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  1. Also.... I played Mike Weber and sat Rondale Moore.
  2. I missed this game. Can't believe Ohio State got waxed by freaking Purdue... wow.
  3. He has underperformed, but I thought he looked promising last year. Part of me has been wondering if his body transformation has been the cause of him struggling this year. Maybe he's just not comfortable playing lighter and leaner. He sure seems weaker.
  4. First of all I can't conceive of that happening at all. Letting Fields run the offense would completely throw off Grantham and we know he can't make adjustments. To answer your loaded question though, if we lose to Florida and it's "on Fields" then we have bigger problems because he's not playing that much unless Fromm gets hurt or plays like garbage himself.
  5. There is still time to fix things. But if we lose to Florida and Fields barely plays then it's going to get ugly. Trust me on that.
  6. No one is churning it into more than it is. Some folks refuse to see that it is a big problem. Some of us know more about what's going on than what gets posted here or put in Dawgnation articles. I was hitting on this point immediately after the LSU game. I knew about it before the LSU game regarding players being upset that Fields isn't playing a lot more. Regarding Haselwood, I really thought Miami gave him something to think about... and they did, but you can connect these dots very easily. Haselwood and Fields are very close. Haselwood was spending time with Fields in Athens before he decommitted. Now Haselwood validates much of what people have been saying about our offense being worse than it should be and Fields being misused or barely playing despite Fromm struggling. Like Haselwood is genuinely telling you what's wrong and telling us that the favoritism toward Fromm is an issue. Some of us are telling you there are locker room issues. We are not churning anything up. Some of yall just refuse to see that this is a pretty big f'n deal.
  7. I don't think anyone wants to see Fromm tossed out. He has clearly struggled in a few games this year though, playing like straight doodoo against UT and LSU in particular. We have a backup QB that outperformed Trevor Lawrence at the Elite 11, a guy that is a taller, stronger, faster version of Deshaun Watson. No matter what Fromm did last year, if he is struggling this year and we have the option we do behind him then of course people are going to call for a change. If Fromm wasn't struggling it wouldn't be an issue. If Justin Fields was a 3 star guy we signed for depth it wouldn't be an issue. Neither of those are the case!
  8. I can quote you a bunch of reliable contacts who regularly sit in on practices and have reported since spring that Fields is pushing Fromm for the job.
  9. Fields and Fromm pretty much split reps with the ones in practice. Fields has had tons of work with the first team in practice. I know "the coaches just don't trust him enough to run the offense" is the simplest explanation from an outside perspective, but it's just not the case. Kirby would like you to believe that. Kirby wanted to avoid a QB controversy and avoid starting a true freshman for the 3rd year in a row. If Haselwood comes straight out and tells a reporter that he doesn't see how UGA would feature him as a receiver and doesn't like how Jake Fromm's job seems to be safe no matter what he does and people still don't get it, then I don't think some folks want to get it. It's somehow much easier to just trust the coach that has never handled this kind of situation before - and has, by any objective measure, mishandled this one. It will be two 5 star QBs that UGA has lost in two years if they don't correct this QB situation this season. And one of the best WR prospects the state of Georgia has ever produced, who was committed to UGA and all in for almost 2 years, will also end up going elsewhere. That would make missing on Deshaun Watson seem like small potatoes.
  10. Tua to Jeudy might be the one matchup that makes Deandre Baker sweat.
  11. Uh Mizzou is beating Memphis 65-33 lol
  12. Well NC State squanders the opportunity and momentum with another big mistake as their very experienced and good center snaps the ball too soon. QB can’t get a handle on it, Clemson recovers and then drives half the field for a touchdown. 21-0 Clemson 0:46 2nd quarter.
  13. Only if Fromm gets hurt or plays as bad again as he did against LSU.
  14. Terrible execution on a fake field goal for Clemson. NC State gets the turnover, no points for Clemson after a long drive.