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  1. You may have noticed no qb. I’m not sold on many this draft other than the two that are going 1 and 2. I think we can get a fa to fill backup
  2. I see everyone trying - figured I'd give it a shot. This is with a trade down in the 2nd with PHI. 2 players that I think are difference makers are Pitts and Najee. The rest is all about depth and I like Javian Hawkins as a development RB
  3. 100% right... I'll keep him in my prayers
  4. Thanks. I knew it read it somewhere. Im not passing the blame but just hope it’s a small issue
  5. I was just pointing out holding for a left footed kicker is quite a bit of a different hold. Some of you need to relax a little. I know the holder was the same last year. It is still harder to hold a way that is opposite.
  6. I've watched all of his kicks and he definitely is a good kicker but is just missing lately for some reason. I wonder if it is the hold, and someone else pointed out that the hold was leaning forward and even to the side on one the misses. The reason may be due to the DIRECTION. He kicks "left-footed" which is not the norm for any holder. Bosher has done a good job as a holder for several years - always for "right-footed" kickers. It is completely backwards what he has to do now - like trying to throw a football with your non-dominate arm. I hope that the Falcons could maybe experiment
  7. I was surprised this wasn't posted yet... http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26755477/falcons-brown-pays-costs-infant-funeral A Louisville family expressed gratitude toward Atlanta Falcons guard Jamon Brown for helping pay for the funeral expenses for 1-month-old De'Anthony Lee Trice. Police said De'Anthony died last week after his father hit him in a post-video game rage. Brown, a Louisville-area native who attended the University of Louisville, used funds from his foundation to assist the family, who buried the boy at Louisville's Green Meadows Cemetery on Monday
  8. I don't know how anyone could vote agains MR unless they are using his past against him. This season he was nearly unstoppable and looked as good if not better than Brady or Peyton in their BEST seasons. Brady has been great this season, but isn't as good as he was 5 years ago. If anyone other than MR gets the award it's a joke... but honestly who cares who wins the season MVP - I want THE SUPERBOWL MVP to be in MR hand more than any other award there is.
  9. This is how you support local. Village Tavern should take notice. http://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/georgia-gas-station-pulls-boston-based-beer-from-shelves-ahead-of-super-bowl/488312784
  10. Got a kick out of this today! http://www.ajc.com/news/sports/football/falcons-training-camp-what-you-need-know/nr3GM/
  11. Woo-hoo - thank you! I haven't been posting in a while but looking forward to watching some Falcons now for my birthday! Got my present - Julio resigned!
  12. I didn't do Practice squad... there are even a few on this team I wouldn't want....... HC - Mike Smith OC - Mularkey (He was not good but did as good with Koetter with less talent) DC - Nolan (I would take anyone over VanGorder) ST - Armstrong QB - Matt Ryan / Chris Redman RB - Michael Turner / Jason Snelling / Steven Jackson / Jerious Norwood FB - Ovie Mughelli TE - Tony Gonzales / Justin Peele / Ben Hartstock LT - Sam Baker / Will Svitek LG - Justin Blalock / Jose Valdez C - Todd McClure / Joe Hawley RG - Harvey Dahl / Mike Johnson RT - Todd Weiner / Tyson Clabo WR - Julio Jones / Roddy Whit
  13. This is THE answer... It doesn't matter what scheme you run - if the o-line does not get push run plays do not work. On pass plays the o-line must be able to create a pocket... Watch our line on run plays, generally we will get one defensive player knocked off the ball, but one or two will push our line into the backfield or just beat them. On pass plays where Matt Ryan does not get rid of the ball the defense is able to control the pocket to often. This reduces the passing lanes and comfort of any QB.
  14. I think everyone gets caught up on a specific team scheme... No team runs specifically Zone or Man schemes. Additionally Power run blocking is just another scheme. Teams learn multiple schemes the same as they run multiple plays. Based on the talent and situation of the offense and the alignment of the defense the blocking schemes change throughout the game. It is up to the o-coordinator to call the scheme in with the play. The oline will adjust their assignments based on defensive alignment and movement before the play. You can't particularly say that we are a bad man-blocking team... I j
  15. I coached football a lot of years... you base your defense (and offense) on your personnel. If you have top quality players you can run basic jam and tight man coverage on the outside - leaving at least 7 in the box at all times. This is ideal for any time, but you have to have a lot of talent across the board. If your talent is a mixed group of talent or no talent at all you have to use deception. Usually the worse of teams will run lots of counters, reverses and mixed blitzes on defense. You are hoping to catch the other team by surprise. I don't think the coaches have confidence in our curr
  16. He wasn't a bad player for the Bucs... not who I'd prefer to start, but not horrible.
  17. I just looked it up and the site is only 45 days old and is based out of Korea... so I wouldn't put my credit card info in there.
  18. I'm up for it... I played in a league in Alpharetta for past few years. So is it for sure Sunday at 10? George Pierce Park
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