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  1. Mike Cox is as hard as they come. I can't wait for everyone to see him this year.
  2. Nicely done. I'm upset that I came back to check on the thread the next day and it was gone
  3. Getting ready to head to the dome!

  4. You see his status he posted? "its ok I'm a idiot"
  5. Ok, Ok.. I finally read every post and learned nothing of why this thread should exist!
  6. Depending on what you are wanting to live near (or what you define as near) you could look at living around Macon. That is about 2 hours from Statesboro and about an hour from downtown Atlanta. It is for some people, but not for me!
  7. It has come a loooooooooooooooooooooong way since then. They even have a Panera bread there now! Still you are limited to only shopping at Walmart, but it has grown at an extremely fast rate in the last 7 years or so.
  8. Oh, I wasn't saying it's a great place for them to move to!!! I personally like living on the outskirts of Atlanta so that I am away from most of the traffic and can take backroads around if I need to. Most of the areas in North Atlanta can get pretty hectic at any time of day. Driving down I-20 is normally pretty smooth if you can find something along there.
  9. No, I don't anymore. I live in Douglasville now but went to school down there. He is right, that is about all that is down there, but still a great place!
  10. I listen to project 96.1 in the mornings and they just had him on there Tuesday. They were interviewing him about shark week and the dude was deathly afraid of bodies of water. He sounded hilarious and like a great guy, they were calling him back for a follow up interview this morning and didn't get an answer. It's sad because he sounded so happy and full of life on Tuesday.
  11. After going through a pretty rough break up, this song speaks to me.
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