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  1. Is this dude always talking stupid sh*t? Dumb mf who talks in absolutes and makes threats in PM's and act like a little b*tch. Ryan is a game manager and it has nothing to do with his looks just his game. For you it may but for me it doesn't. He's plateaued because the film says so. Just that simple.
  2. Numbers of today are just much higher because of new QB friendly rules. Talent wise, he's on par with Aikman.
  3. Game managers don't win you Super Bowls. They just don't. They don't carry teams. Not saying one QB can win it all but if the QB doesn't show up, the chance of winning is slim for the whole team. You completely took what I said out of content. I wasn't saying game managers aren't part of Super Bowl teams because they are at times but they don't carry you is what I meant.
  4. Ryan line don't suck though. They are just mediocre. Suck is like the Texans secondary two years ago or Carolina linebackers this previous season.
  5. 25 is a big deal. I hoped you enjoyed it and finally recovered from the hangover.
  6. I agree with that but Ryan really excel in terms of ball possession. Ryan knows how to keep the chains moving, he just has problems scoring v. quality teams when they take away our weapons. I think Ryan is a much better fit in Baltimore due to the defense. Teams tried to take away Rice and Flacco still flourish due to improvising. Flacco issue isn't talent. He is more talented than Ryan but it's consistency. He's like Josh Smith and Ryan is Joe Johnson.
  7. Stafford is a weird player to me. He doesn't have the football skills to be elite but his tools are once in a lifetime like. Maybe he will get there, who knows. Megatron saves his a** a lot.
  8. That might be the only thing that could be true. Ryan would have a better chance with the Ravens than Falcons. The Ravens have an elite defense and running game. Their line is on par with ours, he constantly underrates our line. Their WR's aren't even close to ours, Todd Heap wasn't a Raven this year either. He's a clown to be honest. He's an agenda driven gerbil brained loon who really could give a s**t less about the team. falconsfan567 maybe a bit of a kid. In fact, I think he's 16-19 years old but you can tell he's a Falcons fan. He's just a little delusional, he will get a grip once Ryan continues to disappoint which is a lock at this point. He's like Joe Johnson, I know what he's capable of.
  9. That's my biggest issue with Ryan. I don't mind him if he was setting place for our next QB. But as a franchise QB, I have EXTREME issues with Matt Ryan. Then he becomes the issue and the problem. With Ryan it's simple, their are some teams he can thrive with but Atlanta isn't one of them. He needs a team where he never has to really carry them like Aikman had.
  10. Majority of the post come from his lovers. I rarely posted in this thread but I am sure I had at least 10 replies to my posts and people saying stuff under their breath when they see I am offline and can't response to a snark underhanded comment. You are actually one of the Ryan homers who don't get on my nerves. Stay that way. I hate to see you go paulitik way and become a clown who write campaign rah rah speeches in support of a man he doesn't personally know.
  11. I agree. Ryan is on par with Aikman. They are those very good game manager types like Hasslebeck, Pennington, and Kosar types.
  12. Ryan isn't as talented as Garcia but Ryan is better than Garcia overall. Garcia had a lot of talent but was undersized and needed great personnel to succeed.
  13. RB: Turner FB: Ovie WR: Roddy WR: Jenkins WR: Finn TE: Peele in four years we upgraded to RB: Turner FB: Ovie WR: Roddy WR: Julio WR: HD TE: Gonzo Added an elite talent in Julio for a solid #2 in Jenkins. Added the GOAT TE in place of a below average TE in Peele. Added a top tier slot WR in place of an old vet Finn. Really tho, an abyss? Turner was the top 3 RB in 2008. Roddy had a pro bowl caliber season in 2007. An abyss?
  14. We weren't in a nightmare abyss. That's like someone in Indy saying Andrew Luck saved us from the h*ll we were in the year before to see the light of day. An abyss is the Redskins or Jaguars. We just had a bad season due to star our star QB going to prison like a dumba**. He's really not getting better. The players around him have greatly been upgraded but Ryan is still the same.
  15. lol, they aren't firing Sean Payton. He's not in prison man.
  16. It's a team lost, can't blame just Ryan but he's a big part of it obviously. Our offense was prepared but their personnel was able to gameplan and succeed v. our strengths. Nothing we can do about it now. I felt our gameplan was decent, execution was horrible.
  17. The reason why our running game doesn't work in the playoffs is because teams gameplan around it. They put 10 in the box and force Matt Ryan to beat them. Teams used to do this to Aikman too but Emmitt Smith is superior to Turner and their line is superior to our line as well. Not to mention their defense was elite with playmakers. Most NFL RB's not named AP aren't effective v. a 8 to 10 man box. He needs anyone that can carry the team to do so. Like Peyton regresses greatly in the playoffs and needs his defense and running game to carry him at times. The difference between Ryan and Manning is Ryan regresses from good to below average and Manning from elite to above average. If we can avoid teams from forcing Ryan's hand, who knows but the Giants result didn't surprise me due to Ryan's marks in big games dating back to his time at BC.
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