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  1. This is really awesome. I didn’t realize Colorado had facilities like this. Really hoping Mel Tucker kills it out there! I will be pulling for him.
  2. Crean got my attention with the 110 points in the win over Savannah State. Watching the game at Temple now... team is looking decent. Think I'll be keeping tabs on these hoops Dawgs. Go Dawgs!
  3. New Years 6 bowls are just about set, still finalizing some according to ESPN 1 minute ago.
  4. "Per sources, while Ole Miss was in pursuit of Alabama Co-DC and ILB coach Pete Golding, Golding was asked by members of Dean's family about his pursuit, or lack thereof, of the Ole Miss DC job.Recruiting for two schools at the same time can be a slippery slope, and as the process dragged on, per sources, Golding never gave Ole Miss a concrete answer, and it doesn't appear that he gave the Dean family one either.Alabama head coach Nick Saban, along with Golding and likely at least one other member of the staff are going to attempt to see Dean tomorrow after failing to do so on Sunday night." Mama Dean doesn't trust the Bama coaches. Have heard that from multiple folks with credibility. Saban went in-home with them tonight but that was up in the air all day as Ole Miss visited with the Deans earlier in the day.
  5. Yeah we're on the same page. I know this is the UGA recruiting thread but I figured I'd ask since the subject kinda came up. Do you have any idea or expectation or maybe just thoughts for how UA might handle his retirement? I mean as far as the next head coach. For the longest time I thought Kirby may just stay there to carry on over as head coach whenever Saban steps down. Kirby is not going anywhere at all at this point... he will probably be a legend for his home state if he keeps going on this trajectory. But anyway, I'm genuinely curious what real Bama fans expect when it comes to that transition from Saban to "after Saban." It's really interesting to me because he totally changed college football and UA completely bought in to doing things his way. Like I don't think it's something that just goes away. I know conventional wisdom would perhaps tell us that the guy taking over from a legend is doomed to fail and never live up to expectations. I guess it kinda carries over from my expectations with Kirby that he's going to have a transition plan in place and have someone prepared to carry on with how he runs things. College football isn't exactly churning out head coaches like it used to.
  6. Clemson gave up like 600 yards to South Carolina. Bentley ate them alive. And people think their defense is gonna hang with Bama. Plus Bama is using Tua losing the Heisman as extra incentive to win convincingly now? Sorry but I've got news for ya.... Oklahoma has no chance to beat Bama. They may be the only team that wouldn't lose by 30+.
  7. The whole right side of his shoe is a who’s who of Power 5 teams in the dumpster.
  8. Jadon’s recruitment got weird. If you can find someone who knows wtf is going on there please show me. That would have been awesome. He wants to announce in January so I guess we’ll have to wait.
  9. The Sanders chatter I’m referring to was from last night. Supposedly the coaches asked him to let us know by Tuesday (today) if he’s coming to UGA. That call came in last night with an affirmative. Word got out. I wanted to ask a couple guys I trust independently because a lot of stuff gets thrown out on message boards around signing day. But they confirmed it. So yeah. Hopefully it sticks for another week lol
  10. Yeah that’s really the only thing that’s going to come into play at this point that’s gonna hurt as a pitch against Bama. Saban ain’t no spring chicken and retirement will be happening at some point. Bama will probably finish with the #1 class still, don’t get me wrong, but it’s going to be close. It’s just really aggravating to see these media types act the way they do.
  11. That’s what insiders are saying. He’s announcing on the 19th so we’ll see. Sounds good for us though.
  12. Yeah. Many of us knew Mullen was not a good recruiter. His only saving grace is that he’s actually a pretty decent coach. But pretty decent doesn’t last long at UF, especially when UGA is becoming elite. No one should expect him to do any better than he did at Mississippi State imo.
  13. FYI... I confirmed the Sanders chatter with a couple guys independently. It’s not just msg board talk.
  14. I think Williams will be a lot better than Cain, honestly. He won’t help the recruiting ranking as much as Cain but he’s going to be the better player imo.
  15. Bama and Ole Miss are expected to be in home with Nakobe Dean today. I didn’t see this reported until now but Kirby used his in home visit with him yesterday. He attended a parade with the family and was with them for a long time. Probably will get more details later. It’s being reported that Dean’s mom has some trust issues with Bama and they are slipping into being irrelevant in this race. That can change of course. LSU sources claim they have climbed into Dean’s top 3, behind UGA and Ole Miss. Sounds like it could be a wild finish with Dean.
  16. Only real competition is Washington with Chris Petersen. Mike Leach is doing things at Wazzu but I think that’s primarily because the Pac 12 is down big time. Oregon always has potential. Might expect that UCLA gets a lot better with Chip Kelly but his body language on the sideline every time I saw UCLA play this season was very dejected. Stanford seems to be settling into being an 8-9 win team now. USC can be a juggernaut, we already know that. **** even without being a juggernaut they can get on a roll one season and be one of those teams no one wants to see, finish with maybe 2 losses but legitimately be playing as well as anyone at season’s end. It’s probably his best option if he wants to go back into coaching. Fresh start out on the west coast. Hopefully he sails off into the sunset though. As good as he is at what he does, he has left a trail of garbage behind him at both UF and OSU now.
  17. Not yet. Full focus is on recruiting with early signing day coming up next Wednesday. It’s a recruiting dead period after that until January 10th, so we can probably expect more news on that before then.
  18. Guys be prepared for Plumlee to flip. Not sure if we will bring in another QB but it looks like we’re trying to take advantage of getting in good with some guys we weren’t sure we would be in with. Cain also wanted to commit to us and he’s going to Penn State now. Take from it what you will I guess. Probably gonna be a lot of movement this week before we get settled in on who we finish with next Wednesday. Not sure what the word is on Sanders at this time. If we don’t get his commitment then expect DJ Williams to be in.
  19. Ok bear with me here lol. Heard some more info and details regarding Dean. Conflicting info or what would be perceived as misinformation is surrounding this guy pretty thick and I want to be clear that this is my take on it based on info from articles, staffers and multiple reliably connected dudes. Obviously I’m biased. I try not to be with this stuff but it is what it is. Dean’s mom loves UGA, loves Kirby, loves Schumann. Dean himself is reportedly very comfortable with UGA. Mama Dean blessed off on it a while ago now. UGA seems to be Dean’s leader. Multiple guys saying Bama is a distant THIRD for Nakobe. And the conflicting info seems to be coming from family members that want him to go somewhere closer to home... as in they are telling him they will have to drive through Alabama to get to Athens so why not just go to Bama. I saw that actually quoted. Ole Miss has the family connection and is a real potential landing spot no matter what our opinions of their team might be. I think Ole Miss would be the compromise with his family’s wishes, but mama is the one who really counts and she’s all good with UGA. So we’ll see but I think he takes mom’s blessing and makes his choice for himself. I think the Bama noise is coming from staffers and insiders reaching out for sources in the community - or his family directly - and picking up that distance is a factor and they think he will or should just go to Bama. The info isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just not coming from Dean. It’s coming from folks close to him that want him closer to home. Anyway, I suppose that could be totally wrong. There could be some other details of course that we’re not aware of. The family angle makes perfect sense to me though for why there is such conflicting info and this seems to me like a realistic bigger picture on Dean. Guess we’ll see. Go Dawgs!
  20. Let them get blown out by UGA 3 or 4 more times in a row and I bet that deal starts getting a lot shorter. Otherwise they’re just accepting that they will be mediocre and hope for bowl games and football will simply be a means for extra revenue that they don’t really care about....... which is pretty much what it is anyway.
  21. We aren’t really trying to hold onto him. He wants to play QB and baseball and it sounds like our coaches are ok with him doing that elsewhere if he’s so inclined. OM is recruiting him as an athlete, not specifically a QB. He may flip and then we either use that spot for best player available or a different QB.
  22. 247’s bell curve and Rivals only counting the top 20 in a class for team rankings is going to negate them back counting. We should have a pretty near equal class in terms of points for team rankings when the dust settles imo. We will probably blow everyone away with the 2020 class though. We’re already in with most of the top 15 I think it is lol
  23. Thats Cortez Hankton and Bacarri Rambo in home with DB target Kaiir Elam.
  24. It’s gonna be close but they do have a numbers advantage. I think they probably stick at #1 but our class will be so close on points the difference will really be negligible. Gonna be interesting for sure. I’m even more glued to recruiting info through this stretch before signing day than I was last year. #1 is possible if things fall perfectly for us. More than likely I think #2. Texas A&M has a nasty class themselves.