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  1. Yeah I’m not high on Ohio State under Ryan Day. He’s not Urban Meyer. He’s a first time head coach that has only been at OSU for two years and has like 4 years OC experience. Maybe he’s another young phenom coach idk but remains to be seen. It is an established situation in that he’s not going to be changing much scheme-wise and OSU is loaded with talent, but I will be very surprised if they win the conference again with a true sophomore QB with no college starting experience. They will be good but they rode on the consistency/production of Haskins last year to overcome the general inconsistency of the team. Texas lost like 4 starters of much consequence and they have recruited very well so I’m taking ESPN’s FPI write up with a grain of salt. Funny how losing a lot of seniors but returning the core of the offense built on top 5 classes can put Texas out of 25 but Clemson loses a ton of key players while recruiting small classes in the teens and they land at 1. My thoughts are not based on Texas beating a disappointed UGA team. I think Clemson and Texas are at least equally as likely to make the playoff. Clemson has a lot to sort out and their 2 toughest games are in September. They will be a better team in November than September. Texas has recruited too well and has too much consistency in place to write off imo. I’m not saying Texas will win the national championship, but I think barring injuries they will make the playoff.
  2. Really good interview with D'Andre Walker on 92.9 The Game...
  3. Texas might be, but the Big 12 now is probably just as weak as the ACC. It's a conference with some strong parity, but I think they had 4 teams finish the regular season above .500 and it has been that way for several years running. Texas has improved each year under Herman with this core of players that will be juniors and seniors now. They beat OU in the regular season, gave them all they could handle in the Big 12 championship until OU broke out a couple big plays late in the game. I think it lines up for Texas in 2019 to make a splash. And thanks to us they have some very positive momentum and confidence to carry over into the offseason and preparation for the season.
  4. I’m in the DJ or bust camp... but I would put him at no chance at the moment. Maybe we can make some progress there, but as you said it seems like Clemson or Oregon now. I don’t see any of the others we’re looking at now as being any better than Mathis, to be honest. Ashford has potential... it’s going to be interesting to see how he performs this year without Pickens, but he’s on par with Mathis imo. Gunner Stockton is actually 2022. There are rumors about him being able to reclassify to 2021 but Anthony Dasher on UGASports knows his dad and his dad says he will be 16 this year and was never held back. His dad btw is Rob Stockton, a standout safety for Georgia Southern who is in their hall of fame.
  5. I'm gonna keep saying it and maybe I will be dead wrong like I was with Clemson vs Bama, but I just don't see Clemson making the playoffs this year... if they do they will have one loss and be #3 or #4 depending on the field imo. I think they will lose to Texas A&M and Syracuse early in the season as they get things settled on the defensive side with replacing so many seniors and starters. Clemson being a 20+ point favorite over A&M already is absurd. They don't even know more than like 4 or 5 players on the entire defensive 2 deep. I won't be surprised if Bama does not make it back to the playoff, because they have had extremely high coaching turnover and the most players in team history declared for the draft... but I am not betting against them because they are still loaded with talent at every position and with their 2019 schedule that's going to get them at least 10 wins imo. @Texas A&M and LSU will be the two games they have to worry about imo. Hard to hedge against OU. I think Hurts will do very very well for them. Perhaps not to the level they have had the last 2 years, but it may shock some folks imo how well Hurts plays in that system. I think Texas wins the Big 12 this year though and makes the playoff. My way too early top 4 prediction for the 2019 playoff is Georgia, Texas, Notre Dame, Washington.
  6. Most likely... Arik Gilbert, Myles Murphy, Justin Rogers, Broderick Jones, Marshawn Lloyd, Tate Ratledge, Demon Clowney, Jamil Burroughs, Zykeivous Walker, Nazir Stackhouse 50/50... Bryan Bresee, Kendall Milton, Rakim Jarrett, BJ Ojulari, Robby Ashford, Javier Morton, Rico Powers, Lejond Cavazos Least likely... CJ Dixon, Kevon Billingsley (I haven't heard Dixon's name much and haven't heard about Billingsley at all). I don't know about any that I would say "no chance" on... which is probably a testament to how well this staff recruits. Some of the guys I put in the 50/50 list are better than 50/50 imo but we may prefer someone else as far as priority goes.
  7. It wasn’t meant as a negative. I understand bringing up Drew is going to draw that reaction, but this guy had a high opinion of Drew coming out of high school and if we take away the 5 star billing of expectations, Drew was a solid but not spectacular player for us. He thinks Bresee is similar but quicker and more explosive off the snap. Every player is a different situation even if they have similar skill sets. I don’t necessarily agree with the Ray Drew comparison, but I can see where he gets it from.
  8. And he played at Wisconsin! Freaking Wisconsin! But ya know, sometimes I think for guys like that, being the low rated guy that no one really has expectations of plays a huge huge role in them becoming great players. They do everything with a chip on their shoulder to constantly prove themselves. Whereas I think a lot of 5 star guys just aren’t hungry for success with anything approaching that intensity. A lot of them get by on pure size/athletic superiority and have been drowned in praise for years. I don’t think Bresee is quick enough to play 5 technique the way JJ Watt can. JJ Watt can play just about every position on the d line except 0 tech nose guard. Bresee is not that player imo. I don’t like the Watt comparison. Maybe he becomes that but that’s not what I see now.
  9. You do you lol... I’m not sure about comparing a junior in high school to an all pro. Watt is a monster that no one really compares to except maybe Aaron Donald. Peak JJ Watt was a player we’ve never seen before.
  10. Well that is pretty much true, but he didn't make the comparison to suggest he thinks poorly of Bresee. He thinks Bresee is a better version of Drew, but ultimately sees a similar skill set. I think Bresee has a much higher motor than Drew and has proven himself against some very good competition, which is something Drew didn't really do. I remember arguing with some folks that UGA wasn't a good fit for Drew, I really thought he was a hand in the dirt DL guy all the way, probably more of a 3 technique guy... and we were trying to project him as an OLB and 5 tech. I just never saw that with Drew. I think Bresee will be an A and B gap penetrator and that's what his defined role will be from the word go. I think we have a defensive scheme and staff now that would make a lot better use of Bresee than what Drew saw. Drew was misused and possibly just wasn't that good a football player. I've seen others make comparisons to JJ Watt, but I think it's lame to do that with comparing white players to standout white players. JJ Watt did always have a nonstop motor. But so did Brandon Graham, who a lot of folks said was too small to make it in the NFL and he's only going on a decade in the league now with a Super Bowl ring as a starter with the Eagles playing all over the d line. Anyway... I just thought it was an interesting comparison. I certainly think Bresee is a very important part of this class, he's my #1 guy right now.
  11. It actually is sometimes. I don't log in there at all on game days. It's like yeah I understand every fanbase has their morons... but **** man, it's like some of those guys get into contests for who can be a bigger idiot. Then they disappear the rest of the week. It's weird.
  12. He does that everywhere. I'm not sure he even knows how notifications work. I honestly think he's just some old guy that doesn't know how to use the internet too well. I've tried to converse with him even about UGA stuff in the college forum and he doesn't really talk to anyone. I've never seen him reply to anyone that I can remember. He just posts what he has to say, which is usually some inanely simple comment, then logs off. He's on a premium UGA board I'm a member of and I swear every time I see him post on there it's something like "lol" Edit - I will correct myself here... he quoted me on that board once, we (myself and other members) were talking about Justin Fields transfer stuff and I was actually discussing stuff... and all he said is "don't read the thread then." I remember that lol... I responded to him and he never said another word in the thread.
  13. A guy I really like for his personal evals said Bresee reminds him of Ray Drew. Like a more athletic Ray Drew playing against better competition. Thought that was an interesting comparison.
  14. The questions kinda suck but whatevs.
  15. From what I understand, it’s a temporary change due to the fact that the SEC does the scheduling and simply flipping Auburn’s home/away rotation with UGA can’t be done until the current slate has run its course. That would seem to be through 2024. Auburn is open to playing at UGA twice from what I’ve read, but the issue seems to stem from a chain reaction affecting how many home games each team has without balancing the full conference schedule. Kirby is on board with all of it though. He’s fine with flipping the Auburn and Tennessee dates and he wants Auburn to return the home/away series rotation with two trips to Athens. It doesn’t sound like the two games at UGA can be scheduled until 2024/2025 though.