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  1. Netherlands and Sweden are both taking the "expose all of our people to it and let's get this overwith" approach.
  2. I believe it, and have heard similar stories from other service men and women. Thank you for your service also! Be safe.
  3. Check out my post above yours. Based off symptoms, and how relatively health an adult I am generally, I think I had it too in November of last year. There is a growing sense of this among the population as well. How much of it is herd mentality, I don't know...but I know how I felt those 2-3 weeks from Nov to Dec last year was unlike anything I have ever experienced before.
  4. I had the worst cough of my life last late November. Lasted 2 weeks, had a fever to the point where I slept with clothes on (none of which happens to me). Went to the clinic and was told after being negative for strep "there is a weird viral thing going around, you probably have that and there's not much we can do other than wait it out". But logistically, the first confirmed case in China was November 17th, 2019. The first confirmed case in US was January 20th, 2020. The virus is supposed to double every 3 you are telling me there was huge gaps in transmission from Nov to Jan? Then again from Jan to March? This same virus that is super contagious and has forced us into "quarantine"? I call BS.
  5. I agree with all this you are saying and to add onto it, it is my belief this has been here a lot longer than people are leading on. I believe it has been here since last year which would greatly skew all numbers now and make it much less devastating than people think/are being led to believe.
  6. Saw this earlier. Who is this dude?
  7. Whole lot of fake news here. Did anyone actually watch the video? Not once did TD say "I doubt Todd Gurley can return to form". In fact, he was complimentary of him to start and was simply injecting his own personal experience dealing with knee arthritis and how it impacts your play as a RB. All he was saying was he didn't see the same Todd Gurley in 2019 that he did in 2018, and he isn't the only one to share that opinion.
  8. This is the problem with this world. Too many internet experts without the knowledge or experience to back up their claims or even be able to talk to why they have said opinion. Sad. Dumb statement is dumb.
  9. No. Explain yourself. You made a statement. I am questioning it. This is the part where you explain why you made it. This is how message boards work. I specifically want you to explain this post that you made. "Bridgewater under Joe Brady may be the best QB in the NFC South."
  10. I don't care about being 1 number off, that is some petty BS that people stick to when they lost an argument, I want you to back your claim that Teddy Bridgewater plus a first time NFL head coach and offensive coordinator are going to better Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Sean Payton, and Bruce Arians. How did you come to this conclusion?
  11. The fact that this needed to be explained in an article is hysterical to me.
  12. So you are being serious? In a division with Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Matt Ryan you sincerely think Teddy Bridgewater and a first time NFL head coach is going to better them all?
  13. Blind squirrel Broken clocks