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  1. Caught up on the last 2 episodes of Loki……. impressive. They did a fantastic job with that show from start to finish. Definitely my favorite of the Disney+ shows so far. We saw Black Widow today as well and all I can say is I missed this so much. BW movie was so good. Especially as it gets on towards the end, it just gets more and more intense. The little pokes about how she’s in over her head with the Avengers was appreciated here. Post credits scene got me welling up a little at first and then annoyed me hard with the direction they took.
  2. Simple explanation is look at the hertz. Hertz is the measurement for how many times per second the screen refreshes. So 120 Hz is capable of displaying 120 frames per second max, 60 Hz can do 60 fps max, etc. There’s a little more to it than that, but that’s the basics of it. Sometimes they will advertise a tv being 120 Hz but that is only supported on one particular HDMI port. Sometimes it’s actually 60 Hz but “doubled” by various methods. If you tossed the box and/or the owners manual, you might find your ports labeled with their supported Hz rate. Otherwise you might need to look up the tv info on the manufacturer’s website or maybe find a good review of your specific tv.
  3. Not sure what you’re responding to with the first paragraph. I was talking about the quote and what Black himself said. Referencing a memo from one specific movie that uses “we” language hardly puts accountability on anyone or proves it’s a routine systemic issue. And the fact that MCU has had more prominent female roles and villains since then shows the talking point is washed up. Hela was hella popular. Ghost was in fact changed from a male character to female. Regarding the uniqueness of the criticism against MCU, fans complaining about Star Wars wokeness is not the same point. That is something people criticize about MCU also and it’s generally just another social media culture war. The complaints about the all female scene in Endgame were all over the place, not to mention the complaints some had about Black Panther. No, my point is that ever since this happened with Iron Man 3 we have had people making blanket statements about how creativity in MCU is hamstrung by corporate decisions about action figures. There have been countless articles about it and numerous directors such as Martin Scorsese who have piled on with grand statements about how MCU is not “real cinema,” frequently citing how MCU movies are changed because of action figure sales. It’s like a Facebook meme.
  4. “We were given a no holds barred memo” is not a smoking gun. I’m quite familiar with it. He never knew who made the decision, he just said he got a memo from Marvel corporate. The only thing he ever clarified was that it definitely wasn’t Kevin Feige. I take issue with it because this has been a criticism uniquely held against MCU (by *many people*), that creative choices are often undercut by decisions from corporate about toy sales and it means this that and the other about MCU’s artistic value and how much it hurts the film industry. I don’t recall any other MCU film being supposedly changed over action figure sales projections. Not a single one. But that sure hasn’t stopped people from saying MCU movies are dictated by toy sales with exactly one solitary example of when it may have happened. I mean someone posted a tweet showing a couple of new action figures and that was your first reaction. It’s just accepted by people as truth without evidence. It overshadows the entire MCU at this point.
  5. Such a weird take that has gotten so much mileage from Iron Man 3. Shane Black doesn’t know who ordered the script to be changed and he never did. That it was changed because of action figures is 100% rumor and hearsay. Many suspect it was the decision of Ike Perlmutter, out of just general run of the mill misogyny, to not allow a female main villain - because the MCU didn’t have a single one until Feige took over those decisions and Hela almost immediately was the villain in Thor Ragnarok. I don’t understand your comment as it relates to what j posted though. People can love action figures, there is nothing wrong with it. Plenty of people collect them. The costumes exist in the comics. I don’t believe the costume is in the movie simply because of an action figure decision at all. Also I’ve always found it strange that this is uniquely held against MCU when many other franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Pokémon, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, basically every Pixar movie, etc… they have all exploited merchandising. Even Fifty Shades of Grey, which Barnes and Noble famously acknowledged the books and merch saved them from going out of business after the movie was a hit. Black Widow didn’t get a solo film imo because there was little interest for one. Same reason they never made one for Hawkeye. They were the least interesting characters in the avengers and also neither of them have powers. I am excited for the Black Widow movie, but the excitement for it in general revolves almost entirely around the fact that the character died and it’s the last time she will be seen in the MCU.
  6. Finally getting around to watching The Social Dilemma. This **** is terrifying.
  7. So they only have different suits (which exists in the source material) in the movie because of action figures?
  8. For the record, I think Matt Ryan is a convenient person to blame. He is by far the best QB this franchise has ever had and he will probably be in the HOF. Scheme fit and coaching are so important in football - and in the NFL I think ownership and GM are equally as important. And to that point, I think Blank has generally been a great owner but his insistence on guys being Falcons for life and reluctance to let go of Dimitroff were bigger problems than Matt Ryan.
  9. I really don't get too high or too low anymore... definitely used to. After UGA lost the SEC championship in 2012 the way they did, I couldn't bring myself to say one word to anyone for hours. My ex wife later told me the energy I was putting out was ******* crazy. She was watching with me but didn't say anything at all when it ended, she just got up and let me stew in it. I sat there staring at the tv watching the post game celebration knowing Alabama was going to ragdoll Notre Dame for a national title, feeling deep inside it should have been us. Like I was watching the wrong team celebrate. Felt completely empty inside. In shock. 28-3, then 2nd and 26 a year later, changed my perspective for sure - but probably for the better to be honest. I don't live and die with each game anymore. If we win, awesome. If we lose, sure I'm disappointed but meh I move on. I'm going to watch the Finals and root for the Suns. Do I want to see my teams win a championship? Of course. But I control absolutely nothing about it happening. Atlanta being cursed is what it is. We may never win a championship, but that **** ain't going on my gravestone regardless.
  10. You're not wrong, but sports in and of itself is a big part of my life regardless of any record or who wins the title. It taught me a lot growing up and I get a ton of enjoyment and value from just watching and following it. I never get tired of talking sports with friends or even random people. It brings people together like few things can. I will only stop when I die. Also I've been told I'm a glutton for punishment so there's that lol
  11. I’ll take things that won’t be reported on Fox News for $800
  12. Can confirm Wandavision is a lot more enjoyable being able to binge watch a few episodes at a time. Doesn’t suffer from the same awkward continuity issues as it did when we waited a week for a 20 minute episode that always ended abruptly. Much better the 2nd time.
  13. It’s insane to me that anyone is ok with this system as it currently works. There is nothing conservative nor liberal about this, it’s just rampant unchecked greed in an economic system that rewards it. We’re literally destroying ourselves and the only planet we can live on for money. Insane.
  14. Y’all I’m screaming. My son started playing Madden 21 franchise mode. I was helping him do the scouting and player management stuff and we played through about half the season, then he just skipped ahead to the playoffs and won the super bowl. Next thing I know I’m on the phone with my dad and my son is doing the NFL draft, having no idea what he’s doing lol. Got through the draft and now we have… 43 players on the roster and still somehow like 6 million over the cap. We have no backup QB and multiple positions with no player or a player I made cover down on a similar position. I can’t cut or trade anyone and can’t sign any free agents to fill the holes because we are way over the cap lmao WTH
  15. Neo cons got that blind fascism down to a science. We continue being led by corrupt filth all the time though. It’s madness.
  16. Oh and if y’all are not aware, there is a mid credit scene in episode 4.
  17. Loki has been amazing. I have loved each episode more than the one before it so far. There was a perfect opportunity for an Owen Wilson wow tho toward the end of episode 4 and I’m a little disappointed it didn’t get written in lol
  18. I don’t celebrate deaths but I’ll make an exception for pieces of **** like Donald Rumsfeld, who I had the pleasure of seeing in person when a soldier explained how inadequate our equipment was for the mission we were given in Afghanistan and Iraq and his response was “you don’t go to war with the army you want, you go to war with the army you have” **** Donald Rumsfeld I hope he’s spinning on a 10 inch fat **** in his *** for eternity.
  19. Oh it’s not a make or break kinda thing. Very happy with 60 fps, just annoyed that my tv doesn’t support it when it’s all over the box. I might test a little on the other hdmi ports. The one I’m going into with the PS5 says 4K 60Hz now that I looked at it again.
  20. Next gen upgrades out for Doom Eternal now. I bought it a while back on sale and decided to wait for the PS5 upgrade to come. It’s up now and sheeeesh this game is no joke! And on that note I’m gonna need to upgrade the tv soon. I have a 50” 4K Vizio. Supposed to have a 120 Hz “effective refresh rate” but the 120 fps option on Doom Eternal is unavailable, which can only be the case if the tv doesn’t support it… meaning my tv is probably just 60 Hz and the “120 Hz effective refresh rate” is marketing bs. Been wanting to upgrade the tv for a little while anyway. Maybe Santa will bring me one lol
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