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  1. Get well soon Slappy. Prayers for you
  2. Mularkey, Kotter, Shanahan and now Sarkisian. There will always be someone who finds something to complain about their play calling. Like Sven and KOG said, take the W and on to the next game with a healthy team. Just enjoy this great team, it will be remembered as the best in Falcons history
  3. Here is the link to Gábor Miklós Szőke's Facebook. He is the artist who has made the sculpture. On his page are some nice pictures of the giant falcon
  4. 31 points in your house by the Seahawks. You know that Ben Roethlisberger, Dalton, Flacco and Wilson are the only decent QBs you faced whole season?
  5. Why do they bring up that best O vs best D? This Patriots D isn't nearly as impressive as the SB winning Giants, Seahawks or Broncos. That were dominating defenses which a great Pass rush. This years Patriots D is far from that
  6. Hey ghkghk, I know it's hard to find Football fans here and even harder Falcons fans. Keep it up, your son will be for sure a die hard Falcon fan
  7. I have a plan. Even doesn't know how Shanahan looks like. We send them LaFleur and tell them that he is KS, problem solved
  8. FFS1970 you know that we have 4 rookies and anther 4 second year players starting on D? What did you expect from them? To be the 85 Bears D or the Legion of Doom? OP stated that they are promising and getting better, nothing more. So according to you our D sucks, so why watch the playoffs. Quinn better stay home and focus on the upcoming Draft