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  1. Man that page is pathetic. Some people are at least straightforward about only rating one star because they support Trump... but some others are trying so hard to leave a legit review that won’t get deleted.
  2. “They don’t like muh pres securtery”
  3. Yeah I can’t say I will feel the same about Phil. He is the type of guy who says something super messed up in a serious way and then says he was just joking when people get mad about it. Vinnie never forgave him for what happened leading to Pantera breaking up and just a few days before Dimebag was murdered when Phil said Dimebag deserved to be severely beaten. Phil going on stage and throwing up the Nazi salute, shouting white power at a memorial show for Dimebag and then saying it was a joke, just cemented that Phil and Vinnie were never going to make up. I don’t think Vinnie ever spoke to Phil about anything since Pantera split up unless it was strictly business. He’s a legend in metal of course and a lot of fans will simply look past the drama that existed between Phil and Dimebag/Vinnie because of Phil himself. But I really don’t think I will feel anything for Phil. Dimebag and Vinnie were genuinely great dudes. It’s not my feud to really care about. But yeah... not gonna be the same.
  4. Are you sure it wasn’t an IPA?
  5. “Don’t make me sound horrible” I’ll take “I’m not racist but...” for 1000, Alex.
  6. Seriously what drives people to be this level of d-bag? She must really hate her home life to go out angry enough to pester a little girl selling water.
  7. It’s pretty funny that the Huckabees are now railing on about people denying them service being terrible, hate filled bigots.
  8. ****. One of my best friends that grew up nearby in Fort Worth actually knew him from being a regular at a bar those guys opened. Sad to hear it. RIP
  9. Smh. I don’t believe the passage “blessed are those who believe without seeing” was meant to be taken as “blessed are those who ignore what they see and believe what they want anyway.” It’s really a shame that our media has become such a willing participant in feeding the “fake news” propaganda narrative. The people who need to see how terrible he and his administration is won’t believe it. Even when faced with facts about it and the overt deception coming from this administration on a daily basis. Same could be said for the previous administration. Unfortunately people use the latter to justify the former. This is America.
  10. 1408 still freaks me out. Very few stories have I ever read that stuck with me like that one has. Chilling. I thought the movie was decent too. King movies are hit or miss. Thought the film adaption was pretty good though.
  11. Canada is not sending their best! They are sending their worst! Some I assume are very fine people. We should be thankful our law enforcement stopped such a criminal!
  12. TraeWay is only going to make me think of 6ix9ine. They should stop.
  13. D’Souza is such a clown. He called Preet Bharara a scumbag for trying to gather evidence against him and whined on CNN that he was targeted by Obama. For a felony charge he pleaded guilty to.
  14. Maybe he will replace Scott Pruitt?
  15. Greatest generation my ***! Tom Brokaw is a punk! I’m all jacked up on Mountain Dew!
  16. I can’t say that I’ve seen anyone complain about political correctness who wasn’t doing so as a follow up to some unfounded and borderline racist statement. As in most of the rhetoric Trump spews about immigration, only he doesn’t follow it up with “but you can’t say that these days.”
  17. Yeah that’s pretty weird. I wonder if he stops by the roadside memorials and autographs those too. He’s not all there.
  18. I don’t think everyone is. I disagree with the left on things but I’ve never been called any of that. Some on the right most definitely are that though.
  19. I don’t disagree with that. Different situations, but the underlying issue I think is similar and the selective “patriotism” outrage is there. I don’t doubt that it would be framed differently if it was Brady/Rodgers/Ryan instead of Colin Kaepernick. Especially Brady since we know he and Trump were friends. It’s certainly no small coincidence that folks on the right will stop short of saying Corey Lewandowski shouldn’t represent anyone or be in a position to influence public policy after he mocked someone bringing up a child with Down syndrome live on tv. But they will say that every last player who kneels during the anthem should be fired or at least traded.
  20. We’ve done this to people going back for freaking ever. Mental institutions have been the worst offenders. So many scandals and places shut down for physical, mental, sexual abuses of the people they were supposed to be caring for. Everyone responsible for these garbage policies, including Trump, needs to be held accountable.
  21. Yes... he only does it when he feels socially pressured to do so. That’s how most people are in my experience. I do legitimately know a few people who do it at home. One guy owns a bar and if he’s at the bar when they play the anthem before a game he shuts everything else down, stands with his hand over his heart and sings all the words. People typically follow his lead. I’ve been in plenty of bars where they don’t even turn the sound on for the game or don’t do so until after the game has started. Been to many house parties for games where no one remotely cared about the anthem playing. Most folks are only patriotic when it’s convenient and they feel socially obligated though. But some will flip that switch as soon as something threatens their right wing sensibilities, like a rich black man kneeling to protest social injustices or women criticizing the president for the war in Iraq.