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  1. It will. And yea contracts are being back loaded but also at that time ie 2023 is when Matt's cap should plummet. Also read they are projecting like a 20m a year jump so we just need to endure this season and next.
  2. Another piece to the puzzle is the cap should skyrocket over the next several seasons from all the new tv money.
  3. @FalconofShadowsI'm sorry, I have Matt on the brain lol. I completely missed the Grady part. I blame FFS70 and the baldy!!! On topic...I don't think I would. We would net about $6m in relief this year but also $7m in dead cap next and I think he could be the centerpiece along the line for TF to (finally) build around. He's been a one man wrecking crew for so long, I'd love to see them give him some help. He would be an All-Pro.
  4. It would be dumb to trade him now. Year/Dead Cap/Cap Savings: 2021/$24.9M/$2M 2022/$40.5M
  5. Very true, but I feel like the Matt faithful crowd is different from the Julio faithful crowd. Could be wrong. Just thinking of the folks here who spend time defending Matt against the critics, I'd think they would of course be sad he was gone but would understand and wish him well. You are right though, there would be a section of the fanbase thrown into a rage which tbh would be kinda ironic and funny. If Matt wanted to ring chase, at this point, I couldn't even be mad.
  6. Not really. The fact that he is the best QB in Falcons history cannot be disputed. Not by anyone with a brain and two eyes anyway. The people who respect Matt and defend him to those who don't aren't just gonna flip lol That said, he'd retire first than request a trade imo because... ^^°
  7. Very true. Let's spend the next 10-15 years picking top 5 every season with a billion dollars in cap space. Some here would love that.
  8. Weird flex by the Jags. For as bad as we are off, at least we are not a poverty franchise worried about other teams potentially copying our loser message lmao
  9. If Tom Brady did this it would be front page ESPN, NFLN, HGTV, Food Network and all talk shows as this great leader of men and what passion he has for the game, etc...
  10. It is lol. He's had like 4 name changes since switching from R_The_Great 😂
  11. Nonsense. I have it on good authority that Matt Ryan can't even throw the ball 40 yards at this point of his career and that's why his time to throw equals that of many poster's attention span on these very boards.
  12. For sure it's 100% up to Matt to make #alltheplays Even on defense And special teams
  13. Man if this team ever needs note takers, you and I got it on lock lol No fair, you edited your post!
  14. - Mayfield plan got expedited, wants to give guys a chance to bounce back - Grant is great on ST's, Hawkins as well, building personnel packages - Punter is f'd - Will continue to churn roster with new NFL rules that allow flexibility - Oliver is not moving to safety, will stick to slot - Tampa had 21 points off turnovers - Emphasis on making the opponent kick FG's - No update on AJ - OL didn't get off the ball well enough, especially on those short 3rd and 4th and 1's - Saw improvement in Mayfield in a lot of ways, stepped up against a good dl - Don't find out about the culture of a team until they struggle - Kyle is continuing to grow and evolve - Have to adapt, all options are on the table - A lot of progress made, but not enough - It takes all 11 to work together to make plays, brought up Fowler fumble - No excuses for early BYE - No knee jerk reactions and "jerking the wheel" to overcorrect some of the issues
  15. Fans: I'M SICK OF MATT RYAN TAKING SACKS HE NEEDS TO GET THE BALL OUT!!! Also Fans after Matt Ryan gets the ball out: MATT RYAN SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THAT SACK!!! Honestly, Matt is never going to be enough for the haters. And before anyone tries it, I am no Matt Ryan stan, but he is grossly undervalued with half of this fanbase. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes can go out and suck up games and win superbowls because their defenses and run games pick them up. Matt has a perfect SB for nearly the entire game, loses, and it's somehow still his fault. These folks will find fault in everything he does.
  16. Yeah, another TATF myth lol. File that one next to "Matt Ryan is a stat padder" and "Matt Ryan sucks in the playoffs". And yeah, I mean I get the frustration, I really really do, it's tough sledding being a Falcon fan sometimes. I do believe in Smith and Pees, I believe in Terry, I don't believe we have the horses yet to compete in this race. If they continue to show improvement, week after week, win some games, that's about as much as I can ask for this year.
  17. Yep, we have a ton of moving parts. On both sides of the ball. New coaches. New schemes. New players. New linemen on both sides. It didn't help we opened against the Philly and Tampa DL. Giants and Jets are going to be a good test of where these guys are. I saw improvement from Philly to Tampa, on both sides, but still too much garbage and too much confusion. If I see Matt screaming because he had to burn a time out or Ridley throwing up his hands not knowing the play again I may lose it lol
  18. Bingo. Here's my thing. I don't claim to know it all, but I can back up WHY I feel the way I do. I can provide context, stats, scenarios etc. that allowed me to come to my conclusion. It may prove wrong, but it will never be for lack of trying. These people that are wallowing in their own misery and puffing up their chests because the Falcons suck never, or at least very rarely, provided any context or any of the above to their thought process and instead just crapped up every thread dumping on people with optimism with insights like "lol the Falcons are going to suck" or "the Falcons are trash" or whatever else. Like if you really feel that way because you watched film on Moreau and thought he got exposed in man coverage or were concerned that Pees was going to a 3-4 front but we didn't have the horses to run it or whatever...anything...we could have had a conversation. But these people just wanted to dump on anyone and everyone and it's frustrating that, at least through 2 weeks, they were right. Blind squirrels I guess...
  19. I did actually. They were full of him more dismissing others than stating his own facts tbh and they were mostly about Fields lol
  20. So this is where I'm going to call BS. All off-season posters predicted the opposite, but you are 100% kidding yourself if you actually believe they: 1. Listed any reasons 2. Formed any thought out realizations The fact of the matter is, and why people are called trolls, is they would either make up narratives that weren't true, push stats that weren't correct, had an agenda for Justin Fields, or just outright had responses that were essentially "lol the Falcons suck". The fact of the matter is people chose to believe the Falcons would suck based on the fact that the Falcons have burned them so much in the past that that's all they can believe. They ignored the reasons for hope, of which there was many, simply because "lol the Falcons suck". If the trolls want to be received better, the trolls should probably change the way they post to include actual content and actual original thoughts otherwise they just look like trolls. Because that's exactly what trolls do.
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