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  1. I been to quite of few games. The Saints game was boring to a degree especially when we were on offense. The Bucs game was fun. The Bucs laid a serious egg. They should have stayed in Tampa. Why so mad. Most people think this team is extremely boring. Even a lot of those fans in the dome.
  2. He didn't mention Ryan's name. He did mention Rodgers. He mention SF's running game and defense. With Atlanta, it was mainly just Turner.
  3. Canes fan, I like Miller but I like Martin and my favorite is Wilson.
  4. Justin Tuck on ESPN radio the night they beat NE to win the SB. He stated we got Atlanta and we knew that was going to be easy. He said all we had to do was stop Turner and it's game over as if Ryan is a super scrub. Then he said we got by GB and we knew we could beat them from the first game. Then they got lucky and then he changed his words around and got the match-up they wanted v. SF. Then the Super Bowl, they felt good about their match-up.
  5. My top 5 most boring teams are 1. Redskins- Boring a** team to 100. 2. Bills- Nothing fun about them. 3. Falcons- Extremely boring. 4. Browns- You know, it wasn't as boring as I assumed it would. The defense is kind of fun to watch. 5. Jags- MJD is one of my favorite RB's and he's fun to watch. Redskins have no one I want to watch. Bills have Stevie J. Falcons have some players I like but one of them takes the excitement down 10 notches. Browns have a fun defense to watch. Jags have MJD and he carries them by himself.
  6. You posted in this thread and ran a search engine on him so you obviously care.
  7. Great OL's aren't cheap. Most OL's in the NFL aren't elite, most are just average, solid, or good. Chicago is the only one that sucks, Philly is below average. That's about it. Blalock is good. Clabo is good. Todd M is good. RG sucks. Will S. is below average and Baker is bad as is the others. Hawley is above average at center but sucks at RG. You act like it's easy to draft o-linemen. They are just as hard to draft as DE's.
  8. Kurt Warner didn't need an OL as much as he needed weapons on offense. Warner isn't the type who makes players better. He just gives his playmakers a chance to make plays constantly and can move well.
  9. We are extremely boring. Our defense isn't the toughest and our offense doesn't make many explosive plays. We burn time and we look fairly stoppable v. quality opponents. Nothing about us is fun.
  10. I really really hope Ryan has progress this year. Another year like the last two from a scouting prospective and he's as good as gone. When teams talk of you like your a joke and it's mainly because of one player and that player is making more than anyone. We have a right to be mad as **** and demanding more from him.
  11. Man, I did friend zone in HS once before. Getting girls is a lot more fun than that times a million. I wish you well, have you starting weight training yet? Getting is top shape will do the trick for some of these women. I was the one that gave to the most grief my man. I though it was funny at first but it's your life. You can only do what you feel is best for you.
  12. That's not good. Are you saying you are still friends with her?
  13. I really like Chris Owens but most on here don't.
  14. He showed flashes this pass year but he's very weak. Needs to get stronger.
  15. lol, he has no deep ball threat at all or even close. We have like three guys who are bigger threats than NE by a mile. Roddy, HD, and Julio. Those NE WR are a bunch of slot guys. That's not going to last long, Bill will address it in the draft. Gron is not a deep ball specialist as well as Hernandez.
  16. Those teams weren't great defensively. Minny was the best and they were on the field far too long. That's an issue not to mention we got almost 10 mins in TOP and they were without Peterson. Ryan had an amazing game. 364 yards and it was legit. He played like a stud on that day.
  17. I disagree, watching DeSean with VY and Moss with Collins told me otherwise. Deep ball specialists need very good to elite deep ball passers.
  18. Jacksonville defense was meh. Their stats were high because of their division and catching high impact stats teams in horrible weather. Minny defense was solid but their offense kept them on the field far too long.
  19. It's a lot harder to do so v. quality defenses and teams know, you stop Turner, you stop the engine of the Falcons offense. Turner is not elite either. He's no Peterson or MJD.
  20. Why can't he do this v. quality teams when Turner isn't the focal point?
  21. That's utter bs. All of those guys can evade pressure in the pocket and Eli can actually run. Stuff like this is why I can't take you anymore serious than a local circus clown. It's not absurd to think Ryan can't improve if he doesn't physically.
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