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  1. Everyone said it was a BS call, even Pereira said it was a clean hit. Still the league will fine that DB for that. To late to call those replacement refs from a few seasons ago?
  2. Our D will be so great. Deion Jones, Jarret, Beasley, Campbell, Poole, Collins and Neal are right know rookies or in their second season. Imagine our D with some more pieces added through the Draft or FA. Next season will be great
  3. I hate to watch my team lose. Watching how our D can't get off the field makes me sick, but I know that we are playing witch a bunch of rookies and second year player. I know that our D will be great, they just need more experience and and few more pieces via FA and the Draft. This year I'm not expecting us to go deep in the Playoffs, just hoping we make it there and surprise more then one rival. So get your heads up and enjoy the moment
  4. Excuses. Very suspect D without the no calls Take off your Navy Blue and Action Green coloured Glasses
  5. Once the oficialls start to throw some flags on all those PIs and roughing the passer penalties, your Defense will also look suspect. Very suspect. This Offense with that "suspect" OL and "weak" running game, scored 24 points and had 362 yards against your Defense. Michael Bennett likes to dish out, but can't take a cut block. He should try Tennis or Volleyball
  6. This should have been a Falcons victory by two scores with neutral officiating. Our Team played great Football, against the best Defense. I'm proud of how they kept fighting. Bring on the Chargers
  7. I saw this on ESPN, it's about the options for the Giants to upgrade their DE position. FREE AGENCY The top target: Olivier Vernon. Forget Super Bowl MVP Von Miller. Put him out of your mind. He's not getting out of Denver. The Broncos will franchise him if they have to, and they'll sign him eventually. You can't have him, and neither can anyone else. The next guy down the list is Vernon, the 25-year-old Dolphins defensive end who's averaged 8.5 sacks for the past three years. At 6-foot-2, 275 pounds, he fits the Giants' size profile for a 4-3 defensive end. He's not likely to fit under the Dolphins' cap, especially given how committed they are to defensive linemen Ndamukong Suh and Cameron Wake. The Giants will have competition, but if their aim is to sign the best pass-rusher available, this is the guy to target. Outside-the-box option: Bruce Irvin He's a strongside linebacker in Seattle's 4-3, but at 6-foot-3, 260 pounds, he wouldn't be totally out of place on the end of a 4-3 defensive line. What's interesting about Irvin is that he's shown some pass-rush ability in spite of not really being asked to do that in Seattle's scheme. He had eight sacks as a rookie in 2012 and had a total of 12 sacks the past two seasons. The Giants already have a young strongside linebacker with some pass-rush skills in Devon Kennard, but it's possible he could move to the middle, or that Irvin could fit as a pass-rush specialist who plays some linebacker and some defensive end. He's 28 and he's going to be a popular guy, especially since he's going to market himself as a better pass-rusher than Seattle asked him to be. The incumbents: Jason Pierre-Paul and Robert Ayers Pierre-Paul's chances to return depend on his contract demands. No one knows whether the surgery he had on his middle finger immediately after the season will allow him to play without the heavy club wrap on his damaged right hand, though that is Pierre-Paul's hope. He believes he still has elite ability and should command that kind of deal, and if he convinces some team to pay him $9 million or $10 million a year, he's almost certainly gone. But if he'll come back for something in the $6 million a year range, I imagine the Giants would welcome him back as part of their rotation -- just not the every-down anchor they once believed he could be. Ayers turns 31 in September, and if he wants a raise, he's likely got to find it elsewhere. Other possibilities: Vernon's Dolphins teammate, Derrick Shelby, played well when Wake went down with an injury this season. The Giants had some preliminary interest in Adrian Clayborn last year, and he's free again this year. Tamba Hali is a name you know, but at 32 he's not likely on the Giants' target list unless the price gets really low. THE DRAFT The dream: Joey Bosa. But the cost to trade up will be too high, even from No. 10. This is a player with a legitimate chance to go No. 1 overall, and even if he doesn't, I can't see him sliding past the Chargers at No. 3 or the Cowboys at 4. The more likely target: Shaq Lawson The Clemson defensive end is 270 pounds, knows how to play the run and has the tools to develop into an impact pass-rusher at the next level. Other possibilities: Oregon's DeForest Buckner, Georgia's Leonard Floyd, Clemson's Kevin Dodd, Oklahoma State's Emmanuel Ogbah.
  8. Now let's finish the season with another "meaningless" win over the Saints. This win over the F****ng Panthers was very, very necessary.
  9. What's funny is that they're talking about the Falcons not getting to the Quarterback, that they only have 5 sacks and at the same time they are playing clips where you can see Bradford and Weeden getting hit before they throw an INT. Our D is getting lots of pressure on the QB's, they are hitting them, even if they aren't getting the sack. Our defensive stats are misleading, Houston got most of their passing yards once we pulled all of our defensive starters.
  10. "Adjustments made on the sidelines", "...the minute there is an issue, we fix it". I love it
  11. I don't see it as disrespect. It's just people who are misinformed and who haven't watched a single game of the Falcons. There always will be people who find something negative to point out. First it's: "They beat to teams that are 0-2", if we beat the Cowboys it's: "The Cowboys are without Romo and Bryant". Before the 2012 season it was: "Matt Ryan has to win a playoff game first", then it was: "He only wins in regular season and his playoff record is 1-4". Even on this years Top 100 Player clip of Ryan, you could see Ike Taylor say: "Matty Ice? He needs to win a playoff game first". It's just people repeating the same stuff. I know the team that I support and I don´t care what the media says.
  12. Against Philadelphia Weeden completed 7 of 7 pass attempts for 70 yards, 42 of those were a TD pass to Terrance Williams. The other completions went for 9, 2, 6, 4, 7 and 4 yards. They had five offensive drives with 15 running plays and 7 pass attempts, resulting in 2 punts, one fumble, a TD and the last posession that ended the game. Playcalling was conservative, but I don't think they play us like this. Weeden has this week to prepare for the game
  13. It's so dumb to make a game preview considering what teams did last year. It's just like that strength of schedule crap. Why is the record of a team form last year relevant? There are Playoff teams that suck the next season or teams that barely won some games the year before and the next season it's one of the strongest. Total absence of common sense
  14. Average QB? Just look at the majority of teams in this league, they are trying to find a Qb as "average" as Matt Ryan is. Would we be better off with Carr, Bortles, Fitzpatrick, Manziel, Geno, Etc? Those teams are looking for a Qb every year. Matt had some bad throws yesterday, like the second pick, the almost INT that was dropped by the CB, the under thrown pass to Freeman. But look at the second TD pass to Julio, and some of those long completions. I will keep that "mediocre" QB that we have
  15. Yes, Matthews was bullrushed into Matt Ryan. So was D'Brickashaw Ferguson by Vic Beasley last week. I will wait until I see the real starting Oline play some regular season games, before I critizise their play
  16. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/12422427/new-orleans-saints-release-rb-pierre-thomas The NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that the Saints are also shopping linebacker Curtis Lofton in possible trades. Other veterans who are candidates for possible releases or pay cuts include receiver Marques Colston, guards Jahri Evans and Ben Grubbs, linebackers Junior Galette and David Hawthorne and defensive tackle Brodrick Bunkley. However, the Saints can also save more than $20 million by converting several roster bonuses into signing bonuses, so their situation isn't quite as daunting as it seems. Most of the player moves will be for football reasons as well as financial ones. If Mike Triplett is right, the Taints could be under the cap by converting those bonuses and getting rid of Junior Galette. I hate them so much
  17. This is what happens when you let a 9er fan with a knife into a stadium
  18. Cry me a river (Go on and just) Cry me a river-er (Baby go on and just) Cry me a river (You can go on and just) Cry me a river-er, yea yea
  19. On CBS Rapidreports they are saying that Walls is taking snaps with the first-tema defense while Robinson rests. My link
  20. 59,3 Cmp%, 12 TD, 11 INT and a 76,6 QB Rate during that season. Is this how you win a Superbowl Trent? What a jerk
  21. Falcons' discipline big key to success Top QB? Few picks better
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