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  1. Did y’all know UGA is the only SEC team with a winning record against Notre Dame? One of only a handful in the country with a winning record against them. And one of only 2 teams in the entire country that has never lost to the Irish with 2 or more meetings. Could make that an AFLAC trivia question. No one will ever guess the other team though... it’s Oregon State. I think the Dawgs win this one big.
  2. I’m back in the win column.
  3. Borderlands 3 is legit! Been playing it couch co-op with my son. Some annoying slowdown and minor display bugs at times with split screen. I hope they can fix with a patch. I haven’t played it solo yet. We’re loving it though.
  4. Texas A&M had a pulse. Mond played like garbage though so the offense stalled time and time again. Clemson controlled the game as a result. Lawrence definitely is having a slump... have to think Clemson would be hard pressed against a Bama, UGA, LSU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, even Texas. It’s a shame they won’t play anyone until the playoffs. Maybe we will get a surprise and someone shocks them. Doubtful but I guess we’ll see.
  5. It does matter. But you’re the same dude who very openly became a Bama fan because you couldn’t handle Richt underachieving, so this is extremely on brand for you.
  6. Bro you booger’d up this thread all on your own telling @mike teevee to shut up when he made a harmless good natured comment about you being a Fields fan. You got real freaking dramatic after that. No one even said anything bad about him and you flew off the handle telling people to get over it. Maybe you should get over the fact people will always be pissed about the way he left. Him being misused as a freshman backup doesn’t make that ok. It’s pretty **** ridiculous how you want everyone to walk on eggshells about it. I’m in the nah camp on that one. I like watching him play and sure he will probably be a high pick in the 2021 draft... but if people want to ***** about him, he 100% earned that and there’s nothing you can do to change that.
  7. Uh, it was cheap. Beyond cheap tbh. Fields didn’t even hear it, he was told about it... and they flat out lied about him wanting to play baseball. It was low down lying bs just to get him eligible and if you have a problem with people being upset about it or calling it out then maybe you should be honest with yourself about your morals and why you think that’s ok. Oh and “control your fanbase” in regard to one idiot baseball player yelling a slur is one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen posted here. That’s on the judas yeast level.
  8. Is someone cutting onions in here? Holy crap. **** cancer.
  9. This one is for a surprising new commitment! 2021 4 star DB David Daniel of Woodstock, GA
  10. It’s pretty cool how conservatives want to vote for this.
  11. Texas GOP is ******* terrible, but they are teeing off on Austin now because the local government is heavily blue and back in I think June or July they enacted an unrestricted camping policy for homeless people in Austin. There have been a ton of problems since the policy started. Homeless folks are all over the place leaving trash everywhere, crapping on the sidewalks, doing drugs out in the open, loitering around businesses, etc. The intent of the ordinance was to “decriminalize” simply being homeless. They intend to aggressively address housing for the homeless, but it will take time and it seems to many people that this ordinance was implemented without a good plan in place. Texas GOP are of course lying about it though and telling people that the city ordinance gives homeless people more property rights than homeowners and enables them to camp on private property. Completely bogus. But it’s not enough to just oppose unpopular policy, we have to go overboard with lies and bs to enrage people. The University of Texas has complained about it, the police have complained about it, businesses that rely on tourists have complained, residents are pissed off about it. Counter proposals have been made to limit where homeless people can camp but it’s not happening quickly nor is it a fix for the situation. I don’t understand these kinds of policies honestly, but the GOP are rotten af about the whole thing as usual.