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  1. Tyeler Davison activated from the reserve/covid list.
  2. Do your thing Takk! Whatever he needs to pull from to derive motivation is fine with me. Players do it all the time. Hope he balls this year and shuts all the doubters up.
  3. Inbe4 the doomers dump on the thread saying there won't be a season. (Uniforms look fresh af)
  4. Then we would have a Dan Quinn defense. There's literally no risk here. DQ can't even crack the top 21 in dvoa.
  5. Reminder for this and every future thread about this reserve/covid list: just because they are on the list does not mean they tested positive for covid.
  6. I see. My bad, as you were! lol
  7. You know how averages work, yes? 1 play does not an average make lol
  8. Peep this. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/29548681/2020-nfl-preseason-schedule-training-camp-other-key-dates
  9. It's actually 7.4 and only 4 wr's had 7 or more yards of cushion. Going off the actual list I'd say the average is closer to 6 or high 5's.
  10. Such an iconic interception by Debo on his son Drew.
  11. I'll just submit this, vel. 2016 seems like a long long time ago by now and there is a ton of recency bias but 2016 (and to a lesser degree 2015) Freeman was an outstanding runner of the football. If you are comparing 2016 Freeman to 2020 Gurley, I know who I am taking hands down every single time. 2016 Freeman. You are correct on Tevin, he didn't have the best vision, balance or broken tackle ability but if we do the same exercise...if you give me 2016 Teco or 2020 Ito? 2016 Teco every single time. It was a magical year for sure, but that 2016 pairing was incredible both by scheme and talent. Those guys were absolute monsters that year and I just think people forget just how good they were.
  12. lol no way. 2016 Free and Teco was special.
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