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  1. Agreed, tho I'd probably go Lawson over Yannick and throw in a Thuney and let's get this **** goin! Got some nice options tho.
  2. Speaking of...would LOVE Jonnu Smith alongside HH!
  3. Mike Davis tweeted tonight that he loves Atlanta...we have a need for rb...ijs...
  4. I scream "just run straight" at the tv like twice a game lol Last year it actually cost him 6 on one play.
  5. "Having a leader like Matt, that's what made this job so attractive" Seems like a pretty important quote to me!
  6. Won't speak for him, but if I know where he is going it's the positional value at the rb position is that where you can find similar talent to 1st round selections in the 2-4 rounds, therefore trading up would be a waste of draft capital.
  7. You simpleton! Now go fetch me an ale!
  8. But regardless of everything else, qb substitute teacher aside...I do agree with this assessment. I like the Sewell pick, and the trade back and grab Surtain pick. I am lock step with you there. And of course the convo and consideration should be there.
  9. This is another area where you are just wrong. We saw the impact competent coaching had on the same roster. We saw Dirk bottom out an offense Shanny had riding high. We saw Morris and Ulbrich bring a defense that was 28th in DVOA after week 4 to 8th prior to week 17. Coaching matters. I don't know if this is a foreign concept because you kept stats instead of playing, but it absolutely matters and will absolutely make a huge difference in the short term especially on the offensive side of the ball with guys like Matt. You honestly look at what Smith turned Tanny into and think he cou
  10. So you want to keep Ryan around as a 40m teacher? While eating an additional ~20m in cap over the years on the bench for the rook?
  11. These guys wanna add these numbers to our cap...the same cap they complain we don't have...for a guy who won't play for potentially 3 years. Yet WE are the illogical ones. TATF'D YEAR AGE BASE SALARY SIGNING ROSTER CAP HIT DEAD CAP YEARLY CASH 2020 22 $610,000 $4,894,625 - $5,504,625 $30,275,438 $20,188,500($20,188,500) 2021
  12. Says you, rando internet guy who puts stock in message board polls. You are arguing from your own logical fallacy called false dilemma. Your entire premise is based on your own personal opinion.
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