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  1. Trump won’t run in 2024. Hopefully he will be dead. DeSantis is a gigantic turd in a suit. Why are there so many terrible ******* people in politics 😩
  2. Mrs. Winners had a small buffet at the one near where I grew up. That **** was amazing. I wish we had something like that around here. Closest thing we had was Golden Corral but that place sucks and it went out of business here anyway. Shoneys breakfast bar prepared me for the chow halls in the Middle East lmao
  3. I just want to buy ADA and Kraken is a ******* mess. 😒
  4. The idea I was trying to get at is by building the heavy tie in to DS2 before anyone saw Wandavision, it could create a different expectation for the actual story of Wandavision and the implications of the finale than what is actually delivered. This could very well be a lynchpin moment in the finale for the entire future of phase 4 and not just DS2 as was mentioned. Misdirection in the sense I intended doesn’t mean that it doesn’t really have much to do with DS2. Obviously she’s going to be in DS2 and it will tie into that film significantly. Just that DS2 could actually be a smaller par
  5. Roblox having the staying power it has had will always be weird to me. My kids have played it for years now, although less now but still playing. I haven’t played it myself but I’ve watched and helped them get it set up or helped figure things out with them. I would have gotten bored with that game a long time ago. But kids love it. Tens of millions of daily users and most are probably under 13. They sell robux cards in physical stores also. Could be an interesting listing to follow.
  6. If Wandavision is a good indication of the quality to expect from MCU tv shows on Disney+ then I’m looking forward to every last series they do lol. I mean it started out a little rough for me but it rounded into form and it is outstanding. They have absolutely made Wanda’s relatively minor role in these multiple major films suddenly feel bigger and more important. I mean what if she is actually a focal point of phase 4 🤯 Definitely inspires confidence about them picking up Charlie Cox Daredevil and carrying over the quality and intensity that show consistently produced under Netflix
  7. Wanda has been my daughters favorite character since she came out in Age of Ultron. She was pointing at the screen with me when Agatha said it. Now the thought has dawned on me...... MCU Scarlet Witch has had one **** of an origin story. They may have big plans for that character. Also the bit about Wandavision tying heavily into Doctor Strange 2 could have been some intentional misdirection. Maybe this builds up to an announcement about one of the unknown films in development and next week’s finale having broad implications on phase 4, not just DS2. Can’t wait to see lol Anyway
  8. I thought a major point of the stimulus and unemployment aid was not only to help people who can’t find work but to try and mitigate the spread of covid. Are we back to calling people lazy if they aren’t working or collecting unemployment that is paying out more than they made working? I’ll just see y’all later I guess, this is stupid.
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