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  1. The new Star Wars movies had some great cinematography but all 3 were **** movies beyond that.
  2. Auto makers continue to push harder and harder toward improving technology for electric vehicles. American politicians: "Lets reject all efforts to invest in this technological leap that could revolutionize transportation because the oil lobby is so lucrative!" This **** sucks.
  3. @Mr. Hoopah! I think we have some kind of answer now. He’s a grifter with an inferiority complex, so naturally he gravitated to Trump.
  4. I was born in Athens, GA and spent most of my time growing up living in Nashville, TN. I’m not sure if I should actually post a list lol
  5. You are trying to get onto me for not saying “both sides” when the message only applies to Trump supporters. Show me the Biden supporters acting like the Bidens are not the top floor and are the quintessential middle class working family and I will clown their stupid ***** too. I don’t see that happening though, it’s just the Trump side pushing this bs. I’ve had plenty to say about Biden supporters in the other thread and gone back n forth with people over that too. This is a Trump campaign thread pushing Trump campaign propaganda. I thought I would comment on the topic at hand. You tryin
  6. This reminds me of the time some of my friends were tripping on cough syrup while a few of us just drank beers... I put the movie The Abyss on the tv at low volume and put a mix by John Digweed on a speaker at a reasonable volume. A little while later my friends started yelling for me to be ready to come save them from drowning if the glass on the tv breaks. 😆
  7. Take a walk grandpa. Did I ignore them? I addressed the attitude Trump supporters have. I don’t know anyone and haven’t seen anyone on here acting like the Biden’s are ******* wholesome bro get out of here.
  8. Who is making a sales pitch? You demonstrate time and time again that you don’t actually pay attention to anything people say and you’re only here to argue or troll. I’ve been openly critical of both Republicans and Democrats alike and made my disdain for Joe Biden pretty clear. But you keep trying to run this partisan bs in here. I don’t care if people want to vote for Trump, that’s entirely their prerogative. If you feel he is the lesser of two evils, fair play. Let it be that. Millions of people are going to vote for Biden for that same exact reasoning. Don’t go around trying to c
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