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  1. With his brother being an FSU legend and Miami fans going at him from early on about not being good enough, I can understand the beef. You’re probably aware of things I’m not so I won’t dispute any of what you’re saying. Just that I can see why he would trash Miami especially when a Miami player is trashing UGA and him in particular like what happened in this particular event.
  2. I’m at a complete loss for how smarmy most Florida fans seem to be. Even after getting thoroughly destroyed in Jacksonville, missing bowl eligibility and hiring a head coach that has never won anything or beaten good teams as a head coach... they think the division still runs through them. Some of them understand where their program actually is but good grief the amount of UF fans acting like they have bragging rights is incredible.
  3. Definitely agree! Two epic games. So hard to believe that was 12 years ago though... sheesh.
  4. Trezman Marshall will also be on campus this weekend. This commitment could pop pretty soon.
  5. He changed his Twitter bio to read “Committed to ATD(dog emoji)” so I think he will be on the commit list pretty soon.
  6. Expect Luke Griffin to decommit before long. Hate for the kid he already has 2 bad knees in high school but it sounds like we intend to go a different direction.
  7. Top flight RB Noah Cain will be on campus this weekend. Says he doesn’t have a list of his top school choices yet but UGA sits in a very good spot and he has the best relationship with Dell McGee. I believe he’s also friends with UGA commit Nolan Smith.
  8. Wow I hate that for him. ATVs (or “4 wheelers” where I come from lol) can be so much fun but also so dangerous. I know he will push through it, but man is that hard news to hear. Wishing him the best ahead.
  9. Wildgoose ended up at Wisconsin btw. Thought that was great for him, he should play in some big games and get developed. Wisconsin always seems to do better on the field than their overall talent level would suggest. Good coaching.
  10. Stud RB and friends with Zeus if I’m not mistaken. I think we have some ground to cover with him though, our RB depth chart is pretty stacked. We are going to go after these top end RBs every year though and I love it.
  11. No one is going to say for sure who it was out of respect for the kid. As torn as Sandidge was it wouldn’t surprise me but I honestly don’t know. I haven’t seen much talk about it really. As far as the 26 goes, I don’t think we had much wiggle room. Maybe could have taken one more but I’m not sure. Wyatt counting in his original spot would put us at 25 for this year I think. We also signed 26 last year with a few guys enrolling early, which I think 2 were counted back to the class of 23 we signed in 2016. We had either 1 or 2 spots to back count with Wyatt accounting for 1.
  12. From Dash regarding us taking 26...
  13. UGA is gonna have to pony up the cash to keep Kirby. That’s a no brainer for Bama to pursue after Saban retires. I will say I don’t think Kirby would leave UGA for Bama just for more money, but I think UGA has to pay that man and his assistants what they’re worth or Bama will. From what I understand the UGA athletic department and big boosters are on board with paying this staff whatever is necessary. That’s why I didn’t include him lol
  14. Yeah I don’t see that happening at all, but I can see KoG’s reasoning behind it. Richt would be a caretaker until the next big hire. He is a very good coach, I really think he gets crapped on too much by a lot of UGA fans... think he’s gonna build something big in Miami. But he’s just not a Bama type of personality to begin with. Richt wants to win the rings but it’s not about the rings. That’s just not the Bama mindset. I think it would be good for them to go after a James Franklin or Tom Herman. Both good recruiters, younger guys, successful as head coaches, etc. Herman may be too weird for Bama though.