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  1. How does that work tho if we on the same dang side?
  2. Bet
  3. Lol apparently all it takes is calling someone a moron. Soft af.
  4. I love how they are nowhere to be found to press a button to approve a new member but can lay the ban hammer at the drop of a dime. Agreed with @ya_boi_j, we need a shakeup. Monoxide and PK are good peeps.
  5. They do need to get it done 2012, AJ Green is looming too, but if you are Julio's agent your stance is "let's just see how this plays out big fella". Not my money, not my cap, but TD looks like he is going to have to get real creative here...
  6. Former Chief in for a visit...
  7. DUKE RILEY of all people done made a play y'all! THE DUKE OF HURL, who hasn't done a DANG THING IN THE LEAGUE SINCE HE WAS DRAFTED YEARS AGO, somehow managed to NOT COMPLETELY WHIFF ON A PLAY and made a PLAY ON THE DANG BALL! Checkmate, @Falconsin2012!
  8. Normally I would agree with this line of thinking, but mash has used up all his "benefit of the doubt" cards. Especially when it comes to respect. But that's a story for another day.
  9. You are a ******* joke. Seriously the worst poster on the boards right now, all these replies prove it and yet you are too stupid to recognize it and change. Make like ASJ and take a month off because this here ain't it for you.
  10. He will just ignore this, or if he does reply will play dumb and be all "calm down slugger". Another stain here that needs to be bleached and scrubbed clean.
  11. They won 5 before and 1 after you absolute dip ****
  12. And it cost them the game...
  13. Came to post this. It's almost impressive how out of touch with the real world mash actually is. Sad really.
  14. Several...and I mean several...separate posters have all stated the same things about you completely independent of each other. Maybe the rest of us aren't the crazy ones...
  15. I mean I get your point, I just think it's too soon to freak out and want to wait before jumping to conclusions. Hope it's nothing!
  16. It said extra runny on the ticket man...
  17. That made dled look stupid, not takk. Like when AB tried to make JuJu look stupid and he looked like the clown. Takk good. Takk good.
  18. These are adults posting this stuff man. Grown *** men. Lol.
  19. Takk wasn't wrong. Takk is good.
  20. There is no narrative to spin tho. Takk gave him nothing. Takk is good. Just like the sb media day, it's a clown show. Why do we care what the media or reporters or beat writers think? A lot of them are terrible versions of shock jocks.
  21. I've heard the truth...and yea...I'm with you.