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  1. Deep league, the waiver wire is...sparse. Trying to work them trades!
  2. We talked about why I refuse to watch Tennessee Titan football lol...
  3. Ugh, yes. Sorry was trying to trade for Sammy Watkins in one of my fantasy leagues where all my wr's are hurt lol. Growing up in Chicago, I saw a lot of Forte. One of the most underrated backs I ever seen...dude was legit. So WILKINS is a more between the tackles runner right? He doesn't hit the edge as much as Mack?
  4. “I’m just locked in. I’m ready to take my respect, it’s that simple,” Trufant said. “People say what they say. It doesn’t control me, but I feel it, you feel me? It is what it is. I’m ready to show them what’s good.” Love seeing Tru succeeding! You talk to some around here he shoulda been cast away 2 years ago.
  5. How you like Watkins? Checked him out a little with the Mack news, he looks like he can run a lil.
  6. I'm more worried about Mack tbh. Their entire offense is predicated around the run. They are 3rd in rush yards, dead last in pass yards. If Mack is out, that is a huge loss for them although Watkins runs well and that oline will open holes for anyone. I view them like I view the Titans. Contain their run game, profit.
  7. We are the Falcons man. No such thing as an easy w lol I like our chances though...have all week. Especially if DL and MM are out.
  8. Brissett is actually dead last in intended air yards and second to last in average completed air yards.
  9. I dunno man, the black on black with the teal is so much better imo. Not a huge fan of teal anyway, so drowning it out with black is a must lol
  10. These new ones are tight! Love the black helmet/pant combo
  11. This Titan pass defense is #notgreat. Zero pass rush. Zero push. Minshew has clean pocket after clean pocket.
  12. Mariota is so so bad
  13. Titans offense a Titans offense... oof Contain Henry. Contain the Titans.