. I don't expect a former player to pick his team to win a game if his gut feeling is otherwise. I've watched Howie and Jimmie pick other teams many times over the past couple of years the way their former teams have played. But some players just display a stronger sense of loyalty to their former team than others. When you watch Steve Young, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, or any others, you know who they are associated with as far as the NFL. Deion was exciting to watch and I appreciated everything he did, but Deion is loyal to Deion. Nothing wrong with that, that's who he is, and so are his comments.
  13. Not all former players conduct themselves that way. Sorry, I appreciate what every man did for our team when he played, but it doesn't mean I had to like them much then or even now. I take them for what they are.
  14. Defenders must place a pillow on the field to lay the QB down onto upon sacking them. Words deemed physical or aggressive will result in penalty. Scoreboards will no longer be used. Teams will play for the fun of the game. The Saints will be allowed 5 downs per game.
  15. I will say watching TJ Yates play is exciting. The way the guy moves in the pocket and gets the ball off is pretty good for a rookie. Ryans playoff battles have been with much bigger foes than Yates though by far, just a luck of the draw. I am still on the fence as far as Ryan though. I stand behind him as our QB and wouldn't think of letting him go. I just am undecided as to whether or not there's potential out there on the field that's being held back due to conservative calling from MM and MS, or is he just not confident yet. Maybe he hasn't honed those skills as of yet and we'll see that at anytime. Kind of like a high performance car that someone keeps driving around the track at 100 and we know **** sure it'll hit 150, but someone isn't stepping on the peddle hard enough. Or the worst case scenario, he's a very smart QB who can win games and take us places, but elite may not be a title we place on him. I look at our team and the weapons in place and think man in all my years of watching this team, this is an awesome assembly of players. We should be going places.
  16. Stand corrected on the Houston game, you're right. I'd say weather conditions won't but much different tomorrow than any other game. Even adjusting to the turf vs the grass itself is not as much of a factor as the old days.
  17. The Falcons are 4-4 for Away games and the Giants are 4-4 for Home games. Three of the Falcons loses in those games were in outdoor stadiums, but I wouldn't say weather was a factor.
  18. If Tebow loses, oh excuse me, the Broncos lose, someone better open up the gates because the flood of excuses will overflow. I'd love to see the Lions crush the Saints for a number of reasons. Number one, just pure hatred of the Saints, but also my wife and inlaws are all from MI so I've enjoyed seeing the Lions come back from the bottom to get into the playoffs.
  19. What makes this article suck even worse is that I agree that our fan base is fickle. Not just the Falcons, but all of our pro sports teams. He can take his peach picking and bbq comments and go fornicate with them. I have no clue who this *** clown is that wrote the article. He works for ES Pee On , so that says enough for me. Situations like this are like an episode of COPS. We Falcons fans can beat up on each other about our attendance and dedication inside our house, but once someone from the outside is called in and they try to mediate or take sides, we'll whip your ***. I've visited some stadiums where visiting fans could get no where near the 50 yd line or second section. Here in Atlanta, I sit at the 50 down at the field next to visiting fans all the time. We're a transient city which means we will have those fans. I grew up in GA, so I became a Falcon fan in the 70's. **** my wife is a Lions fan because she grew up in MI. We are a house divided, could be worse, she could be from LA. **** just take a look around the city this week people. We are in the playoffs! I've seen three cars in traffic with Giants flags on them. How many Falcons flags? Maybe 3 or 4. Yet you will see people wearing a big G all over their bodies right down to their crotch for a college team that is playing in a meaningless bowl game. I actually feel sometimes as if I am part of an exclusive club being a Falcons fan. It's not like I can discuss our team with the average person on the street. If you think Atlanta is full of fans try doing that sometime. Even now during a time of bandwagon jumpers, when discussions are hot and not drowned out by NASCAR and SEC football. Ask someone to name some players other than Ryan. **** ask who the coaches are and management. Real fans know their team, they know the front office right down to the lines. If you go to other cities those fans know those details. Not just winning cities, either. I'm not bashing our fans, because the ones I meet at our games and on here are awesome and dedicated as ****. We love our team and will stick by them no matter what. But our city sure doesn't help the argument that DB's like this writer brings.
  20. Man, someone needs to talk to Ray when he's suited up and about to go out on the field. Lean over and whisper in his ear,"Man do you know the things he was doing with your woman?"
  21. From ESPN News.http://espn.go.com/nfl/playoffs/2011/story/_/id/7424568/2012-nfl-playoffs-atlanta-falcons-o-line-fires-back-justin-tuck-comments Tuck clarified his comments on ESPN's "NFL 32" on Tuesday. "I said that they have the reputation," Tuck said when asked about his comments. "Never did Justin Tuck say that the Atlanta Falcons' O-line is 'dirtbags.' I said most people would say that. But with that being said, it is football. Those guys play to the end of the whistle. I know my comments will be taken out of context. Honestly, it doesn't really matter. We still got to go out and do our jobs." Could be back stepping like a politician, who knows. Either way, whether you you said it, or you heard someone say it, whatever. I think it would have been best for him to make his point without using the expression. Like I heard on talk radio today. Even if I don't say your wife is a slut, I just say I heard she has a reputation as one, do you think that would piss you off?
  22. Sorry speak for yourself. I watched Steve get sacked and smashed into the grass covered red clay in Fulton Cnty Stadium, a poor *** coaching staff and always a spot on the team that was never filled when needed. Yeah we had some greats in those years. I admire a lot of them, trust me, but there never was a true sense of passion to win. If a winning attitude had been in place as far as ownership, things would have rolled downhill to the field. Those great players on the field would have had the right pieces in place. Complacency would be my description. So yeah I feel like they screwed me. Blank, not so much. He has a standard. Just like in any workplace. Especially in a high competitive workplace, either you perform or you walk. I like all of the players on our team. They are great guys. But when I pay as much for tickets I want to see a winning team. I want to buy apparel of a winning team. If I'm not as concerned about the wins and losses, then I'll go watch a rec league game. I'm glad we have a winner for an owner.
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