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  1. Watch out for 4* WR Rashod Bateman. Sac mentioned already a page or two back that he received an offer today. He’s a Minnesota commit, but UGA is now far and away his best offer and he’s a Georgia kid from Tifton. Kirby visited his school today. Bateman’s tape is very good. I’m very surprised that he doesn’t have more big offers.
  2. Notice the time stamp. This was after Hill committed. Sounds like they were celebrating together.
  3. There are going to be a lot of Georgia Bulldogs getting drafted again soon. Kirby is not playing!
  4. Yeah those two are not related in terms of commitments. I don’t know if Mays will end up at UGA or Clemson... at least we don’t have to wait too long to find out. Definitely think we would take both since Kirby puts such a premium on OL.
  5. Not really, they don’t want to talk about committed guys who might get booted. We can speculate but I really don’t know.
  6. Pat Dye’s cabin?
  7. Some reliable people have been hinting that 2 or 3 spots could open themselves up mostly from academic concerns. With a hard 25 limit, coaches seem less willing to roll the dice on guys who are borderline qualifiers.
  8. Where Hill goes to school has no bearing on Mays. Mays could very well pick Clemson but it won’t have anything to do with Trey Hill if he does.
  9. Really hope that is the case! Reese is a must have imo
  10. Hill is announcing his commitment tonight at 8 pm.
  11. I think it’s funny that Roquan was named SEC defensive player of the year and got Heisman votes but Minkah Fitzpatrick won the award for national defensive player of the year. Strange.
  12. Teo had 2nd team All SEC stats. Who was it that used to be in TATF calling Tony Taylor the future all the time?