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  1. I do believe our secondary will be improved. Stat wise, our corners were both top 10 CB's in the NFL last year. But Lofton is a top 5 MLB. His lost is critical to me.
  2. I gave you *****. Your a fair neutral poster like FalconinPA

  3. We don't win like the Packers do. They contend. They have history. Great QB's. Great organization. We have no history. Send Great QB's away. Well noted for being a bad organization before Blank.
  4. I think it's brutal overall. All those QB's can play and their teams are sound as well. AFC West is weak outside of Denver.
  5. Very true. I am not the biggest Nolan fan. I know he is an upgrade over BVG but without a talented pass rusher younger than 30 is scary for a 16 game season.
  6. It means those offenses can actually score points and their defenses aren't terrible. Well... those offenses can actually score points is probably more accurate.
  7. I think we are better than Denver. They had a weak schedule last year.
  8. We all seen the tape. That's not true. He was the best guard in the NFL this year bar none. To say otherwise is nuts. But you are right about one thing, he is not Willie Roaf but Roaf wasn't going up v. the guys in today's NFL who play on the DL. This is a different generation today. It's a lot harder to be Willie Roaf in today's NFL.
  9. Calm down, your worst than some of the constant fools in here. I wouldn't say Brees in the pocket is like Peyton. Brees is more like a shorter better pocket movement version of Dan Marino. Peyton is in another world in that aspect. Most of the time, you do not know what Peyton is going to do. With Brees, you know but can you stop it is the question. Brees will make Grubbs somewhat better but nothing to the degree of Nicks.
  10. Most the of starters in the NFL at the QB position are smart guys. One way or another. Scoring 21 on the wonderlic is not bad at all. Which is why I even question your motives to post that nonsense in the first place. It's a decent score. It's not exceptional but it's decent.
  11. Fairly pointless thing to say. It sure helped your NFL career out. I can see it now, "Hello Mr. Blank. I played QB in college and I scored a 43 on the wonderlic and my recent studies have shown that the higher your wonderlic score is, the greater the chances you can win the Super Bowl. Since I scored a 43 Mr. Blank, can you give me a job as the backup QB for the Atlanta Falcons. I think I am a genius on the message board and if I can do it there, I can do it anywhere. I know I can be a major asset to your organization Mr. Blank. Please give the opportunity sir."
  12. What the h*ll makes you think the Falcons doesn't have talent? You go position by position and for the most part, Atlanta is better. Simply put, Tampa has a weaker schedule and will be a much better team in my opinion. They are my surprise team of 2012-13. Too much rain in New Orleans with the Peyton and Brees. NO just won't deal with it well in my opinion. Atlanta will struggle if things remain constant.
  13. Look at the guys who missed the playoffs as well. It can go both ways.
  14. I am not going to diss Ryan in this thread but he does have to improve. That much is obvious. Just putting up better numbers is not enough. He needs to be a better player. Too much talent for him to not have 5000 yards passing in this era. Too much talent.
  15. You mean the guy who constantly gives up too much ground, has issues in pass protection v. a solid pass rush and what not who's playing with a QB who is usually passing the ball most of the time. Whatever son.
  16. Brett Farve- 22 Ben Roethlisberger 25 Dan Marino 15 one of the GOAT's Terry Bradshaw 15 Alex Smith 40 Ryan Fitzpatrick 48 Tony Romo 37 The almighty wonderlic
  17. I really don't like comparing him to Vick, especially Vick's career. Skill wise he threw for over 4000 yards and ran for 14 TD's. If he can improve those totals and his defense goes from being a bottom 5 to a mid or top tier defense, you have a serious problem. This isn't New Orleans. Carolina actually has playmakers on BOTH sides of the ball. That's something you guys aren't listening too.
  18. It depends on Ryan. If Ryan does have a transformation, you can trash this list. We could beat any and everybody. We have that type of talent but if we can't beat 8 in the box or threaten teams we super talents like Roddy and Julio as well as Tony and HD. We might as well call it a day. As it stands, I don't think we can beat New Orleans unless you want to use faith and say we have to play a perfect game to do so which shouldn't be necessary.
  19. We disagree. We disagree completely. Super talented individuals who put massive effort and work ethic don't have Sophomore slumps. I expect great improvement as I expect the same from A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and couple others from that draft class.
  20. Man, I really don't think we can beat the Saints. They just have our number. It's like we get lucky when we beat them while they just beat us just because. Matt Ryan needs to take his game to the next level. Getting to the 30 and getting stopped for 3 isn't going to cut it when Brees is getting 6 when and wherever he wants. They might have a struggling season but they will be up and ready for the Falcons. I can't say the same for the Falcons. The way they played v. Tampa for the season finale, it seemed like avoiding New Orleans was more important than making the playoffs.
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