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  1. Believe me I have been arguing the same thing. A lot of people want to be outraged here and have put together a narrative that doesn't exactly add up. His sister is going there, he's still practicing, they have openly stated that they might stay at UGA... doesn't exactly add up to a family that's trying to smear UGA.
  2. Man you know Justin Fields will be the most hated college football player in the state of Georgia if he tries to transfer and drag UGA through the mud for personal gain. UGA handled that incident the right way. Fields and his family would not have another peaceful day in Georgia if they did that.
  3. Smallwood said he reaffirmed his prediction of Haselwood to UGA after Fields told the coaches he's thinking about transferring (well before it became public yesterday). He said Haselwood has been well aware of the situation and he thinks Fields is going to do what is in Fields best interests and Jadon will do what is in Jadon's best interests. While Fields being at UGA is a definite plus for UGA, he doesn't think they are tied together. He has high confidence in Haselwood being a Dawg. And I don't care how anyone wants to compare Fields exploring a transfer to a divorce or anything else, he can still stay at UGA and no one will care about this next season. It will be a footnote on his college career in any case unless it becomes the big public fiasco of the family/attorney trying to push the racial slur incident to try getting immediate eligibility.
  4. I was just coming to post that @mike teevee No matter what happens with his transfer, I hope he is happy with his decision. Hopefully he realizes he can still achieve his goals at UGA and he would be part of a brotherhood that he is already as much a part of as anyone. It's his future though and he should absolutely do what he feels is best. Not mad at all at Justin if he decides to leave. Selfishly I hope he stays though. Go Dawgs
  5. There’s a lot more playing time to be found at the 2 or 3 OL spots Salyer can compete for. There’s only 1 QB spot and if you’re not the guy you’re not playing a lot. Can we please drop the character assassination garbage?
  6. I’m not going to argue all the silly stuff that’s being argued over this. Fields is well within his rights to explore his options. He should if he thinks another option might be better for him and I don’t begrudge him one bit for it. My issue is with how this has been handled beyond him. He’s practicing, working, doing all the things he’s supposed to do. Meanwhile we have an attorney taking this to Dan Wolken at USA Today and dropping the line about the racial slur incident with the baseball player to try mounting public pressure against the NCAA to make an exception for Justin Fields to transfer and be eligible to play immediately. We have reporters jumping all over every little rumor and putting it out on message boards or twitter without verifying a **** thing. It makes UGA look bad and it makes Fields family look bad. UGA handled that situation with the baseball player appropriately. The guy was kicked out of school in a matter of like a day or two and a public statement was issued condemning his actions. Fields played before that and even more afterwards. There was no racial discrimination. There are zero grounds to argue for immediate eligibility and the NCAA will reject it. But not before UGA and our football program gets dragged through the mud for a situation that was handled properly. I mean we already have people in this thread posting “it’s racial” bs. I’m really upset at how the coaches handled playing him. Really ticked off that the last impression we may have of Justin Fields as a Dawg is that god awful fake punt against Bama. The bottom line right now is that Fields has not transferred. He could. It may even be likely. But he hasn’t yet, nor has he indicated that he will. He is exploring his options, as any QB of his ability in his situation should. He may very well stay on the team. The way people are treating this situation is ridiculous right now.
  7. Tyrique has a tweet about how everyone where he’s from has to live that street life and he’s gonna get out of it. Rivals Miami page had an article with quotes from his mom where she was basically saying she wants him to leave and have different experiences than where he grew up. A lot of UGA fans took that to mean she is pushing him to UGA, but I really didn’t get that impression because she also said it’s his choice and she’s gonna love and support him either way. I’ve gotten to the point where I expect him to go to Miami. Hope I’m wrong. I don’t think he would move up his announcement/signing right after visiting Miami if he was a lock to UGA like some people believe.
  8. You wanna go back a couple weeks further, junior? To the LSU game when I talked about how he was considering a transfer and there had been talk of it even before the loss? Right around the same time Jadon Haselwood decommitted from UGA? Yeah. You're not special bro. You're not enlightened. Neither am I for that matter. And no one mocked you over and over for saying he will transfer. You got mocked and ridiculed because you're a **** poster with the temperament of a 5 year old in game threads and a continuous flow of hot takes that are usually wrong. Any QB of Justin Field's caliber in his situation SHOULD look at his options. The way this situation has unfolded right now, just before signing day, with the story being leaked and a potential lawsuit to appeal an NCAA eligibility ruling that would drag UGA through the mud for a situation they handled appropriately... is something you as a UGA fan should either be mad or annoyed about, not happy and gloating because one of your 2,872 useless garbage posts gave you something to rub in people's faces. Oh and he hasn't said he is transferring yet. In fact, his family came out and said they haven't made up their mind. So your post at this point is 1) premature and 2) pathetic. So again, go **** yourself buddy.
  9. Hey buddy go **** yourself.
  10. You're talking to someone who got so mad at Mark Richt he started cheering for Bama.
  11. The really messed up part of this is that the race card is obviously the attorney's idea. He thinks it's their best avenue to gain immediate eligibility. It won't work. UGA handled that situation promptly and appropriately and Fields played numerous times after that. Fields has no argument to make for immediate eligibility. And maybe that's what his transfer decision is hinging on. If he gets cleared by the NCAA to play immediately then he will chuck deuces and be gone. If he has to sit out a year then it makes absolutely no sense because he would get valuable experience playing and practicing at UGA and possibly take over at UGA in 2020 anyway. But even the threat of playing that angle makes this a very serious issue. People need to understand that. Don't be surprised if we outright dismiss him from the team - unless he decides he wants to stay, makes a public statement and the family ditches the attorney. This could easily become a PR nightmare.
  12. 1. That's a different situation. Eason is from Washington state and had visited UW multiple times, even after Richt was fired and his commitment was briefly in question. OSU just lost their coach to "retirement" after an ugly scandal and I think Fields only ever visited OSU once... and he's from Georgia with no immediate ties to OSU. 2. No one came out and said "Washington is the favorite" the same day rumors of his transfer came up. People thought he could go almost anywhere - and in truth, Miami and Washington State were both said to be favorites before UW became the known landing spot. 3. I don't doubt "back channel discussions" happen, but it is a significant violation called tampering that can and has landed programs on probation with loss of scholarships. It's classified just a level below lack of institutional control. If Rusty had said Penn State it would be different for me. Saying OSU is the favorite when Justin Fields is practicing with the team and has not even put his name on the national registry yet is something else.
  13. Think Rusty or whoever is saying this is FOS on that one. It would be a significant violation for anyone from OSU to talk to Fields or his family or any representative about a transfer until his name appears in the transfer registry, which has not happened yet.
  14. Doubt we can recruit a top flight dual threat QB after Fields leaves. Between Kirby saying there is no plan and what we saw on the field, that's easy pickins for any coach worth their freaking salary. Hate to see Fields go and I think it's an instant gratification, poorly advised mistake. Hopefully he changes his mind and ends up staying. If not, whatever... Go Dawgs.
  15. For whatever it's worth, Trent Smallwood says he doesn't expect the Fields stuff to affect Jadon Haselwood. I hope he's right, but if Fields transfers to OU and Haselwood announces he's going to OU then.... well, the **** was orchestrated. But that's the word right now from Largewood.