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  1. #russianhackers The Falcons didn’t lose. #fakenews.
  2. I gotta learn some numbers!
  3. Let me summarize Freeman’s response in Twitter form: #IDGAF
  4. Don’t forget “shiny hood ornament”
  5. To fully or nearly fully insure the value of a starter players contract in their penultimate contract year v. likelihood of an injury would be very expensive. So much so that any increased value from waiting until the free agency year for a larger contract would be overtaken by the cost of that policy. A player’s agent should get as much guaranteed money as necessary to “pay the bills” on his client’s essentials - home, cars, kid’s college funds and trusts, and then let the rest be unsecured gravy.
  6. Logan Paulson at #2 TE over Saubert? Heard a lot of Saubert , not much on Paulson. Did I miss something there?
  7. Nice summary of position battles. So how does the sports writer industry work - do you get a flat fee or do they pay you a royalty by clicks? Always curious how the sites get their content.
  8. Sorry Vandy, you have that last bit backwards. Few dual threat QBs figure out what to do in the NFL. They are no longer the fastest/quickest guy on the field and they don’t learn to slide, be patient, etc.. The only really effective “mobile” QBs have been Rothlesburger, Cam - use size to extend plays, and Rodgers and Russell Wilson scramble to extend play but look downfield. Petrino is like Spurrier ‘90s in college to me. His play calling is so good that the scheme gets college guys and running lanes open and the QBs look great. NFL playcalling isn’t nearly as far ahead of the defenses and the QBs look average again.
  9. Others mentioned it, but our offense is part of our defense. We can “usually” put teams behind, which then dictates less running ball control plays and more passes. This then favors our faster, shoot a gap, get a sack defense, when the O then gets into third and long situations and get off the field. We have problems if a team stymies our offense and can stay running the back and have 3d and 3 or less and convert. But that weakness is not worth swapping to big bodies everywhere as they would not be as effective chasing down 3d and long situations we try to force teams into.
  10. It’s interesting the scouts keep saying Jarrett and Senat are “too short”, yet Quinn knows what he wants with his DLs and they have success. I don’t know how you get leverage on a 300lb guy that is 1-3 inches shorter than the OL trying to block him.
  11. The Pats can’t be “most stable” because their coordinators leave every few years b/c someone wants their success and hires them away. Happened to us with Shanny too. Anybody else wish Sarkisian WAS on the hot seat or might get hired away (briar patch please)?
  12. And Mike Garafolo should not be allowed to report on Jimmy Garoppolo. Manatees wearing novelty Tees, surprising.
  13. Well Garrapolo does have a SB ring though...
  14. Over-analyze much? Belichik looks like he’s distracted considering his next axe murder when addressing the media.
  15. Also, let’s play Julio at free safety. It will get him in better shape, and did you see him lay out the DB on the INT? Hardest hit of the night after Rico’s rib-wrecker on Thomas.