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    anm263 reacted to falconsd56 in Offense Needs A Bit More Conservative Playcalling   
    The last 3 starting QBs that DK has had are Gabbert, Ryan, and Winston.
    2 of which are now backups 
    And one of which threw 30ints under Arians who is legitimately one of the best QB minds in the history of the game.
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    anm263 reacted to k-train in Reddit NFL Poll of Best Jerseys - Falcons didn't fare well   
    I never can comprehend why people are so stupidly transfixed on what other people think about something they like/support... especially when we're talking about something totally harmless like a freaking sports team's uniform.

    If someone else like them, cool. But it really doesn't matter.

    If someone else doesn't like them, cool. But it really doesn't matter.

    Common denominator... it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks one way or another, so just focus on your own ****.
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    anm263 reacted to JD dirtybird21 in QB performance metrics since 2008   
    I mean...he has. Falcons are 3-2 in the last 5 playoff games. Were 1-3 before that.
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    anm263 reacted to Sui_Generis in Things I Like About Hawkins   
    Yes sir. Good stuff. One thing I noticed is that it isn't just the big hit, he actually wraps up well when he tackles. He wraps up and they go down. 
    Also he seems to always be glued to the read and jumps routes well. 
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    anm263 reacted to Knight of God in Things I Like About Hawkins   
    Take a listen
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    anm263 reacted to Knight of God in Things I Like About Hawkins   
    A first, I was like “meh”. He’s a good back up. I was underwhelmed by his highlights and a few other loose objects here and there. While sitting here recovering, I was on the phone with a buddy of mine and he knows way more than I ever will. He’s telling me we got one of those sleepers. 
    Was a WR coming out of college
    Runs a sub 4.5 (colleges have field day)
    Is very physical, hits like Neal 
    Is a film guy, loves the game and loves to study 
    His best trait is his football IQ, second best trait is his incredible range. Possibly top five in this draft as far as range, likely #1 or #2 in football IQ.
    Lined up at EVERY defensive back position successfully 
    Plays every coverage at every position very well
    Best suited for Strong safety, but can be a great FS and is compared to Amos.

    So, I went back and looked at anything I could find. I’ll just say, he may be what I’m looking for. Likely our fastest safety, hits like Neal, has Allen’s work ethic, hawks like Kazee. I’m intrigued.
    I think we got one.
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    anm263 reacted to ya_boi_j in Grady in the gym........oh my   
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    anm263 reacted to Mister pudding in 4th Quarter: 72 - 6   
    2017 Wildcard v Rams 7-3 in 4th after 19-10 lead
    2016 Division v Seahawks 10-7 in 4th after 26-13 lead
    2016 NFC Championship v Packers 7-6 in 4th after 37-15 lead
    2005 v Rams 9-0  in 4th after 38-17 lead
    1999 v Vikings 10-7 in 4th + 3-0 in OT
    1991 v Saints 10-7 in 4th
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    anm263 reacted to Atl Falcon in Murf Baldwin: How do we truly know Okudah is better than Terrell?   
    We don’t .... how do we truly know Joe Burrow is better than Jordan Love?
    How did we truly know Mitch Trubisky was better than Patrick Maholmes  or Deshawn Watson? 
    Only time will tell 
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    anm263 reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in Debunking Myths About My Likes and Dislikes   
    Well you already know I love you bro. For decades now. I agree with many of your sentiments in this post and differ on a few:
    You're not negative, but like me you need rest bad. Like this year please Matt Ryan may not be a fav of yours but he is far from so so. Top 5-10 every year. Best Falcon QB ever. Trust me So far just me and @Draftnut57 are the only ones on the BHill train. Not great but effective. I like the dog in him Never been a fan of Kutty. Ever. He better rise up this year or get to the State Line. We could have done better I put my name on Takk. Got some dog in him but got misplayed a bit and has some mental hurdles to overcome Never got the Rico love. Still think it's the 2014 Hard Knocks episode that's carried on for five years. So meh to me Kazee may be my fav on the roster outside of Gurley. Playmaker. AssBeater. Will hopefully hit another level this year Love Neal. Mocked him in the second that year. Thought Dimi reached but he's a dog too. Gotta get healthy though I know your second team is BAL. Never liked em but love what their FO does year after year. Roster builders. Envious  
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    anm263 reacted to Knight of God in Debunking Myths About My Likes and Dislikes   
    I shouldn’t do this, but it seems only those that know more about me and can actually read know this. 
    There is a going, thread derailing, myth that I’m super negative. No, I have very high standards in everything I am and do. It’s my way.  No one has to like it, but if we’re friends, it’s likely to irk but we’re still cool. 
    I don’t dislike ANYONE on our offense. I am and will always be so-so on Matt Ryan, but I love the receivers, TEs (wanted Hurst out of college), the OL I’m so-so. RBs I love except Hill. He’s so-so. I hate Koetter. Always have, always will.
    On Defense I really like the coordinators and assistants. Really. I don’t like Takk or Rico. Everyone else is aces with me. I’m cool. Just those two. Rico mainly because he’s made to be something he isn’t and he needs serious upgrade. Takk is all bark no bite. Gets the fanbase hyped up and does what he did the year before. He has the potential, but behaves as though he’s already made it. As far as Kazee, I like him. I don’t think he can carry the secondary. His reads are bad, his reaction time is inconsistent to a fault, but I love his dog and effort. The same thing I like in Rico. Effort. 
    Thing is, I believe we are a LB and FS short of that excellence we can be. If Neal is healthy, we’re good there, but just stop it with the Kam Chancellor bull. The only similarity is they hit. That’s all.
  12. Haha
    anm263 reacted to Jesus in O.J. Howard wants out of Tampa   
    What makes you think Gronk is gonna teach anything?
    Maybe how to use crutches.
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    anm263 reacted to slider in Saints eyed A.J Terrell in a possible Trade up   
    I'm always amused at the lack of self esteem of our fans. It seems every pick sux unless it is heard that another team, any team, liked him.
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    anm263 reacted to *TMo* in Keanu Neal   
    AJ Terrell is an Atlanta Falcon. I am a fan.
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    anm263 reacted to MarkMc44 in Keanu Neal   
    There sure is a lot of negativity towards our front office about the selection of A.J. Terrell. Kinda reminds me of the 2016 draft when we had pick #17 and heard the same crap; over reach, could have had him in the 2nd. The injuries have been unfortunate, but he sure proved the naysayers wrong that 1st year! Hope this years selection turns out as well!
    GO FALCONS!!!!
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    anm263 reacted to IA Falcon07 in Every target in coverage for AJ Terrell   
    Definitely has some techniques to refine, but he already looks for the ball better than Trufant or Alford ever did in their career.  He was trusted to move everywhere and had minimal support.  Keep him in one spot and give a little safety help to start his career and he's more than capable.  Just needs to grow from there and he will be a solid player.  Sure would have been nice to move down a few picks, but probably wasn't an option.
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    anm263 reacted to Sir Joe™ in The Pocket Passer Is Dying. Long Live the Mobile Quarterback.   
    I remember hearing about all this with Vick. 
    Then with Cam. 
    Then with RGIII. 
    Then with Kaepernick. 
    Meanwhile Brady can't make a fist with all those rings. 
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    anm263 reacted to Schwarzwald in Sanu +Ryan > Sanu + Brady   
    It’s a shallow narrative to begin with. (When used in a partial manner to pump up some and detract/discredit others; their story and person they want you to like)
    Imagine taking the OP seriously and missing that point. Narrative = shallow
    Anyone can try to validate or invalidate to one degree or another.
    Of course system and rapport matter.
    However, Sanu went off immediately his first year here in a role, in a new system and of course it isn’t apples to apples but it’s not like it took years to get results here.
    Its the SUBJECTIVE nonsense under the pretense of objective that @FalconsIn2012 is highlighting; why bother digging deeper without accepting he is fighting media banter?
    Ryan is genuinely detracted more than credited in a fake manner. Hence the shallow and fallible in the OP; which makes the point...every QB needs help. Period. Ryan shouldn’t be discredited for anything and everything just because Julio exists. Heck, if anything if the FO won’t get legitimate OCs here at least they get benefits of Julio too; not just Matt.
    Of course, Kyle exploited this the best and he was able to utilize other weapons and a strong run game to a historic offense with MVP QB and MVP WR...they both matter. Amazing what great can do with great.
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    anm263 reacted to Ezekiel 25:17 in Bet you can't stop from smiling when you read this   
    This is the first time in DECADES I have clearly not cared who wins or should I say “not wins” from this point on! Lol
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    anm263 reacted to Tandy in We will be a losing team in 2020 no matter who our coach is with our schedule?   
    Not really.   Every other team in our Division will have the same schedule except the two games where we play against a team that finished in the same place as we finished.   
    The thing I have noticed is that it seems we get away games against the toughest opponents.   I know it's rotation, so it's just perception - but I swear it seems the Saints get the toughest opponents at home, lol!
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    anm263 reacted to Faithful Falcon in Matt Ryan record vs #1 passing defense in league   
    You don't have one either. Stop dissing your own QB about some $hit that nobody wins alone. This is our team.
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    anm263 reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in This Franchise is the...   
    Don't forget we have had 16 winning seasons, 14 playoff berths, 7 division championships and two conference championships. We can turn it around but it's gonna take at least a year or two. Keep Hope Alive. Need rest.
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    anm263 reacted to kiwifalcon in Im Confused About This Defense   
    Jordan Richards or Keanu Neal 
    Deion Jones or Duke Riley
    or how bout this one 
    Terrell McLain or Davison
    Rico not being that good what a joker he’s the only one in the secondary playing is butt off but he’s not that good.Dunno what your watching man.
    just to name a few the issue we are having right now is the coaches have obviously lost the locker room.
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    anm263 reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in Let's Talk About: The Mechanics of The RPO   
    Greetings all.  It's been too long my friends.  I was meaning to do one of these last week, but after the opening weekend dumpster fire, I couldn't bring myself to look at that game against the Vikings again without feeling to need to vomit.  Mercifully, this week was different.  Don't you just love a victory Monday?  You don't feel like kicking the dog, annoying kids seem cute, food taste better.  Life is just a little better coming off a W.
    With all that out the way, I wasn't in love with everything I saw last night from Dirk and offense, and I'm still angling to try to see what we hang our hat on on that side of the ball.  No worries though -- it's just week 2 and we opened up against two teams that are built to give us problems no matter how together we are, so I have confidence that the offensive cohesion will come (fingers crossed).  But I did see some interesting wrinkles last night and I thought they were worth discussing.  
    RPO - or Run Pass Option where a run play is called in the huddle and the quarterback has a built in pass play to get to based on the read of a key defender.  You remember a couple years ago when the Eagles tore through the playoffs and the RPO was all the rage and some around here got to asking why we didn't run them?  Well we did... and we do.  We've always run RPO's going back to the days of Mularkey.  We just ran them from under center and they often looked like quick slants.  There's one wrinkle that separates these from play-action passes, which commentators often confuse them for.  The run and pass are completely independent of one another.  On a play action pass, the offensive line, even though they are firing out to show run, are still blocking for pass.  In and RPO, they are strictly run blocking.  They have no idea if the QB is picking it up and throwing or handing off.  They are just doing their job.  Even the running back doesn't know if it's run or pass.  The pass option is strictly between the QB and the receiver.  Everyone else is executing a run play. 
    PLAY #1 - from the opening drive.  We are in a a strong-I formation.  STRONG denoting that the fullback in the "I" is set to the the tight end side instead of a dotted "I" directly behind the QB, for anyone who is wondering.  Julio is in a reduced, or "Nasty" split in West Coast Offensive lingo.  Now there are all sorts of cool strategic reasons you put Julio in a nasty split that's worthy of it's own topic.  We can get to that another time.  Sanu is out wide at the top of the screen.

    The run call is an inside zone weak to the boundary, with Sanu running a smoke route to the back side of the play.  The read Matt is making is the linebackers.  This is where the QB earns his money, in the pre-snap reads.  He sees them packed in and just creeping for an all out blitz.  I can't see the coverage to see if it's a Cover-0, but it is not a favorable run look, even with the Wide-9 alignment the Eagles are in.  Also, Matt sees the corner playing off, past the sticks, so it's an easy decision.  If that guy was pressed, Matt doesn't throw it out there.  

    Matt picks the ball up and gives it to Sanu right now...

    And Sanu is just out there being a football player on 2nd and 4.  This is more of what I want to see.  You don't have to be clever to get the most out of this offense.  We don't have to try to drop bombs on people all game.  Defense wants to blitz you and leave OUR WEAPONS one on one, let 'em.  Get the ball out quick and we'll take our guys one-on-one every time.

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    anm263 reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in Let's Talk About: The Mechanics of The RPO   
    Play #2 - same drive, but this one is a little bit different.  This is a PEEK play, where Matt isn't pre-determining the throw, rather he is going to read the movement of a KEY defender in the middle of the play to tell him if he's going to hand it off or throw it.  
    We start out in an singleback wing slot formation.  Twin receivers to the field, two y's (tight ends) to the boundary.  We're going to motion Stocker to the field to tell us if we're getting man or zone.  Also, as you can see, Mack is ID'ing the Mike to let everyone know who is responsible for the (potentially) 5th rusher.
    The Safety follows Stocker across the formation.  It's man all the way.  
    Matt now knows who his Key defender is going to be on the read.  It's going to be the backside linebacker.  We have an outside zone play to to the top of the screen, with Hoop leaking out on a quick lookie.  If that linebacker sits and slow-plays that stretch run, Matt will hand the ball.  IF that linebacker flies up chases, leaving that backside open, Hoop is just gonna sneak in right behind where he used to be.
    Now one of the things, Jim Schwartz has always been know for is active front sevens.  They attack the line of scrimmage.  They are aggressive, even when they aren't blitzing.  Those linebackers are fast flow.  God help you if you're running anything slow developing, so it only makes sense to use that aggressiveness against them.  At the snap, you see that backside backer is wasting no time.  He's reading our guards and he's going right now.  No shuffle or nothing.  He's gone.  Now watch Matt's head in the next pic.
    Matt sees that linebacker take himself out of that passing lane.  Saw it all the way.  Linebacker's shoulder's are no longer square to the LOS.  He won't be able to make a play behind him on anything.  Matt's throwing it.
    Easy as it gets.
    Simple.  Elegant.  Tough to pull off for the QB, but the defense is always wrong when you can get it going.  Now there are of course things defenses can do to mess with reads on this when they know its coming, so I expect we'll keep dressing these up differently from week to week, but this is good stuff.

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