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  1. LOL, because we all know it takes so much longer to press the shift key.
  2. LOL! Krammmit the grammar police. I'm a Falcons fan, but man Krammmit, you're making me laugh.
  3. LOL, Don't mess with Tandy when it comes to stats!
  4. This is why I harldy even visit this board anymore. This is just ridiculous. Our defense is improved and faster. Remember we have Robinson, Spoon, and Moore? And our offense can't keep up? We just put up 41 pts on the Cardinals. And don't give me some BS about the Cardinals defense not being good. Anytime you can put up 40+ on a team in the NFL, especially with your #2 WR and #1 & #2 running back out, I think you're doing ok in the offense department. ****, last year we averaged 25 ppg against the Saints, and one of those games was with Redman. Go away troll.
  5. Honestly, no. I think Redman is a very good backup. I do think we would have a better chance to win with Ryan in the game though.
  6. Does your logic about they're all professionals and anyone can step up apply to Dixon and the Steeler's QB situation, or just when it benefits your argument?
  7. Awesome!!! This is what a lot of us on this message board have been waiting for. Man, I'm getting really anxious...
  8. I've been in Iraq for about the last year, so you can add that too.
  9. Very Awesome! Great job to everyone involved! Glad to see this come to fruition.
  10. The thing the got me the most about this segment was that they said we would win less than 10 and the Panthers would win more than 8, putting us and the Panthers at about the same record, or the Panthers possibly even better... :blink:
  11. The Bears do kinda need Peppers. Sadly, the DE they just traded for last season passed away, RIP Gaines Adams. They had hope Adams just needed a change of scenery to become the impact DE he was drafted to be.
  12. I've seen a lot of topics recently dealing with replacing Harvey Dahl. I just wanted to post a little something you guys may remember being written before the beginning of last season. Notice Ryan and Turner's comments about Dahl. Also, reading it again after the year is over, I really took note of who Dahl was in the fight with. I wonder if Bierman practicing against Dahl is what helped give him his non stop motor. Bierman has definitely developed that never give up attitude. LINK FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- As if on cue, the NFL's meanest player, and some might say the league's dirtiest, liv
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