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  1. Oof and they just knocked Mahomes out of the game. Dude has had a rough day
  2. Man the Titans are owning the Chiefs. Everything looks hard for KC today. Like they have to make spectacular plays just to get 1st downs and the Titans are all over Mahomes. KC about to be 3-4
  3. Imagine starting a conversation with someone and then dismissively waving them off to post in TATF about a 2-3 team playing a 1-5 team that just lost to the Jaguars. Enjoy Applebees.
  4. That would require acknowledgment of Trump negotiating with the Taliban (and inviting them to Camp David) against Afghan government wishes, excluding the Afghan government, agreeing to release 5000 Taliban prisoners against the Afghan government’s wishes, setting a May 1st deadline, reducing US troop numbers by thousands despite the Taliban consistently escalating violence directly in violation of the signed agreement. It would require acknowledgment of the fact that even people like Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio said the existing plan for a rapid withdrawal would likely result in “a Saigon type of situation” before the 2020 election even happened. It would require acknowledgment that the Afghan government warned us that making agreements with the Taliban without mechanisms for assurance would be a fatal mistake, but Trump pushed ahead with it anyway. It would require acknowledgment that there was zero handoff from the outgoing Trump administration to the Biden transition team, on almost all levels, but specifically with regard to the Afghanistan withdrawal plans. They were left with a mess and a situation where they either had to complete the withdrawal or reassert control with a surge of numbers. Biden admin absolutely deserves criticism for how the withdrawal unfolded, but don’t try to tell anyone you want accountability for how it all happened. Because that is 100% unseasoned ********.
  5. I really don’t hate the Dodgers but good lord it’s amazing to put them out this year. They have some of the worst fans in all of sports.
  6. Yeah but that’s the kind of petty I can get behind. I’m happy af when the Saints lose in the playoffs. Not dancing in the streets happy but iono I mean give me enough alcohol and I could be haha
  7. Ehh the military doesn’t operate like the police at all though. **** rolls downhill and there is accountability. There have been terrible things done by some - notably Abu Ghraib, Haditha massacre, Panjwai massacre - but those all resulted in very serious investigations, trials, and prosecutions or plea agreements. I mean Trump literally pardoned war criminals convicted of murder. ******* will cover up fratricide though. I don’t mind the discussion of should we have even been there to begin with, but suggesting the military operates like the police and willy nilly commits atrocities with no consequences is just wrong.
  8. He can reel them in sometimes. It's hilarious lol I bet none of them have a waterbed purchased without financing.
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