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  1. To be honest it is an uphill battle for any undrafted pick to make an impact...not impossible but difficult. I would like to see us sign at least one saftey(maybe either one of the Clemson's safety) for depth and competition...may store on practice squad. We just seem a little thin there in my opinion. Maybe if there is a true Center prospect that TD/MS likes. Possible a pure recieving TE if ones available to groom on Practice Sq. I also like Nic Grigsby at RB but we are pretty deep at RB. gb
  2. He had fumble problems at AU which I suppose could be a coachable correction....ie Tiki Barber. He had injury problems which is a risk...but we have drafted injury prone players prior....ie Willie Mo. Actually lost playing time for both those reasons....so much so that he didn't do much his senior year. That being said, 4th rd is a little high for me. Although he has great measurables, his play didn't show it. TD has stated we are looking for explosive players....they were a few explosive players in AU during Fannin's time there but I wouldn't say he was one of them.If he was available in a
  3. Free Barry??? It is personal trainer that is always going to jail......... Really, I have and the world has much greater problems than Barry Bond's plight......
  4. Got to give the guy credit for not giving up on his dream. Good for him.
  5. Nope, I think the kid is legit. Good for ya'll...not so much for us.
  6. It is just a little heavy on the offensive side of the ball for me. I can appreciate the upgrade on some of our offensive position, however it is my opinion that we need explosive playmakers on Defense as much as we do on Offense. Who are they and where do we get them.....not sure. Just my opinion.
  7. Whether it is through the draft, UDFA or FA I see us picking up a new punter this year as well.
  8. OK, I just shared my opinion because the thread seemed to be who side to be on. I'm not here to try to convince anyone to share my same opinion and really not interested in debate all issues. You have your opinion and thats fine. No problem. The way I see it is players should play and be paid well...in my opinion they are. The business men should work business issue and if they make a good profit then good for them; if they make less then too bad. I guarantee you players will not voluntarily take salary cuts when they play bad or if team/leagues profits go down....but they surely want mor
  9. My point was any time you invest a majority of YOUR own dollars...some of which you may have to borrow or use from other investments....money that you have spent an entire lifetime building then you d@mn well want and deserve the profits in my opinion. Let the players start sharing the risk, taking reduction in their pocket books when profits are down then I will change my mind otherwise they are risking nothing. Name a single millionaire McDonalds employee...who made the money?....those that built/started the franchises...those that took the financial risk to build the business.
  10. My opinion, the owners take all the financial risk so they should reap the rewards. Players should play and be well compensated which in my opinion they are. If they players want better retirement benefits then that should be done within their own union.....
  11. Best news of the off season in my opinion. A very wise move on Mr Blank's part...by extending TD (and MS previously) I feel comfortable that the Falcons will continue to grow.
  12. Good receiver; great team mate. Thanks for everything Finn!
  13. Yep thats the guy that knows all about comp picks...thanks phatty
  14. Don't the Deadskins kill everyone's career....where Pro Bowler go to die....East Coast version of the Raiders... I would take him as a stop gap for a few years as Sid/Biermann continue to develop and possible another draft pick this year. He could also be a little insurance as a Vet DE just in case JA55 gets hit with injury bug....can't have all projects on the field. Anyway we do it, I hope we solve the DE riddle this year....
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