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  1. I’m not terribly worried about Pruitt poaching top Georgia kids anyway. He couldn’t do it at Bama, why is it all of a sudden going to be different at a worse program? The legend of Pruitt is very inflated... he’s a good recruiter, not great. Last year’s amazing Bama class? Pruitt was rated 50th among assistants in the SEC as a recruiter. 5. 0. 50. Five assistants on that staff graded out higher than Pruitt and the only kid they pulled out of Georgia was Xavier McKinney, who UGA did want a lot... but when you consider that UGA flipped 2 or 3 guys from Bama and won several head to head battles for instate players, it’s hardly “Advantage Pruitt!” Kirby never graded out anywhere near that as an assistant at Bama. Pruitt’s college coaching career has been marred in controversy, but what else can you expect from Rush Propst’s favorite. FSU coaches sneeze and reel in top recruits from Florida and South Georgia, they have coaches grade out exceptionally high every year. He’s not at FSU or Bama or UGA anymore. He’s at “haven’t even won our division in 10 years” Tennessee with Fat Phil, who is somehow AD after sabotaging the program and failing as a head coach. This is the first I’ve heard of any tape of Pruitt being a jackass. It takes a special kind of d-bag to make Mark Richt miserable though and Pruitt achieved it. If they do have a tape I hope they show it to parents just to let them know who Pruitt really is.
  2. Maybe Ryan will have another MVP season lol
  3. Chad Simmons says Kirby is still hard after Quay Walker. He has changed his schedule back to visit UGA this weekend as he originally intended after a conversation with Kirby this morning. Chad says Kirby has become a big big part of Quay’s recruitment and it’s far from over. It sounds to me like Pruitt or someone at UT convinced Walker to visit Alabama instead of UGA, knowing that he’s leaning away from Bama anyway and is unlikely to sign there at this point. I can just imagine how that conversation went. Sounds like Pruitt is gonna be a lying sack of **** in recruiting. I bet that works out well.
  4. Matches up with a lot of what I’ve heard and read as well. They view DT as a big need here in this class but they will have to be smart with how they handle it. They love Walthour but I agree, I think if Sandidge wants to come then he takes priority over Walthour. I don’t think we sign all 3, I think we try to grayshirt Walthour in that scenario or let him go if he’s not willing. He may be asked to do that regardless of Sandidge because of his qualification concern and remaining slots in this class. I think Bush has a spot for sure. So really if Campbell is in then I think we have only one spot to give to Walker, Reese, or O’Neal. From what I’ve heard UGA is 3rd behind Texas A&M and Bama for ITS. Goodrich is still visiting but it’s believed he is down to LSU or Nebraska. With all the scuttle on Walker being delivered for UT, that final spot may be down to Reese or O’Neal. I don’t really know how that turns out. Unless Walthour gets pushed back and we can take both, then have Walthour come in with the 2019 EE’s.
  5. Freeze is not the OC I want to see with a QB like Tua.... ugh.
  6. I love having him around here to talk recruiting and football stuff with... great poster. Stuff always changes in recruiting so I never hold it to someone too much if a prediction turns out wrong, but he has always been open about Campbell and I appreciate it big time
  7. Today was the deadline. If players don't confirm it publicly then the official list of declared players comes out Thursday, straight from the NFL itself. So at the latest we will know on Thursday.
  8. I think it's more that being a good recruiter takes a certain type of personality, dedication to putting in some long hours on evaluation and traveling... healthy doses of salesmanship, tenacity, and relating to kids. The perspective I have on former star players who went on to have great pro careers is that they just aren't hungry for that kind of grind. It's the same thing with UGA fans wanting Hines Ward to coach at UGA. The novelty of the idea outweighs the reality of the work for a lot of folks. Recruits are not going to be star struck and line up to play for a guy like that... and I think that's the impression a lot of fans have because they themselves would be star struck about that former player.
  9. Kiffin gonna Kiffin. He is probably too busy telling recruits they will pump gas if they go to Florida International to be appreciative.
  10. This is from before the Rose Bowl... don’t think it got posted on here so I thought I would share
  11. I think Adam Anderson is more of the Lorenzo Carter type... and far more polished coming out of high school. But really Lorenzo Carter is an underrated player by a lot of UGA fans (not saying you)... he may not have the grand stat line of a sack master but he and Roquan really made our defense go this season. Carter would line up everywhere and create problems that the opposing offense had to account for. And our d line did an amazing job of letting Roquan run around making plays all season long. Of course Roquan could slip around a lot of guys and make plays where most players in his position get caught up in traffic and miss their assignment. Love Roquan lol... but anyway. I’m no expert at evaluation but Walker and Reese both remind me more of Alec Ogletree. Think both end up playing inside backer positions, they’re just too rangey and Reese especially hits like a truck and form tackles very well. I could see either of them and Tindall being a very dynamic duo at LB. Both will have to add weight and develop. Walker may have more upside but not that much more imo. I know he was impressive last week but personally I just don’t see that big a difference.
  12. Yeah when he first scheduled his visits he was not taking one to Bama. I just have a hard time believing he will choose UT when Bama and UGA both want him as badly as they do and they each get their visits after UT. One of these cats is not like the others. But if he does end up at UT then God bless him. Hopefully Reese will qualify, I really don’t see much disparity between them talent-wise and Reese may be a better fit with the way he plays... kid just has a mean streak about him.
  13. I wonder if the refs will be there too.
  14. Really think Landers and Holloman will be great threats next season. Simmons is going to be good, Hardman will be a junior... and if Ridley can keep playing like he did vs Bama then our passing game will be legit next season without even taking the TEs into consideration (don't think Chaney does anyway). If we get Roquan back for 2018 then I think we may very well repeat as SEC Champions.
  15. Some people saying that insiders around Cordele have been trying for weeks to tell people that Walker is being delivered to Tennessee but no one wants to hear it. I don't think I've seen that even once. But there is a guy with legit connections at Crisp who is saying as much and liking comments talking about Walker being out of reach now. I just find it hard to believe. But I guess it shouldn't surprise me since Quay showed his tail back when his buddy Bryant chose Auburn a year ago. On the bright side, Reese seems to be making progress with his grades.
  16. Rivals UGASports staff reported that it is a transcript issue on Joseph and he should be enrolled for summer, but could enroll in fall if necessary. They could be wrong but they don’t usually give a reason like that unless they confirm it with multiple people. I guess we’ll see.
  17. Quay Walker is visiting UT. Vols insiders think he’s a lock.
  18. Only thing I’ve seen is that they had everyone at 5 Bar and they were all loving it. Swift was also celebrating his birthday and there was a video posted up of them all having a great time together. We’ll probably have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get some details on how the visits went though. Roquan should be announcing within the next day or two also.
  19. Georgia sports is cursed.
  20. All the best to you, Eason... you’re a DGD as far as I’m concerned for helping Fromm be as successful as he was this season. Go get yours.
  21. I try to watch as many games as I can. Saturdays in fall are set aside for football in this household. Tennessee/Florida is almost always a wild game. My eyes may be bleeding but my brain is telling me it’s fun so I keep watching. For seriouses though I try to watch other SEC teams play when I can and I’ll almost always tune in to the rivalry games. I really hope Richt does well at Miami. I have a ton of respect for him. I’m not like some UGA fans who have almost taken up Miami as a second team, some of my family included lol, but I do wish the best for him.
  22. Tennessee vs Auburn.... too much orange for me lol
  23. Getting a national championship is hard. Saban has made it look so easy that schools all over the country have been in a frenzy trying to replicate what he does. Kirby has shown in a short amount of time that he might just be the next best thing, but we will see. I get where you are coming from. It has been one letdown after another with years between glimpses at the top of that mountain. UGA is absolutely trending the right way to be in that conversation annually though, reeling off recruiting classes the way Bama and LSU and Florida and USC have done when they were the national juggernauts every year. Heck Bama is still the national juggernaut and UGA is out recruiting them. UGA has always had some great talent, but never this loaded with talent at every position. I mean we have backups at basically every position that were 4-star or 5-star recruits. It’s significant progress and gives a strong indication that UGA will have many opportunities in the near future to play for championships. It’s horrible to be that close and come up short, but the arrow is pointing upward for the Dawgs. We will just have to let them prove it on the field.