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  1. Gents (and ladies), I have been going back and forth on whether or not I was going to post one of these posts, but I decided to due to the amount of good people that are on here and those I have grown to appreciate and enjoy. Also, a couple things this is not...this is not a cry for attention. For those who know me, know I could not care less about being front and center with some 'look at me' post...this is not that. This is also not an attempt to get anyone to try to convince me to stay. I also do not need that in my life. Finally, this is not one of those posts where someone says they are leaving only to be back 12 hours later. This ain't that. This is my goodbye to this forum and to the friendships I have formed therein. I was going to @ all the people that I have grown close with, but honestly it would be too long of a list and I would undoubtedly forget people so I will just say I will be DM'ing the people that I have grown closest with this week to get their contact info to stay in touch. If you would like mine, please do the same. I've been sitting on this for a week mainly because I got a nice week long vacation at the hands of Larry. The week off was justified I must admit...he gave me warning points which I did not agree with, and I had some less than choice words for him via DM about those warning points. The fact of the matter is, this forum has been trending downwards for some time. The good posters and posts are drowned out by all the bad posters and posts. It seems like there is just this constant regurgitation of the same bad, inaccurate, unfounded, conspiracy posts and it just makes it incredibly hard to focus on the good that this forum brings. I find myself more annoyed and angry when reading through these threads more than anything else and it just seems pointless to put myself through all that any longer. Seeing the 'I'm Done' thread, and the replies kind of sealed it for me knowing that it isn't just me feeling this way. I also want to use this time as a plead to those who can turn this place consider this my exit interview, mods. @PK Manley, @Monoxide y'all are cool with me. I enjoy your posting, and I think you are good people and good moderators. @DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry, I can't say the same for you. Not sure how you are in person, but to be honest as a moderator of these forums you leave a lot to be desired. You are a hypocrite. You say and do things that you have given me warning points for. You say and do things that go against the the code of conduct you hide behind, including calling someone crazy literally days after giving me warning points for the same thing. You talk down to people. You patronize people. You don't operate in "a healthy and civil manner", and yet it's alright for you to do it because, why? You are a moderator? Nah. Truth is, this place will continue to die a slow death the way it is currently being moderated. Truth is you push the rules when it is convenient for you. Folks continue to go around the language filter. Folks continue to comment on Sark's alcoholism. Every single thread goes against the "Provoking or instigating arguments in a way that disrupts the board's general cohesiveness will not be tolerated" conduct argument...and yet, you seem to want to push points for those of us who call a spade a spade and call people out on their terrible posting. We have people here who make terrible thread after terrible thread. Filling the front page with several different threads about the same terrible thing. We have folks who love making up clever and witty nicknames for players that make them sound like children. We have folks who routinely move goal posts and beat around the bush whenever a more knowledgeable poster tries to teach them something about the game, or this team and players, and yet they go unchecked. Because why? Because it's more important for you to seek and destroy the folks who call dumb posts dumb? Maybe if you did a better job of moderating these forums, people wouldn't have to make these posts calling others out? Maybe if there was a post limit for creating new threads? Maybe if the negative reputation was brought back? Maybe a combination of all of the above would prevent this place from circling the drain? I don't know...but picking and choosing when to enforce rules and picking and choosing when to apply warning points instead of being consistent may be a good place to start...just a thought...maybe try to make this place tolerable again? I appreciate the time I had here and I appreciate those of you who I have grown close with, you know who you are. As I said, I will be reaching out to some of you this week to get your contact info so we can keep in touch. I will miss y'all. This will be my past post here RISE UP!
  2. Sick burn bro! You cut me deep!
  3. No one is crying about it, moron. Just pointing out the fact that it was yet another underthrow on Matt's part that should have been 6. Keep being dramatic though and pushing stuff into the story. This board needs more of that.
  4. It was an underthrown ball. Really nothing else to say. The replay speaks for itself. That wall of garbage text right there is really not required. It was an underthrown ball.
  5. No. Meaning wtf is going on with these people on these boards followed up with me mashing on my phone's keyboard lol
  6. What us going on heeeeeeeeeeeeeere?! HdisnfksjfosndosbdodhslxnsldbsnclsncldNJdlcieifknfkskcndj*$[÷÷,$(#,"[÷[$,
  7. We agree fully on this one!
  8. This has been one of my points in the Tevin vs Free debates. Tevin needs space to utilize his skillset. If he has no space, he has no chance. Freeman makes his own space and his vision erases oline issues. We need Free pounding the rock and Tevin taking the top off.
  9. Just keep grindin. All we can do. Try to stay afloat til Debo gets back and pray we don't lose anyone further. Bring in someone to replace Richards. He is trash and not worthy of a roster spot. Maybe Oliver pans out and we can role Kazee at FS and Poole at SS.
  10. True. Was only counting starters but you right.
  11. Debo Neal Takk Levitre Now Rico
  12. Man it's nowhere near tanking for draft pick time. Not even close.
  13. For sure...and they did. At some point the drop off from starters to backups can only get you so far you know? Like if we couldn't afford to lose anyone on defense it was Debo, Neal and Takk...and here we are. Coaches gotta fix it. Players gotta step up for sure but theyve been dealt one heck of a crap hand.
  14. 4. Now 5. That's a pretty valid crutch.