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  1. Over/under on very public April fools pranks tomorrow?
  2. Me and my friend were talking about this today. April is totally about to make March eat ****.
  3. Also I’m somewhat disappointed that tagging goreadup followed by that nasty *** foot didn’t lead to better content today.
  4. I’m just enjoying this **** show on here until that guhment cheddar comes in and I cop me a new ar so I can start shooting feral hogs.
  5. Way too mild in here... *jumps behind bushes*
  6. Man things are just so complicated and expensive for us in America. Guess we better just settle for what we can get in small bits and pieces.
  7. No I got it for PC. It’s just a huge file (like 300 GB I believe). It was done when I checked yesterday but I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to play.
  8. Is this the storm @Sobeit kept talking about? In other news, **** them feds.
  9. If we started telling everyone college football could be canceled or postponed this year, I’m pretty sure a majority of the people in the south not taking it seriously would seal their doors.