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  1. wtf are you talking about.....you blame we losing on Ryan's inability to make plays?.....GTFO of here!!
  2. Local woman featured in recent Sports Illustrated online article by Tom Joyce 13 hrs ago | 1169 views | 0 | | 10 | | Former Mount Airy resident Kendra Clabo holds her adopted niece Allisa, while her husband, NFL lineman Tyson Clabo, cradles nephew Ethan. The adoption of two children in a troubled situation by a woman from Mount Airy and her husband who plays in the National Football League is gaining national attention. Their story was posted Tuesday afternoon on SI.com, the online version of Sports Illustrated magazine. It focuses on how Kendra Clabo, 27, the former Kendra Garaventa of
  3. Why you keeping getting pick on in the locker room man...even ur tailback that u protect everyday got in on the action lol.. Get it together man...haha
  4. 2 superbowl winner in the same division...that would be sweet
  5. man that announcer really starting to piss me off.
  6. Roddy gonna piss Talib off and he's gonna try to play and end up with a season ending injury =P
  7. i say it before and i'll say it again...fukign the ref and fukign the announcer
  8. i still think spoon did a good job getting to the qb even though he didn't get the sack.
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