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  1. Man... when I was in the Army there was a program designed to help soldiers get financed for an auto loan, because active duty soldiers have a guaranteed paycheck on the 1st and 15th of every month but lower enlisted are typically 18-21 years old and have little or no credit history. I went through this program myself and knew many others who did as well. It was called the MILES program. I don’t know if it’s still around, this was back in 2003 before any of these protective measures were in place. This “helpful” program linked soldiers up with lenders who would offer loans to soldiers with incredibly high interest rates. How helpful was it? At the time it capped the interest rate at 18%. 18! I knew so many soldiers who had their cars repossessed because they couldn’t manage their finances. There were all sorts of credit cards marketed to the military back then as well, some I remember with interest rates as high as 25%. And then there are the payday loan and title loan companies that shamelessly gouge anyone they can... but there are like 20 of those ****** set up outside every base with “military friendly” advertising! It’s a total slap in the face to enable these companies to exploit service members specifically.
  2. This must be seen. We have got to start pressing our government to put an end to this. It has been going on for too long and the current administration is all about it as well. Kids... innocent kids.
  3. I’ve been on this one for a few days. It’s unbelievable. And his supporters are consistent if anything... they don’t care! I brought it up directly to WFW and he didn’t even acknowledge it despite responding to my full quote.
  4. I mean Cristobal is a beast recruiter, but that’s just surprising to see. Oregon has not exactly been an easy place to recruit to, despite the beautiful women, awesome campus, beautiful surroundings and huge Nike support. You may be right. The stache is strong.
  5. I speak fluent asterisks. It ended with an a, so it’s like totally different. It’s cool man. But yeah anyway, I also did not read it that way to be honest. He was just repeating the self censor after saying it’s not that hard. Punctuation probably would have made it more clear but I didn’t read it as him calling you that. On a side note, it has been used soooo much today and every time I read or hear someone say “the n word” I hear the actual word in my head. I think it was Louis CK that had a bit in one of his specials about that now that I mention it. He says the actual word and it’s cringey af but it’s true though... it’s like a soft way to say it without anyone getting mad at you for using it. It’s easily one of the worst words in the American English dialect because of the history behind it. I went off on my ex wife’s grandpa (Mexican) one time during a Floyd Mayweather fight because he kept saying it after I asked him like 3 times not to use that word. He had mad respect for me afterwards though which I thought was weird/unexpected. Anyway.... @gazoo *smoke bomb*
  6. I didn’t realize Oregon was doing so well.
  7. That was an awesome scene. I don’t think Kim knows at all where Jimmy’s head is at, but she definitely nailed Howard and Chuck for being utterly ****** to Jimmy. The scene where Jimmy went back in and sold himself for the job and then told them they were out of their minds was solid too. Then he’s looking up how much those figurines are worth and calls Mike for a job. Saul is showing up more and more.
  8. I think it’s going to be about as much fun to see what happens to Jimmy and Kim as it was to watch Walt navigate through season 5. Which is to say, it won’t be fun at all but it will still be utterly riveting. Better Call Saul will probably never have an episode that gets even close to how disturbing the Ozymandias episode was, but there will come a point where Jimmy decides helping murderous gangsters and money laundering is completely within his wheelhouse and that just doesn’t jive with the Jimmy we know so far.
  9. This post is so smug it probably has a collection of indie rock on vinyl that’s so much cooler than anything on the radio.
  10. My favorite part of this post is that it makes no sense considering who is actually engaging you on the topic. And brosef you defended Trump saying cops should be able to take guns away from people whether they have a right to or not... that cops should be able to take people’s guns and worry about due process later. You bringing up the 2nd amendment here is dumb.
  11. Did you mean to quote someone else? No one is talking about you frequenting meth dealer Bob’s house or driving through a DUI checkpoint. Are you trying to sell me on the idea that if ICE starts popping off on people outside Home Depot or some random motel, they’re only targeting illegal immigrants and anyone caught up in it deserves it whether they broke a law or not?
  12. I thought about that, too. Right now Kim thinks Jimmy is in pain, mourning in his own way... she is outraged at the insensitivity of Howard and bitterness of Chuck. Jimmy hasn’t shared with her what Chuck told him so she can’t really appreciate where his head is at... which is, in my opinion now, completely over Chuck. I can see how the letter could become a point of conflict, but at the same time I think Jimmy is relieved that he really got to hurt Chuck before he died. I can just as easily see him not even care about the letter because, as Kim expects, it’s likely another shot at Jimmy by the only person that was ever able to tear him down. Kim seeing that he doesn’t care may be where that conflict arises, because Jimmy is changing in ways that she doesn’t like.
  13. Gus is totally going to use Nacho as a direct line to Hector. I suspect the cousins will go to war for the Salamancas but ultimately Gus smooths things over and we find out how Hector ends up living in a shack with Tuco being the only one who takes care of him. Gonna be interesting to see how Jimmy gets pulled into that world. So far he’s on a whole different storyline from it, aside from helping Mike scope out the restaurant.
  14. All I really got out of your entire argument is that you’re perfectly fine with trading your rights for a false sense of security. Politicians on both sides doing their best to step all over the 4th amendment and Trump having absolutely zero regard for due process does not mean it should be acceptable to allow them to gradually erode it more and more. If American citizens are being targeted by immigration roundups with no warrants and no articulable reason for suspicion of committing a crime then the policy is unconstitutional and has bad intentions to begin with. “Sanctuary cities” are legal and do not in any way justify the federal government enacting this garbage. I think it’s pretty clear that some people do in fact like that families are being broken up. Some are too cowardly to admit it and hide behind the pretense of enforcing the law though. Some are so deranged that they justify it by comparing it to child protective services removing kids from their parents care after due process and a full case has been built with supporting evidence proving the necessity of removing the kids from unfit parents. You may not have these racial inclinations in how you view immigration personally, but please spare us the naïveté of pushing an argument that it doesn’t exist in policy.