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  1. Let’s just look at all the pieces and go from there.  The answer is the coaches feel the folks on the field are the best combination of talent, not individual player comparisons. The question is whether we fans agree  or not.

    As I tried putting this down I am saddened to realize I don’t even know our defense with all the injuries  

    Looks like we are another LB injury away from moving Beasley to LB


    MLB - Duke Riley  .... Ishmael

    OLB x 2 - Campbell and Oloukune ... Ishmael

    SS - ?  

    FS - Kazee,

    CB x 3 - Trufant, Alford, Poole ....... Bleeding Ray- Wilson. (I know - but that sounds like a jazz player that will shank you).  ...  Oliver


    People note Ishmael gained weight for LB, so must not be a good SS candidate.

    Most likely move seems Poole and Bleeding Ray play more as nickel and dime CB,  Kazee 190lb skinny *** stays at FS and Campbell plays LB With coverage responsibilities.

  2. Most NFL players average 3 years or less in a career. We know more RBs. But the reality is - exceptional talent is rare - but just as prone to injury as an average NFL  guy.  RBs take a beating and can be replaced with good sometimes great talent easily - which is why we draft them in the 4-5 round every couple of years. Hi Devinta, hi Ito...instead of in the first round. Elliot and Gurley and Barkley are better than Ito, but  I bet Ridley has a longer career helping the Falcons. 

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  3. We are missing the long pass for TD. I Think ridley helps solve that.

    We are missing strong rotation on the D Line. Hopefully Senat helps solve that.

    Consistent pass rush from both sides, hopefully Takk and beadley back to end help solve that.

    Better Guard play.  Schweitzer experience and Fusco FA hopefully someone emerges as better than last year.

    Its almost like TD and Quinn were on the same page about team needs and played acquisitions.

  4. 1. Knapp “helps” by recognizing defenses up top that Sark cannot see at ground level.

    2 “Help” does not mean Knapp is calling plays.  Knapp tells Sark “they just played Cover 2”.  Sark uses this information to call a better play.  

    3.  Both Knapp helping and Sark calling the plays and being the OC are true in #2.

    4. Therefore, you cannot internet Quinn’s comment as meaning Knapp is running the offense.

    5. In closing, I will put forth my own theory.   Sark is less likely to pick his nose on the sideline, so Quinn has him there instead of the booth. Knapp “helps” that way too.



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  5. To fully or nearly fully insure the value of a starter players contract in their penultimate contract year v. likelihood of an injury would be very expensive. So much so that any increased value from waiting until the free agency year for a larger contract would be overtaken by the cost of that policy.

    A player’s agent should get as much guaranteed money as necessary to “pay the bills” on his client’s essentials - home, cars, kid’s college funds and trusts, and then let the rest be unsecured gravy.



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  6. 1 hour ago, Vandy said:


    That plus the NFL has never really figured out what to do with dual-threat QBs like Jackson.

    Sorry Vandy, you have that last bit  backwards. Few dual threat QBs figure out what to do in the NFL. They are no longer the fastest/quickest guy on the field and they don’t learn to slide, be patient, etc..  The only really effective “mobile” QBs have been Rothlesburger, Cam - use size to extend plays, and Rodgers and Russell Wilson scramble to extend play but look downfield. 


    Petrino is like Spurrier ‘90s in college to me. His play calling is so good that the scheme gets college guys and running lanes open and the QBs look great. NFL playcalling isn’t nearly as far ahead of the defenses and the QBs look average again.

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  7. Others mentioned it, but our offense is part of our defense.  We can “usually” put teams behind, which then dictates less running ball control plays and more passes. This then favors our faster, shoot a gap, get a sack defense, when the O then gets into third and long situations and get off the field.

    We have problems if a team stymies our offense and can stay running the back and have 3d and 3 or less and convert.   But that weakness is not worth swapping to big bodies everywhere as they would not be as effective chasing down 3d and long situations we try to force teams into.