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  1. Turner getting 8 in the box v. very good to great defenses is a lot different than getting that v. Jacksonville or Carolina. That makes Ryan the focal point instead of Turner which means Ryan will have to carry us. The results when Ryan has to carry us has been frugal at best.
  2. Peyton>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ryan Ookie? I am not going for that stupid type of bait.
  3. You can't drive a Ferrari (our supporting cast) and get a good feel at 35 MPH.
  4. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that he knows he can't dominate a game. If he has the physical part, I think it would greatly help him in that. It's a lot different feeling knowing you can't be stopped, not we can't be stopped. When Ryan can go into a PC and not say we will have a lot of 3 and outs and instead say, it will be tough but they will need a machine to stop us is when Ryan truly knows he made it.
  5. He wasn't horrible, just extremely inconsistent. Like Flacco, he showed flashes of greatness but he had some awful games were you wondered where his mind is at. In fact, he still has those types of games. He's still not elite to me but he can carry a team. He is in that Michael Vick, Rivers, Romo category to me.
  6. In order for Matt to improve, it has to be physically. Mentally, he's good as gold. Physically, he one of the worst starting QB's in the NFL.
  7. Don't get frustrated. You keep making your points. Just get better at it, don't use so much faith. Be a little realistic.
  8. Eli was never a game manager. He was just extremely inconsistent like Flacco.
  9. That's a great point. Freeman was largely ineffective v. real defenses. He was almost Tebowesque last year.
  10. Mr. Right, you give real questions, not delusional talk like some of these guys do. The only answer to your question is Matt Ryan has to become a lot more mobile and he has to be able to make every pass with great timing. No punts to Julio. No 25 yard floaters to Roddy. No back to the ball passes to his weapons where they can't get YAC. He has to be able to attack the sidelines with good arm strength. If Matt can raise his arm strength to an adequate level to where has able to make all the throws and he can be at least mobile in the pocket, Ryan can improve from a good QB to an excellent one. He would still need some seasoning to become elite but with his weapons, if he can be on the same level ability wise as Vick, Rivers, and Eli. He can win us a super bowl but if he's more of the same physically, we are SOL.
  11. SO Josh Freeman is not clutch? Please back up your statement. In the stats this year, Ryan was one of the worst QB's in the NFL with 2 minutes remaining while Freeman had some of the best 4th qt stats with Eli and Brady in the NFL.
  12. VJ wasn't even on that team. Gates was in his 1st or 2nd year. I think it was his 1st and he didn't even play football the year before. LT is one of the greats. As I said, LT was carrying the team previously. Those numbers were extremely good for that time period. You can't really compare yards of today's to yards then. Brees that year was much better than Ryan ever was.
  13. I don't have one but I like Julio, Tony, Ovie, Turner, and Roddy.
  14. I don't think most of you realize just how good Brees was in that season with SD. He wasn't no Ryan. He actually won his team games. There was no lucky Julio catches or having the luxury of super weapons like this Atlanta squad has.
  15. Brees first couple of years seemed like he was just too small for the NFL at QB. He made the adjustment once he got Antonio Gates to throw to. LT was carrying the team previously.
  16. The talent around him him greatly improved. Not Ryan. Ryan stayed the same. He hasn't been good in 4th quarters v. quality teams for the most part. Having two good games v. them isn't enough. Josh Freeman is proven to be an extremely clutch player and no one is placing him in the top 10 nor close right now.
  17. Redskins and Colts would rather have Luck or RGIII. Titans have Locker.
  18. Matt has to prove he's an overall hard worker. Just working extremely hard at what your good at and working with a laissez faire approach at the others isn't going to make you great unless you are a natural talent. Look at Matt Ryan in the truest of sense. He is extremely smart, talented to a degree, skilled within 15 yards, very accurate, and is an excellent worker in the film room. BUT! He is a poor athlete, doesn't move well in the pocket, and has one of the weakest arms in the NFL for a starting QB. Now others have came in with similar arms like Tom Brady but he worked work on ALL aspect of the game. Film room and weight room which Brady greatly improved as a player. Some guys like Peyton Manning don't have to work in the weight room because they just have better physical tools naturally. Some guys like Michael Vick gave a lot of effort in the weight room but none in the film room in junctions of his career. Not everyone can be naturally blessed like Peyton, RGIII, Elway, Luck, Cam, Vick, and Big Ben. Some guys just have to work hard at every aspect of the game. Matt Ryan is one of those guys. It's been noted that he doesn't give much effort for the physical aspect of the game since he's not naturally good at it. I've seen some recent pictures that might indicate that he is trying to make the change as his career is really on the crossroads for him either being a game manager or becoming what Brady or Peyton has become. It's all on Ryan. No poster on here has that control, only Matt Ryan.
  19. Epic post. I really like your mindset to this. You feel as if you will support Ryan but he needs to prove himself in terms of improvement. Some others think he will naturally improve or they think much highly of him even if the tape says they are completely unrealistic. You are taking a sound approach, you can't help that some others are butt-hurt because they feel indifferent.
  20. So far, so good. I hope he continues to get bigger. This is all I wanted Ryan to do. The physical part of the game in terms of development. I still need him to prove it but this is progress and I like that.
  21. I am not anti-Hebrew. But I am anti-fake, anti-mark, anti-buster so I don't like your type.
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