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  1. I think we are going to wait for a while before making any decision on Henderson, for now the staff will hope that our DT's right now improve and are healthy. If problems arise then Henderson can be brought in at any time and plugged in as he has spent years in Mike Smith's defence. There's no rush right now until closer to the season after TC and everything!
  2. I don't understand really, Turner himself said he put on a bit too much bad weight over the off-season last year and with the Pro Bowl that he went to he took a bit more time off and so he was slow out of the gates so to say. But as he progressed through the season his conditioning was better and so he got back to his old self, but he obviously wants to start this season in great fashion so he is working harder. I don't think people are being clueless, nearly the opposite to be honest.
  3. Ye i think Mularky would've wanted this guy to execute some trick plays, looks like he has quite a nice arm. Will be useful for the Wildcat as Matt Ryan would be able to come out of the package and be replaced by Meier
  4. I think having two really good RB's would be great for us, so taking a RB in the 1st or 2nd rounds I would really like. It would be good having a young gun in while we still have Turner around playing well, especially with him coming off injury and us wanting to limit his carries it would be sensible in my opinion. I really like Jahvid Best, although there are lots of question marks over injuries and size etc, the style of running reminds me of Chris Johnson and we all know how well he has performed since coming into the league, along with the fact the Titans selected him when he wasn't a particular need for them. The reasoning behind not doing this in my opinion is if we are moving to a more pass-orientated offense with Matt Ryan at the helm, then I would want one of the top WR's in the draft. I know most have us taking a defensive pick high in the draft but it seems defensive players are quite deep and I think in the NFL at the moment you really need an explosive offense to get far in the league.
  5. If this trade was slightly possibly TD would do it in a split second, and Mike Smith would have the DT's he loves to have in his Defence.
  6. 8. Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa Explosive runner with the ability to score from anywhere on the field. God that guy must be good if he can score as an OT. Haha
  7. I wouldn't mind Howard, a good LB. I'd be shocked if we got Peppers, we want to build through the draft and financially it would hurt us.
  8. We were up against much tougher competition this year, with the bye weeks included the teams should have been able to pick us apart. They did a good job overall.
  9. lets not al jump on the biermann band wagon now, we did well on the d line today because the Coaches are doing an excellent job of rotating the players and JA98 was part of that. Give him some credit.
  10. Quote : Smith noted that a major difference between the preseason and the regular season is that while coaches game-plan to win for the regular season, in the preseason they will make a particular call to put a player in a difficult situation so that the coaching staff can see how the player handles it. Falcons Hopefully this is true and not just a cover up, but it does explain some of the calls. And seeing as we are in open competition at CB it may be that they are putting them in these situations specifically.
  11. Thing is Jamaal Anderson was thrown into the fire under Bobby Petrino, hardly the circumstances you want to start your NFL career under!
  12. That's 2 team's from the NFC South now to play in England, why can't it be the Falcons?!?! It would make my year if they came over!
  13. Ye the O-line doesn't have one individual who's amazing but they work together well. Kind of the same story for the whole team, bar a few
  14. Well i can admit some are funny, expecially when the ones where they say they arent a fan anymore because we got matty ryan and the coaching staff are rubbish. Thing is I read those posts when they were posted and laughed at them then. Thing is some of the posts aren't even that bad and to be honest things that are said in these posts could have come true and the people bringing these posts back up could still be wrong if matt ryan somehow fails later in his career(which i hope and don't think will happen). All in all I just don't like people takin the mick outta peoples opinions, however wrong they may be.
  15. Ye the Saints offence had more offensive weapons than the Broncos. I don't think Tatum Bell (or whoever lines up at RB) will be giving us too many problems so Cutler will be forcing a lot of throws giving us chances to get the INT's.
  16. Haha ye I did favor Dorsey you got me!! But I can say honestly I never bashed any of the other prospects as I knew at the end of the day the coaches and TD knew better than me, especially as I live in the UK and only have been a fan for the past 3 years so ya kno!
  17. haha definately, and you never know if we had drafted dorsey or whoever our coaching staff may have made them into monsters, and perhaps if matt ryan ended up somewhere else he would be rubbish.
  18. I know it might be funny to bring up old posts before we knew how this season would fold out, but if there's anything you should have learnt as a Falcon fan is not to look at the past and just think about the future!! Plus it's just littering the forum with posts that have nothing to do with current goings on.
  19. Yes I agree with the strategy here, not too sure about which players we will actually go for as its hard to predict which players TD will go for. It will highly depend upon their team and work ethic.
  20. Lofton's being incredibly responsible here, cut him some slack.
  21. Don't expect any big name free agents coming in much anymore. We are going with the philosophy of building through the draft and using free agency for stop gaps. We should look at Terrence Cody this year in the draft instead, if you though Grady was big check this guy out!!
  22. Marc Bulger is still a very good QB, unfortunately the line last year allowed him to get beat up a little but his confindence should be where it needs to be by next season.
  23. Ye we should try and sign him to an extension at the end of this year, and with the team mentality that is being installed he may want to stick around and win a superbowl or two!
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