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  1. Cool. See you preseason game 1!
  2. Only by people here who thought squinting their eyes really tight and wishing on a falling star that he would not return. Never a doubt.
  3. Counterpoint: Literally anyone but the Saints or Patriots
  4. He didn't drop it. He knee'd it. Keanu Kneel.
  5. How does he not get his feet in? Lol. And i was smh at that last series, not you.
  6. I may have missed it...i was walking away yelling at that point...
  7. Wish we had the chance...
  8. The play worked. Granted it was ugly but Julio got the look and shoulda came down with it.
  9. Rough night overall. Falcons moved the ball well at times but stalled out. Freeman had an awful game. Coleman was great and shoulda kept getting fed. Philly defense is legit, you have to be great versus a defense like that and they werent. That said, they had a chance at the end. That final series of playcalling was baffling but ultimately Julio needs to catch that ball.
  10. I dont care to play whatever game you are playing but ill say this. Brace yourself, he will be back. And at the end of the game...Julio shoulda caught it.
  11. Cold isnt a problem. Wind is a big problem.