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  1. Ehhhhhhhh, maaaaaaybe in regards to dry vs saturated but I still think Tevin is the better FA target in comparison of the two and who else was in FA. Market value gets thrown to the wayside when a team decides to throw all the money at a player. To my example, McKinnon signed a 4 year $37m contract just last year. All it takes is one. I would be stunned if Tevin ended up as low as 4m per but you may be right...we will see soon enough.
  2. I love when you talk dirty to me!
  3. He won't be cheap. Jerrick McKinnon got paid by the 49ers and Tevin is better and more sought after. All it takes is one team and there are plenty of teams with lots of $ to spend.
  4. Pretty sure he meant he would be thinking about the Ty vs Schraeder battle and not DLed himself...
  5. Yeah, basically. Time will tell! I do hope Schraeder is gone though...dude was bad bad.
  6. Live look at the RT battle of 2019
  7. Rings aren't solely reliant on qb talent. Trent Dilfer has a ring. Joe Flacco has a ring. Rings are representative of the team, not individual. On topic, I don't think anyone will honestly argue that Matt is more gifted a passer than Aaron. For my money, from a physical trait standpoint Aaron is the GOAT. I haven't seen any other QBs do what he has done over his career. I can't stand the dude, but he is incredible. Green Bay going from Favre to Rodgers is just insane. Almost as insane as them only getting 2 rings combined. Which again...rings is a team thing not an individual thing. I don't know why that narrative even exists.
  8. Yeah, his lil body can't sustain that power he runs with. It's effective, but it's not sustainable. Brings this topic around full circle though as to whether or not you should really invest heavily (financially) in RBs. Zeke does not shy away from contact though. Dude lowers his head every single game, he just has a bigger frame so he gets away with it. Free is just too small to sustain that.
  9. Hey, I ain't gonna stand in the way of anyone's irrational hatred for anyone lol. Lord knows I have plenty. I understand your POV about the contract talks. It could have been better timed by the Freeman camp. To their defense (not really but ya know) you are always told to strike while the iron is hot in life, right? Free's stock was never higher, he knew it, his camp knew it, Falcon's knew it, from a timing perspective as uncomfortable and selfish as it did make sense. The 'elite' and 'top 5' thing is subjective imo. If you can guarantee you give me a healthy Devonta Freeman, I would absolutely put him top 5. Knock on him now is just overall health and yeah I don't know if he ever plays a full season again. You are right about Teco, but that is an indictment on Sark and the staff. debatable. As I mentioned, he was one of the hottest backs in the league at the time so it makes sense. Hindsight now is 20/20, but more due to injury than anything else. A healthy Free though I could make a case for top 5. He has been hurt so much and so recently that I think people forget just how great he was.
  10. I get it but you are letting these 'once in a' moments blur the overall body of work. Yes, he missed a block, yes he made one bone headed play to run backwards, but since when do we demand perfection from our guys 100% of the time? Matt threw a bad pick that one time, or Matt took a bad sack that one time...should we cut him? Julio dropped that TD in Carolina, should we write him off? By and large, at least when he has been healthy, Free is an excellent NFL RB. You nitpicking one thing here and there doesn't change that. Maybe in your eyes it does, but it really shouldn't. And I will never fault a player, especially at that position, for getting their money when they can. It's not like it impacted his play in the Superbowl...he had a great game and helped get them into a position to win it. In fact, if they would have just kept feeding him, they would have won and all that other stuff would be irrelevant to you.
  11. Man you gotta let it gooooooooooooooooo You are being nitpicky af right now bro
  12. Maybe we are the ones that need a drink ROH
  13. Yeah. Falcons sent a 5th round pick to Denver for him. Later in the year the Eagles gave a 5th for Michael Bennett. Yes, I may still be bitter lol.