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  1. The new Star Wars movies had some great cinematography but all 3 were **** movies beyond that.
  2. Auto makers continue to push harder and harder toward improving technology for electric vehicles. American politicians: "Lets reject all efforts to invest in this technological leap that could revolutionize transportation because the oil lobby is so lucrative!" This **** sucks.
  3. @Mr. Hoopah! I think we have some kind of answer now. He’s a grifter with an inferiority complex, so naturally he gravitated to Trump.
  4. I was born in Athens, GA and spent most of my time growing up living in Nashville, TN. I’m not sure if I should actually post a list lol
  5. You are trying to get onto me for not saying “both sides” when the message only applies to Trump supporters. Show me the Biden supporters acting like the Bidens are not the top floor and are the quintessential middle class working family and I will clown their stupid ***** too. I don’t see that happening though, it’s just the Trump side pushing this bs. I’ve had plenty to say about Biden supporters in the other thread and gone back n forth with people over that too. This is a Trump campaign thread pushing Trump campaign propaganda. I thought I would comment on the topic at hand. You tryin
  6. This reminds me of the time some of my friends were tripping on cough syrup while a few of us just drank beers... I put the movie The Abyss on the tv at low volume and put a mix by John Digweed on a speaker at a reasonable volume. A little while later my friends started yelling for me to be ready to come save them from drowning if the glass on the tv breaks. 😆
  7. Take a walk grandpa. Did I ignore them? I addressed the attitude Trump supporters have. I don’t know anyone and haven’t seen anyone on here acting like the Biden’s are ******* wholesome bro get out of here.
  8. Who is making a sales pitch? You demonstrate time and time again that you don’t actually pay attention to anything people say and you’re only here to argue or troll. I’ve been openly critical of both Republicans and Democrats alike and made my disdain for Joe Biden pretty clear. But you keep trying to run this partisan bs in here. I don’t care if people want to vote for Trump, that’s entirely their prerogative. If you feel he is the lesser of two evils, fair play. Let it be that. Millions of people are going to vote for Biden for that same exact reasoning. Don’t go around trying to c
  9. The leader of our country, ladies and gentlemen. I’m sure this really resonates with the hundreds of thousands of families who have already lost someone to covid and the millions of people struggling to make ends meet because covid is out of control in the US.
  10. Crazy good play by Metcalf, but is this more impressive than Benjamin Watson chasing down Champ Bailey to prevent him from scoring a pick 6?
  11. The only people I know personally who care about any of this Hunter Biden or 60 Minutes **** at all are people already voting for him. As far as I can tell it doesn't really move the needle for anyone.
  12. Watching people get all lathered up over Hunter Biden has been freaking weird. Especially coming from Trump supporters, who seem to have not noticed that billionaire Donald who doesn’t pay his bills allowed his incredibly unqualified kids to campaign and run much of his administration for 4 years. Don Jr talking about working his way up in the company needs to just shut up. I doubt that guy has ever even mopped a floor in his life. He was born into the top floor in life. The fact that so many working people support this family is a joke, they don’t care about us.
  13. Daniels is still recovering from knee surgery. He hasn’t been great in practice either though, but he will get more reps as the season progresses. Daniels has that wonderful habit of making NFL level throws at times and then insanely bad throws at other times. If he plays any significant time this season I expect he will find the most inopportune times to throw picks. I’m pretty sure he was a safety net for 2021. The hype was only really a thing after Newman opted out and Georgia homers ran with the “he was scared of the competition” narrative.
  14. Alright well we made it through our bye week. Now we go on the road to take on a very inconsistent Kentucky team fresh off a loss to Missouri. I think our defense reasserts itself and shuts down Kentucky. UK has a decent defense of their own so it will be interesting to see how the Dawgs offense performs. I’m still expecting Stetson Bennett to be the starter at QB.
  15. I wish they would own the libs by doing stuff like infrastructure and a functional healthcare system.
  16. Newman got with Quincy Avery to be his personal QB coach. For anyone who may not know, Avery has been a personal coach for several other high profile guys: Deshaun Watson, Jalen Hurts, Dwayne Haskins, Justin Fields. He was the primary influence for Fields to transfer to Ohio State. We can’t know for certain, but imo it’s most likely that Avery talked Newman out of playing this season to avoid injury killing his draft stock and promising to work with him to elevate his draft stock in the combine and other workouts. His advice probably carries a lot of weight with the results his top g
  17. **** yeah, I love that game. One of the best designed games at every level that I’ve ever seen. Just masterful game making
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