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  1. Vick was the most talented along with Rodgers but Vick really has issues staying healthy and he really wasn't accurate nor could he read a defense till Philly and he still struggles reading defenses to this day. Rodgers just doesn't have the talent that Cam has even though he is a better QB for now. To say the Black thing is below even a leech such as yourself. Thanks for the contributions.
  2. Cam is the most talented player I've seen play the game. Their defense will be healthy. They will be mentally different. They have playmakers with Beason, Johnson, and Gamble. I really don't see Carolina being stopped. Most of their losses will be tough losses that can go either way. I really think this will be one of the best teams in the NFL next year. Mainly because of Cam but defensively, they will be a lot better. Jon Beason is a legit beast. He near Pat Willis and Ray Lewis in terms of value than anyone else.
  3. Honestly, it hard to say. Smith normally has these guys ready to play after a lost but this team doesn't rub me well. It doesn't mesh. They never looked that good last year unless it was v. a weaker opponent. I have my doubts but five in a row is really pushing it, even for myself.
  4. Hey, New Orleans fans will hate me too but they aren't going to the playoffs. Too much BS will bother them throughout the season. The lost of Nicks will hurt more than they can imagine not to mention the amount of outdoor games they have this year.
  5. This schedule is a lot harder than anything we seen since 2009.
  6. Carolina 13-3 (6-0) Tampa 10-6 (3-3) New Orleans 8-8 (2-4) Atlanta 6-10 (1-5)
  7. 12-4 The year before. 13-3. Offensively, I feel we have more talent than any team in the NFL. Defensively, I feel we regressed. I just don't know about Nolan but I am not happy about Lofton who is a top 5 MLB being replaced by a backup at best guy in Dent or an injury riddled guy in Lofa.
  8. This is really a quality thread. I think some of you people would be wise to read then speak.
  9. In order for that to happen, Matt has to have a transformation physically. If that happens, who knows? You can basically trash my predictions if it does but I am going by what I expect which is based on the past and the current roster for us and the opponents. Expected improvement has been taken into account for all players.
  10. I hope this team goes 16-0 and 19-0. But realistically, this is one hard a** schedule.
  11. Okay class, which one of you like stalking grown men?
  12. I was thinking the same thing. Smith usually has these guys ready to play after a lost but this is an extremely hard schedule and the pass rush is a big issue for me as well. It's probably not a smart move by me to have this team on a major losing streak.
  13. We have quite a few young high impact guys. I think we are fine in that regard.
  14. JA55 is a question mark for me as well. I really want to see how we will get pressure on the QB.
  15. 1 - @KC 2 - DEN (MNF) 3 - @SD 4 - CAR 5 - @WAS 6 - OAK 7 - BYE 8 - @PHI 9 - DAL (SNF) 10 - @NO 11 - ARI 12 - @TB 13 - NO (TNF) 14 - @CAR 15 - NYG 16 - @DET (MNF) 17 - TB Week 1. Michael Turner will run for over 150 yards. Tony will get 2 TD's. Falcons 35- KC- 17 Week 2. Peyton v. Ryan. Turner will run for 80 yards. Ryan will pass for over 300 yards and outshine Manning on a national stage. Falcons 21- Broncos 14 Week 3. Turner crushes SD and Ryan has a solid game. Rivers is ineffective. Falcons 24- SD 3 Week 4. Turner runs for 90 yards but Newton is too much. 300 yards passing and 100 rushing for a total for 4 TD's. Car- 28 ATL- 17 Week 5. We shut down RG3 but Helu is too much. Ryan struggles. Turner disappears. Redskins 17-7 Week 6. Oak sucks, nuff said. Atlanta 41- Oak 3 Week 8. Vick kills us but he isn't the reason we lost. Julio and his hands is. Phi- 41 Atl-38 Week 9. Dallas has our number and ST lost us this game. Dal-21 Atl- 20 Week 10. The Saints got the calls. NO-21 ATL-10 Week 11. Kolb struggles as Ryan has a career game. ATL-35 ARI 3 Week 12. Freeman comeback wins the game for the Bucs. TB-14 ATL-7 Week 13. We just didn't show up. We quit NO-56 ATL-7 Week 14. Killa Cam Newton strikes again. CAR 14 ATL 3 Week 15. Mike Smith fired and we lost to the Giants. NY-10 ATL-0 Week 16. Stafford is too much. DET- 35 ATL 24 Week 17. We win and kills Tampa's playoff hopes. ATL-24 TB- 10
  16. It's impossible to have an elite OL nowadays. The DL's are too big and athletic nowadays.
  17. 1 - @KC 2 - DEN (MNF) 3 - @SD 4 - CAR 5 - @WAS 6 - OAK 7 - BYE 8 - @PHI 9 - DAL (SNF) 10 - @NO 11 - ARI 12 - @TB 13 - NO (TNF) 14 - @CAR 15 - NYG 16 - @DET (MNF) 17 - TB #1 pick predicts 1 - @KC -W 2 - DEN (MNF) -W 3 - @SD- W 4 - CAR -L 5 - @WAS -L 6 - OAK- W 7 - BYE 8 - @PHI_ L 9 - DAL (SNF)-L 10 - @NO-L 11 - ARI-W 12 - @TB-L 13 - NO (TNF)-L 14 - @CAR- L 15 - NYG- L 16 - @DET (MNF)-L 17 - TB-W 6-10. I don't have much hope for this team right now. It's an extremely hard schedule and I am really down on the QB and high on opponents. If Ryan can become a better player in every sense of the word, I think this team can win a lot of games, possibly 11-5. The defense is a question mark. The OL is a ?. The WR's and the RB's are as good as they get and the draft should be huge as well. I only see us winning once at home to Tampa. What will hurt us is Newton and Brees as well as Freeman in Tampa.
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