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  1. The thing is, Julio doesn't miss many games. Not nearly the amount that this place thinks he does. He is always dinged up sure, but he plays through and produces. This year is not the norm where he has missed games.
  2. Has anyone seen 2012 and MVP in the same room at the same time?
  3. Are you in a competition with someone to start the most threads per day or ?
  4. Don't be this guy. It's an incredibly dumb and pointless talking point. More importantly, please share when Julio has been inconsistent when it matters and when he has failed to stay on the field for more than 2 snaps at once. Your words. Please be specific.
  5. I mean they stanned the likes of Paul Worrilow and Levine Toilolo...so yea... Also as we have discussed, our fan base hates players who get paid.
  6. lmao I missed that but yea that is a great summary of the intelligence of the op
  7. I swear posters like you create all the karma for this team and I don't even believe in karma. So dramatic. So wrong.
  8. He's got a soft tissue injury in a year where there was little prep and off-season work due to covid. Pump the drama breaks a little. Hamstrings. High ankle sprains. Take forever to heal and are easy to reaggravate...stop trying to bury players before their time because literally Everytime one of these threads is created, the op looks like a fool in a week or two time.
  9. I've been calling both their deep shots punts because they hung way too long in the air, both were terribly thrown balls that should have been picked but...Falcons... The Saints did nothing special at all, and Raheem and Jeff were confounded by it. I liked the energy by the team early, but it seemed after the third time settling for a fg, they all accepted the fate of the game. On the plus side this team can't ruin our actual Thanksgiving day this year so there's that...
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