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  1. If being an ******* was a defense to every bad thing that happens afterwards - we’d have no crime - everyone would have a defense.

    The only time the “Texas defense” is accepted is when the ******* was an *******, everyone knows he’s an *******, the ******* had it coming AND got what was coming from the right person - the receipt of the abuse.   E.g. abused spouse kills serial abuser husband during particularly vicious beating.



  2. 2 hours ago, UnrealfalcoN said:

    I still believe if we had 11 sanus manning this offense, we would atleast have 3-4 wins.

    5-6 wins if we had 53 Sanus :/

    Is sanus manning some sort of unholy WR-QB hybrid?  Sanu throws it to himself and then handles punting too.

  3. 2 hours ago, ButSkiuup said:

    TD, king of the premature cut. 

    Wonder who he will call back later after making a mistake 

    I think they have to be cut and available to other teams before we can sign to PS anyway.  We probably do the final cuts for guys on the bubble or we want to protect to come to our practice squad.

    It’s also a favor to cut guys earlier that we know aren’t going to make it here - they get a shot at being signed elsewhere.

  4. Wow strong emotions here.  Ryan has great stats and hopefully will keep piling those up.

    Joe Namath is in the HOF with 1 SB win.  He lost 1 playoff game the only other season he EVER went to the playoffs. He has a career losing % and career Int > career TD.  He was a terrible QB, who made 1 really FAMOUS guarantee and people that weren’t even alive when he played know who he is.

    So tell me again how stats are more important than fame?  Rings = fame for Ryan, who (thankfully) doesn’t pose Superman or make outrageous guarantees, or have national Oreo or shoe or yogurt commercials.  

    You all have convinced me he might get in on the 10th ballot try at age 65 on stats alone. Hopefully he won’t be another Kenny Stabler (who also has a ring btw).

    Get a ring and it’s not a stats and longevity debate is my opinion.

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  5. Look I’m not hating on Ryan, he has the ability to become HOF, but you gotta have a ring unless everyone thinks you are the second coming of Marino.

    Nationally people see Ryan as above average throwing to a beast. He doesn’t make the flashy throws like Rodgers and doesn’t do Superman poses when he scores.  I’m glad he’s ours, but fame matters for HOF voting.

  6. 2 hours ago, Visitor41 said:

    Skins fan.

    Leading with head - yes

    Helmet to helmet - yes

    Intentional - no

    Reckless - yes

    Suspension - probably not for this one but if Neal gets a H2H again this season, this will probably get mentioned as a repeat offender.

    It wasnt intentional, it wasnt late, it wasnt on a defenseless player ... but it was clearly a crown helmet to helmet hit. The crown of his helmet literally went right into his ear hole. To try and play mental gymnastics that somehow he lead with his shoulder or Reed changed the target area is viewing this through fans lenses. Which is what we do.

    I am sure a Falcon will get a concussion from a H2H hit this year. I am sure that discussion will be vastly different. Its football, its hard to tackle and not lead with your helmet, its almost physically impossible but this was a clear H2H hit. Its okay to admit it was a H2H hit. Skins players will do H2H hits this year. falcons will, pats will etc ... game is too fast for it not to happen. But to argue this wasnt a textbook crown leading with helmet H2H hit ...   

    Cheers and good luck.

    Well said. Not a dirty hit, but was unnecessary for preseason. Neal can be hurt or suspended if it happens wrong.  Good luck to your ‘skins unless it’s ATL too.

    Regular season or playoffs you punish the guys and there is no such thing as “he was going down”.  He’s not down until a whistle. We’ve all seen Barry Sanders and other guys “going down” that didn’t.  

  7. Seriousness I see both sides on this. Guy isn’t down yet, if he’s broken the wrap up and Neal went in there with the DB shoulder bump and head up everyone would complain he didn’t wrap up and blah blah.

    On the other hand he knew he was hitting the upper part of the guy since dude was leaned forward - and it’s a preseason game.  Getting in regular season hitting form is one thing, but make a “business decision” in preseason for both players sake.  I’m more worried about Neal getting a concussion (or a suspension) on that play as my team’s guy frankly.

  8. 1 hour ago, Dirtier Bird said:

    It is hard due to human anatomy to dive at a ball carrier without leading with the helmet. Tacklers try to make hard contact with the top of the shoulder pads and unfortunately everyone’s head sprouts right up through the middle of the pads. Maybe doctors could relocate the head to a safer location like the small of the back in the future. It would make eating and taking a dump more challenging, but would reduce concussions. 

    Pretty sure we have the technology for this. I see lots of people with their head up their @$$.  Never realized they were football players. Don’t think they realized it or much else either though.

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  9. O-line not tripping each other decreases as they play together. But it’s not just knowing how a guy sets his stance, it’s also knowing what the guy next to you is seeing.  Think about the military. They march in step so they don’t trip each other.  But if one outside soldier starts a left turn and the inside guy doesn’t, they still trip.

    Same thing when one guy recognizes a blitz and is expecting the lineman next to him to do something, but that other guy doesn’t see that.  

    Eg. The OG sees a LB looping from outside to inside around a DT and he shoves the DT out wide expecting the OT to pick up that DT so the OG can then pick up the LB. A trip or stumble may happen if the OT isn’t expecting the OG to push wider than normal in a “transfer” of that DT.  The result is the OG or OT stumble over each other because the OG stepped wider than normal and the OT wasn’t expecting that.