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  1. Look, he bet $1 and a team hit a 3 pointer last night, so he’s a pro now.
  2. I remember him as a Falcon, and was mad when they let him leave. As @Jesus mentioned, that secondary was legendary, and the team was so fun and good that year. Then they went to **** the next season and I always thought part of the reason was letting Jordan get away.
  3. Do you think Owusu or anyone available makes an impact like Julio? Offense might shift a protection or chip a back on blocking. Julio causes defenses to change entire coverage schemes all game long, play safeties over the top, brackets, etc. I think that helps our total offense and our rookie TE and whatever we have for a running game more than a rotational D player. Not being mean, Owusu has talent, but keep Julio and take whoever the best 4th guy available is today.
  4. Gainwell - name checks out Marvin Wilson -320# wearing #21. No wonder FSU has problems - that’s no Deion Sanders, that’s a moon!
  5. First time that guy talks about his vision for the team ... someone’s gonna snicker.
  6. What if Falcons hire Raheem? Do we get a 3rd the ? Haha
  7. You know that feeling when your toe cramps under the covers in bed? Yeah, it’s nothing like that. Imagine your scrotum getting ripped down to the back of your knee in mid-stride. That’s a hamstring to someone fast.
  8. Hate it, but give credit - Saints know what they need and are pretty good at finding the guys that will do what they want. They always have monster D line play, and great OLine pass protection.
  9. Any GM candidate that explains how to drop them without major cap problems should be offered the job on the spot.
  10. Jeff George had a rocket arm and a BB mind. INT thrown at 60mph is always better than one thrown at 40mph!
  11. Fair point there may not be many Brel or single backfields left. But total yards and total TDs go up with more attempts. If I was allowed to run the ball 1000 times l might fall forward 1 yard at a time for 1000 yards and fall into the endzone 5 times as well. How does his production rank on a per carry basis vs other backs?
  12. Not blaming anyone. My comparison was only that Bennett knows the offense and executes the offense better right now - whereas Mathis is still learning - as you rightly say because he hasn’t had the chance for as much practice. I think he can improve with more practice. Fromm started over Fields for similar reasons - even though Fields is a better individual athlete - Fromm knew what to do and executed the offense better - and thus kept the job.
  13. I think it was similar with Fromm vs Fields. Fromm was mentally in control and correctly orchestrated 10 other guys most plays and the offense produced. Fields (and D’wan Mathis) are superior individual athletes - but who needed more practice and polish to run the offense effectively. I think D’wan will be great once the game slows down for him, but he may have to sit a year or two and learn.
  14. Calling pass plays all the time doesn’t help any linemen keep d lines guessing either.
  15. Purely who is the better prospect for QB - Trevor Lawrence has seen a lot more schemes and pressure at Clemson as a long term starter than Fields or Lance. Not saying either of the other 2 can’t ever do it - but Trevor has proven himself. And I can say you don’t see the same scheme sophistication at ND as vs Alabama etc. Should Atlanta get any 1st rd QB in 2021? I think Ryan has more years in him - A pocket QB skills are viable longer than mobile QBs that lose mobility. Tom Brady, Brees, even Brett Favre can still throw with age. My opinion - a high 1st round pick is better used elsewhere - I’d say on defense - for the Falcons in 2021.
  16. So who at the Benz and Falcons org decided it would be cool to let the winner eat turkey on our field after the game? We were playing a 9-1 team - odds are it wouldn’t be Dirty Birds eating the bird. That’s just poor marketing planning.
  17. Vaughn had me at “...if everything’s still going well for the Falcons at that point.”
  18. If being an ******* was a defense to every bad thing that happens afterwards - we’d have no crime - everyone would have a defense. The only time the “Texas defense” is accepted is when the ******* was an *******, everyone knows he’s an *******, the ******* had it coming AND got what was coming from the right person - the receipt of the abuse. E.g. abused spouse kills serial abuser husband during particularly vicious beating.
  19. Taking a picture of another’s article, the pinnacle of laziness. Strive to be the best ... at being the worst -D-Led
  20. I’d go Lincoln Riley. 3 reasons 1. He’s a head coach. 2. OK can’t use a 1st round pick so he’d keep it and pick Chase Young for his D. 3. Finally, this hypothetical is the only one with a chance in **** of actually happening for the Falcons.
  21. Is sanus manning some sort of unholy WR-QB hybrid? Sanu throws it to himself and then handles punting too.
  22. Easy to look good on D when your O forces people into throwing all the time. Shanahan does great with multiple formations and scheming folks open. I miss 13 personnel
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