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  1. What are the chances Trump actually gets a primary challenger? That would be hilarious.
  2. This could be a big test on this young Georgia defense. Mizzou doesn't play defense, but they have an explosive offense with one of the better QBs in the country in Drew Lock. Some folks consider him one of the premier passers in college football... I think he's a tad overrated, but he has been known to sling it around the yard and one thing Mizzou has to help him out is talent at receiver. Should be a fun first half.
  3. Shocked I tell you.
  4. **** maybe I should get him to translate Ed Orgeron for me.
  5. Like them as in you cruise around jamming to it by yourself? This is so courageous.
  6. I blame Michael Bay for this also.
  7. Some of these are old even to me. Maroon 5 is the mayo of music choices for Super Bowl halftime.
  8. Not as lame as the Hawks trying to bite on Migos to make their draft pick seem cool tho.
  9. I mean we do know one guy who enjoys trolling as a social experiment.
  10. True... I remember that unfortunately. I got into pure football as soon as I could and I’ve really never looked back. I hardly ever go to TATF. College board and ABF, that’s about it, and I enjoy both a lot. I am kinda friends with Sac though. We talk every now n then about random stuff, mostly UGA football... and he has brought it up before completely on his own that ABF is hanging by a thread. J has said as much himself and mods always warn us when they come in here to straighten things out that we need to act like adults if we want to keep this board open. Sooner or later they will just stop warning us and do away with the one board that annoys them all the most.
  11. bro.... I’m dead now, thanks
  12. A few people here are going to think you’re crazy regardless. I don’t think you’re crazy. Definitely more hyper partisan than I remember you being before I took a long break from ABF, jaded probably from every discussion devolving into personal attacks, but not crazy. Talking politics tends to bring out the worst in people. And I hate to do this but when Drake said a wise man once said nothing at all, I was like
  13. As much as I love a good fight, I also just want to take this opportunity to remind y’all to keep it somewhat calm please. I know for a fact there are people who want to shut ABF down completely and they justify this position by saying the board reflects extremely poorly on Arthur Blank and the Atlanta Falcons whole organization. So like.... passive aggressively post memes or smsht lol
  14. I just love a well placed GFY.
  15. I can believe it. Been to several churches where the offering plate went around more than once every service. One of my favorite childhood memories is from going to church at Belmont Church in Nashville... my dad plays drums and was involved with the music there so we’d always be there early. I stuffed a bunch of pencils from the whole row I was in, before the service began, into an offering envelope. I wrote $5,000 on it and put Vince Gill’s name on it. Did the same thing another time and wrote Garth Brooks. I was like 10 maybe.
  16. The last time I went to the last church I regularly attended, the pastor stood on stage and said something like “to quote the late great Billy Graham, if you’re a Christian and you’re not being persecuted, why not? You should be.” I did one of these... no joke.
  17. There are few things Republicans love more than the opportunity to paint a Democrat (or anyone they disagree with really) as hating America and the military. Democrats are trying to win elections. It is what it is.
  18. I think Purdue maybe knocks off Boston College.
  19. They already flirted with Dormammu. Of course, Dr. Strange convinced him to leave Earth alone by tricking him with the time stone... but who knows. Dormammu is a stupidly powerful being. It’s gonna be fun to see how they work Captain Marvel and the quantum realm into defeating Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet. There are some theories about the soul stone as well but I avoid reading that stuff cuz I really want to experience the movies with a blank slate. They have said that MCU will transition to a bigger scale, beyond Earth, with phase 4 and beyond. Bringing in the Fantastic Four umbrella to MCU would open up a ton of potential there. They really need to bring in Adam Warlock for the Thanos storyline.
  20. @Jpowers this is how Alabama Hot Pockets are made.