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  1. All good ROH. I get a degree...:)
  2. Respect y'all but agree to disagree here. I'll just close with this because we aren't gonna change eachother's minds...I agree that a parent should have stepped in and the kid was out of line. My stance is Cam acted immaturely and unprofessionally. He could have handled it so many different (and better) ways that would have had the same effect without going nose to nose with a child. That is the root of my issue. An adult going nose to nose with a child over some jokes. Disrespectful jokes, but jokes. I've wasted enough time on this dumb topic lol...have a good day.
  3. You keep moving the goalposts man lol Ok, you guys do you. It's very old man "get off my lawn" but hey, you do you. Kids these days...amirite?
  4. Agreed. But yet does not justify Cam's actions.
  5. “Hey Cam, can I get a fumble?” “What happened in the Super Bowl?” “Stop playing, I’ll fade you.” *Cam leans into the kids face* “You gon’ do what?” You tellin' me that is not confrontational or intimidating at all?
  6. So answer me this. You would be ok with that teacher getting in her face with the sole purpose of intimidating her?
  8. How is getting down into a kids face not threatening? He was basically telling him to square up... I never said I wouldn't discipline my kid, but you best believe I would think and hope any parent would take immediate exception when an adult gets in their child's face. Especially over some crap talk that in the grand scheme wasn't even that bad.
  9. Oh let's see...mainly because there is a GROWN AS ADULT IN MY KIDS FACE THREATENING HIM?!?!!??! You must not have kids...
  10. This some twilight zone **** man, I'm tellin ya
  11. I tell you do that to my kid we gonna have a problem. I will discipline my kid later, but if you put your face in my kids face...we gonna have issues. I cannot believe people here condoning getting in a kids face and threatening/intimidating him because a "professional" athlete can't take some talk. lol...what a world.
  12. The kid did nothing to Cam physically. Cam got shook from 1 sentence lol. He wasn't even mouthing off...he was talkin crap.
  13. I'm not talking about every man. I'm not talking about every instance. I'm talking about THIS instance. With THIS professional player. Y'all know nothing about this kid and act like he deserved a grown as man getting in his grill trying to intimidate him because he can't take some smack talk. Pathetic.
  14. Man, I would never get in the face of a child unless there was imminent danger to myself or my loved ones. You don't do that. That's whack.
  15. Talking crap = / = misbehaving. You keep using that word. How was he misbehaving?