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  1. My pick would be Jamal Anderson. People on this board put too much crap on him. Yes he truned in a sackless season all year as a a starter which isn't good, but the thing is he was a ROOKIE. Rokkie des basically always struggle he prob wouldn't have started on another team last year but he had to startt for ours cause we had no1 else. Im pretty sure anderson will start to turn the corner next year and all of u bashing him ill be eating your words and jumpin back on his bandwagon.
  2. I most definitly am dying to watch th falcons play again i cant get enough of falcons football. I think if we draft well and add a few key guys we could be a team on the rise next year! GO FALCONS!
  3. We also need a young Qb to sit behind Redman for a few years and eventually take over. I think redmans got what it takes to be a good starter with a good oline in front of him. Our wr corp just needs abit of tinkering but i love Roddy and Laurent with those 2 were gonna have some good ones for years to come. We have a very good TE corp. For our rbs Norwood is a stud! Dunn is finished i love the guy but he cant get it done anymore. Snelling is a good bruiser. I want us to draft Mcfadden and start using norwood like reggie bush is used and our offense would be absolutly EXPLOSIVE!
  4. The thing about this team is we may be down this year but theres too much talent on this team to be bad for long. This year alot of guys showed us they are for real. A couple guys didn't have great years, Anderson and Alge to name a few, but those guys will be fine in the future. On defense we have our 2 starting defensive ends for few years. Anderson will get it together and Abe stayed healthy this year hopefully he does it again. We need help at defensive tackle but we still have talent there with Coleman Lewis and Babs. We basically just need some solid depth across the dline. We have
  5. I agree with Singletary and Nix, and i would also like to keep Zimmer and Hue Jackson as our cordinators.
  6. No back is going to become elite behind this line, and all we need is someone to split carries with Norwood. Heck, I haven't seen anything that suggests Norwood couldn't handle the full load. Yes Our oline is terrible but we have alot of picks in this years draft we dont need to use our first on oline if Mcfadden is available, if by some chance Mcfadden isn't there when we pick then id be all for Jake Long Or Ryan Clady. As for Norwood i love this guy myself, but i dont know what it is but 2 coaching staffs didn't give him a chance to start over a clearly declining Warrick Dunn. I
  7. We wouldn't have picked LT. We had Jamal Anderson. Sadly he was injured soon after the draft. Hindsight is 20/20. Yea your right, But people still see us as the team who could've had LT. I just dont wanna pass on Mcfadden and have him become an elite back which im pretty sure he will become...
  8. Yea but were already the team that could've had LT, Lets not be the team that could've had Mcfadden but instead traded down and handed him to someone else...
  9. For what it's worth, I'm 100 percent behind you on that one, man. If there was ever a case for putting the cart before the horse this is it. We need a guy like Singletary in here in the worst way. I agree with both of you 100 percent. This team has alot of young talent on it and it needs a leader like Mike Singletary to help turn the ship around. The team needs a coach to lead them and show he is not gonna quit on them like the cowardly Bobby P. Singletary may not have any head coaching experience but everyones gotta start somewhere right?!?!
  10. Ok Adrian Peterson was the 7th overall pick thats not late, Jackson was a 1st rounder, again not late. Of course you can possibly get a good back late but you could possibly get good olineman later and truthfully i think its more likely we find abunch of steals at oline then it is for us to find a franchise running back like Mcfadden. If we take Mcfadden with our first we could take 2 olineman in the 2nd round then draft one late aswell plus we could sign some in free agency. Mcfadden will lock our running back position down for the next 10 years. I know some of you prob think Norwood co
  11. I'm all for drafting Jake Long but only if Run DMC is already gone because if we pass on him we are fools. Mcfadden has all the tools and he is durable him and norwood together would have opposing D's pissin their pants! We have enough draft picks to solidify the oline and try and plug a few other holes on the team. Plus we know Blank and the new gm will be active in free agency. Yes our oline is terrible right now but plz dont pass on Mcfadden we can get him and still fix our line!
  12. Exactly Golden Arm!..People look at Vick's last few seasons and think he wasn't getting better but i watched every single game of our last 2 seasons under Vick and i really belive he was ready to take that next step as a passer in his last season he should've had much more yardage and touchdowns if it wasn't for how awful our wr's had played that year. I wish we all could've got to see Vick playing with Roddy now that he has progressed into a stud and with Laurent Robinson now in the mix i think Vick would've flourished and although i'm glad Petrinos gone now i think his system would have been
  13. Your Forgetting arguably the best falcon ever Mike Vick......Im sure i will get called a Vick hugger or a troll but you cant deny that Vick Carried this team for years and was probably the most exciting player of all time(him and Barry Sanders). Now Hopefully the Falcons can catch a break and win the toss at the combine so we can get another exciting franchise type player in Darren Mcfadden. I know some People think we should go other routes but i think if we have Mcfadden and Norwood plus we draft and sign some oline help we can be a very competitive team with even Chris Redman as our qb.
  14. Props to everyone who ranked Michael Vick because we all know he was the greatest falcon ever regardless of how this whole situation has made us feel about him now. I have no doubt in my mind that had that situation not happened everyone would have Mike ranked in the top 5. With that said here goes my 5......1.Mike Vick 2.Jamal Anderson 3.Jessie Tuggle 4.Deangelo Hall 5.Terrance Mathis
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