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  1. Yeah it’s hard to disagree with this actually. Socially engineered short attention spans, that’s us.
  2. I feel like the military acknowledging UFOs and releasing actual footage would have made a much bigger splash in any other year than 2020. Releasing that info to the public while everyone is intensely focused on survival or massive protesting or the government being a total cluster **** is probably the reason why it hasn’t gotten more attention. Also, general news hasn’t really picked it up as a story. They have covered numerous political stories far more. Either that or we (people who have always felt it would be a huge deal if the government confirmed UFOs are real) massively miscalculated how this info would play out lol
  3. If there’s a strategy like that it’s one thing. A perfectly acceptable thing. I’ve played with too many people who just sucked and didn’t know how to use any kind of strategy You can learn a lot about people from playing spades with them lol
  4. This sounds like a different way of saying you went hogging
  5. I can’t stand playing with people who always bet low! Like ***** get your books right 😤
  6. @lostone get ready for it amigo, we are coming in dry 😂
  7. I did see that. I am going to break my promise to myself and hold my nose to vote against Trump, but I have so many problems with this ticket I won’t even argue with anyone who refuses to vote or refuses to vote for them. The Dems made their own bed here, they have to sleep in it. Trying to shame people into voting for Biden/Harris (or Trump for that matter) honestly makes me despise the person. As far as legalization goes, thankfully the mentality of opposing it is quite literally dying off. It’s absurd how many lives have been ruined by the government over marijuana. It’s far less dangerous than alcohol and far more beneficial in many ways. That’s a big issue to me. It has quite literally changed my life. I no longer have the persistent crushing anxiety I dealt with for years. And I feel like I can actually go make something more of myself again.
  8. It’s a lot easier if you don’t give a **** about it and just pay attention to what you want to talk about. I don’t even have anyone blocked. My jimmies are thoroughly unrustled lol. We could start a whole new conversation about the progress of marijuana legalization. Did you know it has been medically legalized in Oklahoma with low restrictions? Okla freaking homa! You just need a state drivers license, proof of residence and a doctor’s sign off for a license. Meanwhile Texas is ****in laaaame with its requirements. It’s just a matter of time though.
  9. Without reading through the rest of the thread (y’all are crazy busy in here lately lol), this is a large part of the point Serge keeps bringing up and he has been attacked for it for some reason. Dems and their media outlets have made this too easy for them.
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