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  1. Yeah, I think it was a high ankle sprain, no surgery. People forget that many self titled experts here labeled DC a bust as well after the first half of his rookie year.
  2. You shoulda known better lol Nah, but seriously that's cool man. NZ looks beautiful, would love to go one day.
  3. Kiwi, how and when did you become a Falcon fan all the way from NZ??
  4. He is saying no players involved. Pick for cap space. Period. That trade doesnt happen without Brock.
  5. They took Brock though. Imagine trading a 3rd round pick for $3mil to afford another player. That's what he is referring to.
  6. Interesting idea...players are numbers to owners anyway...
  7. I think what op is talking about is straight up picks for cash or cap space in nfl talk. I think.
  8. They traded Bell for a player for money. Ultimately. I mean I guess in a round about way you can explain it away but ultimately the Bulls traded Bell for cash.
  9. Yes but bundled with players and or picks. Teams dont just say here's a 1st, give me 3 mil in return.
  10. Cleveland and Houston kinda did that when Cleveland took Osweiler and his crazy cap in return for picks...interesting thought though trading for cap space...
  11. No
  12. Trading for a Coach is not cap space. Trading for cash considerations in baseball doesnt apply since there is no cap. Equipment, real estate, credits...none of that is cap space like you originally asked. Teams dont trade a 2nd round pick for 5 million dollars for example, so if you want to talk random international sports or sports that dont have a again to answer your question no...that is not a thing.
  13. You can't trade cap space in the nfl or any other professional trade for players, draft picks and in sports like the NBA, expiring contracts but a pick for money is not and has never been a thing.
  14. totes will guuuuuuuuuuurl! *looks up literally 13 posts above and sees stizz start a post with LOL*