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  1. Moving on to the next one, the Dawgs will travel to Columbia to play the Gamecocks. Not a whole lot to say here. SC has had a bad season and find themselves in the market for a new head coach. Mike Bobo is serving as interim head coach. There will be a lot of interested eyes on JT Daniels second outing as the Dawgs QB. After lighting up Mississippi State in his debut, the Dawgs offense now looks to build on that performance by getting the running game back on track. MSU held the Dawgs to an abysmal 8 rushing yards, but the passing game went for 400+. South Carolina would seem to be a
  2. This is some bleak **** man lol Fromm was a limited QB. I never understood why folks blamed Kirby for not opening up the playbook or something when Fromm knew the playbook inside and out and demonstrated his entire career at UGA that he wasn't going to throw deep often or over the middle of the field. The only person who held back Jake Fromm was Jake Fromm. And the only people who convinced Justin Fields to leave were his father and Quincy Avery. Kroger brand Stafford doesn't really mean anything btw. Stafford hasn't won **** since high school, while a whole mess of QBs with lower ra
  3. If you haven't read the DawgNation article about JT Daniels parents reaction, I'd recommend it. https://www.dawgnation.com/football/no-second-guessing-from-jt-daniels-family-after-401-yard-passing-performance I know a lot of people prefer to just be angry and believe in their conspiracy theories over the truth these days, but the narrative needs to stop on this. Two years in a row we have the fathers of two QBs on the roster talking about how much confidence they have in Kirby and how much they appreciate him putting the health of their son first. Stop the madness.
  4. It's aggravating how much people here take their "freedom" for granted. Sometimes we have to sacrifice to protect that freedom, but somewhere along the line people got the idea freedom means obnoxiously and stubbornly refusing to cooperate in society. So many of our grandparents lived this and understood it. My grandma is 90 and just beside herself at how ridiculous people are acting about not wearing masks or trying to stay isolated to protect each other and our society in general. This level of government surveillance will never be accepted in America though.
  5. Well UGA has the QB now to make the "maybe next year" hype sink in real deep again lol. The question for me every year has become when does the disappointment bite. Dawgs open 2021 against Clemson, so at least we will find out real quick if there should be any hope.
  6. Him and Jorge Masvidal riding the Trump train has been uncomfortable for me. There's so much about Trump and his administration that is objectively "how in the **** can you be proud of or support that???" but so many people either don't know about it or brush it aside as fake news. The dude got his hooks in so deep on millions of decent regular *** people. It's so troubling to me.
  7. The only thing to be upset about with the offense, I think, is the OL performance. People getting upset about Daniels not playing before now need to just stop. He wasn't healthy enough. That's how injuries go. This was said all along. You aren't healthy enough to help the team and then one week you are. If he had played the Florida game and gotten hurt again yall would be screaming woe is me. Let it go. We have a full season to look forward to with him now and his knee should be 100% and with Monken back... there's a lot to be excited about there. The defense is a whole other matter. That
  8. Goggles with the dagger into Aaron Rodgers....... I'll allow it
  9. My mom hasn't spoken to me in a few days because I got super blunt with her about this whole thing. She has been all about the QAnon stuff and screaming "socialism!!" and seriously fretting over Democrats destroying the country. She said she trusts Sidney Powell above all of them. I flat out told her she sounds brainwashed and if there was any legitimacy to their claims then why can't they prove any of it in court or even get past their cases being dismissed for a total lack of evidence? She left me on read lol
  10. @Sponge I got that tree topper and some ornaments while I was at Gamestop. I actually got the last Mario star tree topper they had. Appreciate it man! We usually go visit family for Christmas but we're going to be staying home this year, so I'm actually going to set up a (fake) tree again. My kids will definitely love it.
  11. I’m happy we lost. Not gonna lay everything on Ryan by any means at all but we need to draft a new QB, it’s time.
  12. Post from cassiegracesdad, a dude actually in the building... post titled "I dont normally do this but..."
  13. Even if you don't count the sack yardage losses, we only had like 29 yards rushing otherwise. Yikes.
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