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  1. 4 star WR Elijah Moore out of St Thomas Aquinas is on campus today. Miami, Ohio State, Ole Miss were his top 3 but it looks like the Hugh Freeze mess opened him up again.
  2. I've heard the same and I don't doubt that Watson got upset about some things. He pretty clearly stated in his own words that he thought the UGA coaches were messing up by slow playing instate kids in this class and prioritizing out of state recruits. I'm not going to dispute that he has caused problems, I just always try to read between the lines. I think the story took on a life of its own when UGA had no momentum and this is how we end up with some tidbit on message boards saying Watson is steering Justin Fields to FSU. UGA momentum has been surging and Kenyatta Watson is still the devil. I find it hard to believe he would be mad that his son was not a priority for UGA. Grayson was loaded and his son (a sophomore) didn't even play much. His recruitment has picked up steam over the summer. Maybe he was upset though, I really don't know. I don't really care either. I don't believe Kenyatta Watson gains much of anything from sabotaging UGA recruiting... and if he is sabotaging it he is doing a very bad job.
  3. I was not attributing it to you, sorry if that is how it came across. Watson's alma mater is Boston College so I'm not following you there. Murf and Kenyatta are in the business of helping high school football players get exposure, which lends itself easily to shady perceptions. It's approaching AAU style in basketball, but that's with or without Kenyatta Watson really and it has been going on for years with more camps every year it seems. Murf was great on the film analysis, which is what he was paid for by Rivals. Where he messed up was getting involved in sharing recruiting info... and then suggesting people could pay him for it. Radi rightly parted ways with him after that crap.
  4. He may be a sleazy person and honestly idgas about him, but I trust the story about him having an axe to grind because Kirby wouldn't hire him about as much as I trust CNN. He's an easy target and insinuating that Fields' family is that gullible and susceptible to foul play is ridiculous.
  5. There's a lot of bogus info floating about Kenyatta Watson and his connections or intentions. He is not pushing kids to FSU. His own son (who we are recruiting hard and is interested) says his dad doesn't care, that he supports anywhere his son wants to go to school that he doesn't have to pay for. Watson is a salesman and very involved with a lot of these kids but there is a lot more made of him than what is reality because of disgruntled UGA fans or Grayson haters. There are valid reasons for Fields to choose either school and it has nothing to do with Kenyatta Watson. It really irks me when the trolls come out on 247 or Rivals and start connecting dots that aren't even there just to rile people up. Suggesting that Fields' dad would push his son to FSU just because he became friends with Kenyatta Watson (which idk to even be true) doesn't match up to every prior statement made about his dad.
  6. Nolan Smith isn't even a junior in high school yet. He needs to calm down.
  7. Sorry man, maybe I am just trying to avoid being too disappointed if he does happen to choose FSU. Perhaps my brain doesn't know how to process recruiting at this kind of level. Trent Smallwood added Luke Ford to his projected class. He has had Fields in his projected class for months now and has only gained confidence. Everyone has been wrong in this game and Trent is no different but he really has never wavered on his prediction. It would be so Georgia to have two 5 star QBs lined up and miss on both, with one of them a perceived guarantee ending up at UF. Hopefully things are changing around here!
  8. I hate it but I'm really getting that sinking feeling and starting to think Fields will go with FSU. Maybe I am just conditioned to expect it as a UGA fan.
  9. I really thought he would be a good fit for Andy Reid. Oh well. DGD and I look forward to seeing him again on some college broadcasts.
  10. It would make WFW and SB look like they are insulting their imaginary friend in a lot of threads.
  11. Feeling good, feeling great. Feeling great, feeling good, how are you?
  12. I really don't know. I would think so but
  13. People take his word as gospel truth. It gets kinda stupid sometimes to be honest. He talked about how a player told his HS coach he was committing to UGA and then the very next day committed elsewhere, so you can never be 100% certain... but said he expects Fields to publicly commit to UGA. Some people started questioning if this meant he's already a silent. People tag him in multiple threads every single day asking the same exact questions and checking if he liked a comment someone made. And making a big deal of it if he did. Nothing against BB at all, it's just irritating to see people act like that - especially grown men. It would make me want to stop posting. I feel for him lol
  14. Sounds like Tannor's moment got ruined by someone leaking it out before he wanted to go public. Very happy to add him to the list though. As @fibonaccisquared said, he is a little raw but his potential is sky high. Can't wait to see how good our S&C and coaching helps him to be.
  15. Some of them thought Florida led for Fields last week and no one seems to give the Dawgs any chance because of Fromm. It's gonna be fun when he commits to the good guys.