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  1. starters-inactives There must be something wrong. He is listed as inactive and as a starter
  2. LOL. That cop at 0:21 really takes a bad angle
  3. I saw him too, standing on the bench and waving his arms justa before they missed the FG. LOL He was totally abused by Gonzalez everytime he had to cover him. Indeed "a good night"
  4. This time fans are voting to decide who gets the honor (and the curse). Vote here ESPN
  5. "Definition: A part of the NFL's tiebreaking proceedure, strength of victory is figured by calculating the combined winning percentage of the opponents a team has beaten. Examples: If two teams end with identical records, combine the records of the opponents in each of the team's wins and calculate the total winning percentage. The team whose opponents have the higher winning percentage wins the tiebreaker."
  6. I tried to post the jenkins block, but it doesn't show. link
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