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  1. It's official any white male or female who says the race card is officially racist. Just like calling young black teen males "thugs" in code for the n word. The "n" word. As well as other racial terms to say for no reason other then to be racist.
  2. The race card is basically the I'm a racist white male or female with nothing knowledgeable to say so I will just say the race card.
  3. I would love to have a meetup but I only know two posters on here that's in the area and one of them, I would just beat the s*** out of him.
  4. All QB's have strengths and weaknesses, even Payton and Brady but Ryan's weaknesses tends to be great if you put him with a personnel like this. Ryan needs nothing to do with carrying a team.
  5. SF change came when they actually got Aldon Smith and the other Smith stayed healthy who's a beast. Health has always been an issue for SF. Also Jim Harbaugh was extremely smart with Alex Smith. He made him into a game manager. Most coaches see that Smith has tools and wants him to be a regular QB but his decision making skills are poor and it bites him in the butt. Jim made him into a game manager and that really changed the fortune. Aldon Smith is doublely as big.
  6. He can't dominate in the WCO. What we ran is similar to what Montana ran in SF. We can't help it that Ryan can't make a pass on the move. That's his issue, not the coaches. You have to be mobile if you have a weak arm in the NFL. No other way around it. Just like Turner will never be an all around back, Ryan will always be limited. Does that mean Ryan is bad, no, it just means we need to change our personnel for that. We need a RB like Peterson, our line needs to be stronger, we need an elite defense with playmakers like Revis and Pat Willis. Good luck with that. I find it easier to replace the QB. We have the talent in Atlanta where a lot of QB's can succeed where else they wouldn't otherwise.
  7. The offense that best fits Ryan is where he has little to do with carrying the team. He can control possession, manage the game, play with great intelligence, and get 1st downs at a high rate. But struggles to make the big play, has limited physical tools, and can get easily rattled in the pocket. Ryan is basically a very good game manager. In the boat with Matt Hasslebeck, Chad Pennington, Bernie Kosar, and Troy Aikman but he's more so like Brad Johnson. He needs not to carry a team or that team will be in a lot of trouble. He needs in this NFL, an elite defense, running game, and run blocking line. He doesn't really need top tier WR's or a top tier TE. He just needs to rely on his running back and defense to win games. That's easier said than done. Looking the Falcons personnel, Ryan seems to be a terrible fit. On top of that, he isn't a stop gap in terms of salary or salary demands. It's up to Blank to do some soul searching for Matt Ryan. Great posting by Muskokas Finest, swift, Phil, atl/0, and at time FF1970. Keep white knight'n paulitik. Great thread.
  8. If it matters, nfl.com agrees with some of you guys who think Ryan is top 10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8281b796/article/quarterback-rankings-eli-manning-tops-list-heading-into-2012?module=HP11_content_stream
  9. Stafford is just not that good to me yet. I am not sold on him and his lucky Megatron balls he constantly throws up.
  10. Vick and Rivers in the same tier to me. Those two are ahead of the others listed.
  11. I still think we have more talent than Carolina, New Orleans, and Tampa. We just have the least talented QB who's peaked. Of course most of you guys aren't real Falcons fans.
  12. We have the fourth most talented QB in the division with the least amount of potential.
  13. Look at the clowns cosigning you. Those clowns are f**king idiots. Two Black people? One is an Uncle Ruckus, Larry Elder, Herman Cain type and the other looks like she was paid. I hope you meet this woman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-S7RFC4X1k&feature=player_embedded
  14. I remember there was the Trayvon pic where Zimmerman look like he a cut and I know it was photoshopped ASAP but then there was this stupid thread on here. I was going to post and say it was photoshop but I wanted to watch you ******** drown so here is the producer of the doctor clip fired. http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/04/06/nbc-fires-producer-of-misleading-zimmerman-tape/
  15. Julio riding around and getting it.
  16. Matt Ryan said he can become a great QB. That class just produced some delusional a** QB's.
  17. Having a life, you should try it sometimes. Your b*tchass talks a lot of sh*t sideways and you come to rescue of your boyfriend Rupaulitik. You are such a lame. paulitik wife been got already this week. I hope he knows when he's at work what she is doing in Old Town isn't hair. Maybe pubes hair.
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