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  1. Thanks guys! Im expecting the Packers game to be a tough one for sure! Easily one of the hardest games on the sched. Also Razr, It will be an indoor game and is considered a road game. It will be played in the rogers center which is a dome stadium. Im curious to see how the Falcons are represented because i rarely see the Falcons repped in my home city of Hamilton or in Toronto when i go there
  2. Hey guys, frequent reader of the board but i rarely post anything. I know most of you wont care but i just wanted to post that i will be travelling from Canada to Lambeau Field to watch the Falcons take down the Packers! I have been a Falcons Fan for 15 plus years and have never got a chance to see them live so i am obviously stoked! Sitting row 3 behind the Falcons bench. Not to mention the Falcons are coming to Canada and i am also seeing them the week before against the Bills near my hometown in Toronto! One pumped Falcons fan over here! Big season ahead.....all offseason i was saying we needed to get Jackson. I had even tweeted it at NFL Network and it was shown during a Falcons segment then sure enough we got em! I really feel he is the key and this offense is gonna be downright dominant. Plan to start posting on the boards more since i already read them so much. RISE UP! Gonna be quite the season
  3. A few typos there, but they are outta anger because some of you are just flat out crazy and know absolutely nothing about football or how to build a winning team (which dimitroff has done beautifully!)
  4. WOW lol we must have the worst fans in the entire league........DIMITROFF HAS BEEN EXECUTIVE OF THE YEAR 2 OF THE LAST 3 YEARS!!!!! Like really do you expect every single drafted player to stay with the team? Dimitroff has been outstanding for us, and is one of the brightest minds in the NFL today. YES, we are having a tough start to the season, BUT WEVE PLAYED 3 VERY GOOD TEAMS!!!! It boggles my mind how quickly this fanbase turns on the team......its actually pathetic. Take your negativity and cheers for the Saints, Bucs, or Panties!!!! Once the Falcons get bak on track dont even bothering cheering from them either. Extremely pathetic how some of you are when it comes to this team.
  5. Like i said was just a suggestion, i cant see us trading for a high profile player, we are already missing our first and 4th next year. As for the people saying no Falcons were at the pro day, that doesnt mean anything....Falcons go about their business quietly. Did you not here Julio when we first drafted him....he said that we really hadnt talked to him alot. He had no idea we were targeting him. Its the same as anyone of you guys saying we will get Samuels or this in that...those trades are just as unlikely as this. So for the ones being ignorant and insulting, remember you guys are probably the ones that always think you are right. Anyone thrown out there is also a GUESS.
  6. What if its Pryor. He is willing to play any position, just ran a 4.38 fourty at 6'5 232. He could make one **** of a tight end. I know Bock said it would be a player that shows were trying to win now, and Pryor could add even more explosion to the offense in the 2 TE sets Mularkey seems to love to run. Just a suggestion.
  7. How come there hasn't been more post game locker room stuff on them? The Falcons Bears one was outstanding i loved Smitty's talk to the guys after that game it gave me goosebumps! Anyways just curious about that your response would be appreciated.
  8. oh ok thanks didnt know giants would have the tie break over the cowgirls
  9. What if the Giants lose out? Would we have the tie breaker over them? They don't have it easy at all
  10. oh and swift hitter it wasnt the worst game of his career, the last one against tampa was... and like i said in my previous post its because tampas D is outstanding
  11. I dont think this was a bad day for Ryan at all. . He made a few throws that werent great but **** we were playin one of the elite defences in the NFL. For the few bad throws he had alot more good ones....so everyone who keeps posting things about matt ryan stop it this guys amazing!
  12. "The Falcons have a very good chance to reach 10-6".............UM i think we have a pretty good chance to reach 11-5!...If we win this weekend were gonna ride that momentum and win out! GO FALCONS!
  13. Billick was awesome today, another commentator i love is Brian Balding. If he and Billick could de our games together that would be awesome!
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