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  1. simmons, freeman, Teheran are safe. Wood is probably safe. Miller hasn't been here long enough to get dumped. Chris Johnson would be the next guy. We could try to package him with a pitcher (none of the ones above) to dump contract and open a spot for a triple A pitcher. I liked the trade today. I think we had to make that deal. I hate losing kimbrel, but an elite closer is a waste to the current roster anyway. We have other guys that will be able to close for us as soon as next year. And as someone else mentioned, to get melvins albatross of a contract off the books we were going to need t
  2. Some hard hit balls thru 2 innings off of folty. Two tough catches on liners by Gomes. Second time thru could be interesting. Fastballs catching a lot of the plate.
  3. I would feel personally better about folty if he didn't look like tommy Hanson all roided out.
  4. Considering I don't think anyone really expected him to make the ball club this year, I think he has been fine. Yes he has to work on his command, and he will do so this year. Same with his control. We knew we weren't getting a finished product with him. There is a chance that he never makes our rotation. But that's why Houston gave him up. If he was a sure thing, ready to start in the big leagues he would still be in houston.
  5. I've noticed that the ABC baseball has been working a lot lately. While I am still dubious of the approach, it has grown on me somewhat. The saber metrics folks hate the idea of giving away outs. And they don't think much of the idea that a ground out may be better than a strikeout. An out is an out. I have become far more curious what the lineup we go with will look like, and if this approach can work. I still say no, with this collection of players. Too much will count on younger guys and the pitching. And how stubborn freddi is with playing vets. But I am at least excited to see where all
  6. The bills .... What good is a running back with no oline help? And wr and te, with next to nothing at Qb. And that line again that won't protect the QB. The bills have made moves, yes. And maybe they get some line help in the draft. But if we are looking at the moves they have made.... That clay signing is awful. That money could have gone to an olinemen. Instead they are overpaying at several skill positions.
  7. Folty has looked pretty decent the first time thru the Yankees order. He has a nice fastball, doesn't seem to have a lot of wiggle to it but he gets it up there in a hurry. The hook looks good too, but he doesn't have quite the command with it just yet. Just gave up a run on a broken bat single, so he is heading to the pine. But his best outting so far.
  8. Overall, not the best day to listen to a Braves game. Even a spring training game.
  9. Bethancourt was catching when he took the ball off his knee. It may have been slightly tipped, but it tagged him pretty square right off the point of the knee. Of course the guard helped save him, but I wouldn't be at all shocked if he sits out tomorrow. He got the hit his next trip up and they pinch ran for him right after, if I am not mistaken.
  10. Rare or blue. Medium or well is very nearly inedible. Steak is my favorite food, and never gotten sick from it. Holy crap I really need to go to bed.
  11. Yeah I have been predicting we would be basically the Padres of last year. With Freddie freeman. I only hope they actually let the young guys play. At least make it interesting that way.
  12. Eury was a nice pickup. Grabbed from the yankers when they added drew. Great minor league speed and defense numbers. Projects as a plus outfielder. More of a slap hitter, lacks power. But could be a good lead off option, can't be any worse than Bj. Biggest black mark against him would be he doesn't walk much. But his average was very solid in the minors. Career 300 hitter with over 250 steals in his minor league career. He is 24.
  13. I tend to agree with the post that said this guy is going to burn out as a HC. I hope I am wrong, because he does seem like a decent standup guy. Any NFL head coach would be sick after an 0-4 start. Singletary might lose his mind.
  14. As someone who actually played a little bit of OGuard in school, blocking up a screen is just as fun as blocking up a running play. The more agile, quick the blocker, the better. Gotta let your defender slide off of you after initial contact, while thinking they have beaten you, then get out in space to take on the LBs. Since our O-line is a tad on the lighter side, dunno why they couldn't pull it off. I would like to say we had that particular package for norwood, but I dunno why HD or Ovie wouldn't be good guys to have running a screen pass. Usually does slow down the blitz or an overly aggr
  15. He is the man. As Matt develops we may see Roddy become one of the two best WR in the league. Maybe only looking up to Johnson in Texas. The one and only good think that came from the Quitrino year was Roddy breaking out in a huge way. Good read.
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