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  1. Isn’t Yale the school where that daughter of Mexican immigrants went to? Hmm
  2. I remember seeing that and thinking it was a pretty cool story even though my Dawgs were on the losing end of it. It’s crazy how things work out sometimes. Looking forward to getting another shot at beating Tua, hopefully!
  3. I mean...... why can’t both be true? The GOP and DNC are both corrupt.
  4. I mean I don’t disagree but I really can’t sort out who and what was anti-Clinton/pro-Trump or anti-Trump/pro-Clinton. It’s all ruining a lot of people’s careers I think.
  5. I mean counterintelligence is a thing... but that’s just goofy. No one is buying that lmao I’m just waiting to see what comes of all this. It has been a circus.
  6. So this happened in Georgia... yeah. Just some high school kids casually posing for a picture after playing a team with some black boys on it. *sigh*
  7. Ok... let me tell you as someone who took many journalism classes as part of my PR major... you're wrong. Trump rails against anonymous sources because they are making him look bad. He wants loyalty and anyone who breaches that trust with him can rot in **** as far as he's concerned. Journalists can use unnamed sources, it is not unethical (or uncommon) at all. Journalists have cited unnamed sources in MANY big, explosive stories, from politics to reporting on organized crime... **** even insider information for your favorite sports teams. It becomes an issue of the journalist's integrity and credibility. Named sources are always preferred - and some journalists will not write the story if they can't put a name to it, but that's their call and their editor's call on the validity of the piece. If a source doesn't want to be revealed, there is generally a very good and valid reason for it.
  8. I'm just kidding man. It's only the worst kind of behavior.
  9. I really hate when you do that lmao. Don't be that guy. I guess if certain people know it's a Washington Post article it will be dismissed immediately though lol
  10. I laughed out loud man, I woke my kids up. Thanks ******. I might take your advice though and just lurk. It's pretty entertaining most of the time. But this is also coming from someone who laughs in real life at awkward situations where people get mad.
  11. POTUS wasn't the only position mentioned in the discussion. The point is you think people are ridiculous for wanting Trump in prison or thinking he could ever go to prison, when your guy said this in a presidential debate and his supporters absolutely loved it. I think they are both garbage human beings, for the record. I feel like I have to make a disclaimer here because I've been called both a Trumper and a leftist.
  12. I can't keep up with how right your opinions are. It's only ridiculous to think Trump will get in trouble amirite.
  13. This is ridiculous..... ABF got you guys shook.