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  1. Jackson was so bad hurt my soul
  2. It's a beautiful thang!
  3. You just described every Falcons RB since like TJ Duckett and pre-fatty Mike Turner lol
  4. Dead silence! Like what happens every single time these windowlickers overreact to something and end up looking foolish shortly thereafter!
  5. Don't be so dense, you know his point and it is a valid point. Every team has depth, not many have quality depth. There is a pretty significant drop off usually between starters and second stringers, let alone third.
  6. Counterpoint. Who really cares? Why u mad?
  7. Depends on the player. Jalen is not a cancerous player. He is loud and boisterous. Ain't nothing wrong with that as long as he cam back it up. Funny how no one else is up in arms over the other qbs mentioned. Lil home town bias going on here?
  8. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPAH Everyone can calm the f down now lol
  9. If that link isn't working... Top post with the most points working flawlessly...
  10. You think Jalen Ramsey is watching?
  11. Now yer learnin, Cap! For real though, I see what you are saying...but these guys (OLine/Free/etc.) have put in enough work over their careers together than a few extra snaps isn't going to help much.
  12. Nah. Rookies need reps. UDFA's need reps. These guys can sit out the entire preseason if they wanted and be fine.