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  1. 37 minutes ago, Gimmeshelter69rs said:

    You dont know much about football do ya? Explain how they where blown out? 

    You lost to san diego enough said. Thats a low blow

    31 points in your house by the Seahawks.

    You know that Ben Roethlisberger, Dalton, Flacco and Wilson are the only decent QBs you faced whole season?

  2. FFS1970 you know that we have 4 rookies and anther 4 second year players starting on D? What did you expect from them? To be the 85 Bears D or the Legion of  Doom? OP stated that they are promising and getting better, nothing more.

    So according to you our D sucks, so why watch the playoffs. Quinn better stay home and focus on the upcoming Draft

  3. Not a fan of those games being played here in Europe. If I want to watch a genuine NFL game, and live that experience I will have to travel to the US. A game being played in front of a crowd of fans of every NFL team is just weird.

    One of my dreams is to watch a Falcons game live, and it won't be in London. It has to be in Atlanta

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