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  1. Zimmerman thuggery? In what way am I stalking you? Zimmerman tracked a man down and assassinated him like a psychopath. You were the one that went out of your way to find out where I live. You are the one bringing up that you are in the town where I live. It's your issue man. Im not looking to go out and meet you. Stating that I defend myself if threatened isn't a threat. It's a reply to a threat. I don't think you understand the concept of self-defense. Zimmmerman is a murderer.

    So what, did you come to come to Alexandria to find me? I don't get the point of you saying you are where I live now unless you are trying to make a threat. I mean if thats what you are insinuating come out and say it like a man. I have no intentions of ever meeting you in person, and I'm not the least bit intimidated by your veiled threats.

    What exactly s your point? Why is where I live relevant to your argument? I'm not the one with issues. You obviously are the one taking this personal. So personal that you are trying to intimidate someone on the internet by compromising their privacy. There is nothing in the least wrong or cowardly by stating the fact that if you are stupid enough to track me down over an internet argument that you will regret it.

    As far as the poll, it was you that said I was making a fool of myself. I was just giving you the opportunity to prove your point.

    I know of what Zimmerman is, sadly you show traits exactly of which he showed. Delusional, thinking he is protecting himself, troubled mentally. I am here but it's not for your dumba**. I could care less about you in that regard. I just think you are one of biggest b*tches on or offline I'd ever seen. I don't know too many guys like you. Supremely ignorant, highly bit*chmade yet thinks he has worldly views. You like to talk, I just want to see if you can back your words up with action. I doubt you can. I seriously think you a keyboard gangsta. I don't need to track you down. I don't even think you are even mentally sane. I personally think you are functionally insane. You contradict everything you say. You try to use my words in general which aren't even directed at you and flip them into your favor days later. I hope you are very good at your job because you seriously are a nut-job.

  2. This is hilarious.

    I don't know you, and you sure as **** don't know me, or my wife. If you did, I promise, you wouldn't be talking about me or her this way, and definitely not to my face. No matter how much "boxing training" you may have had at the Gold's Gym.

    Why don't you start a little poll? Let's ask every one on the board who's the bigger fool. Me for defending a popular franchise QB or you, for inviting me for a confrontation about an Aaron Rodgers jersey I never accused you of not possessing. For taking some smack talk and back and forth to the level of bringing my wife into it.

    Your very post has made a fool out of you. I mean seriously, you can sit here and type this chest thumping drivel, in a feeble attempt to look like an internet badass, and think people respect you for it? Hilarious. It's a stunning exception in Darwinism that's you;ve made it this long.

    You aren't even a Falcons fan. You are a simply a Matt Ryan fan. You have never been a Falcons fan for one minute. 95% of your post are all about Matt Ryan. You can claim I talk about Ryan but I already made my stance, you, you are just overkill. Everyday you come into a Matt Ryan thread to do the same exact s**t. The same exact s**t. This is just what you live for. You spent most of your day on the boards. I really come here to look at ABF and use PM's. You live for this Matt Ryan trash. I am only in here because you were talking about me like the b**ch you are. If you notice, that's the reason why I even replied. Truth be told, you are a troll. You are always making threats, talking s**t, and rarely making sense. You are so crazy you get other people hyped into your looney tunes theatrics. As much as QB loves and supports Ryan, I seen his quality digress dealing with your dumba**.

    paulitik, you love to talk. I am in Alexandria nowadays. If you bout that life and not on that Zimmerman thuggery, you know how to reach me. Running your mouth and talking about gunplay. If you about that life, you know how to reach me. Darwinism, haha. paulitik, boy you are completely in your own world but everyone knows it but you. Making a poll laugh.png . What is wrong with you? Are you mentally sane? You should make a tweet to Ryan saying we should really be together. You might be the biggest sport stan in America. I bet you wrote a letter to Matthew begging him to create a twitter account.

  3. paulitik, shut your delusional a*s up. No one threaten your wife. It is clear you can't satisfy her, might as well let somebody who can do the job. Your wife isn't your property either which is one other reason why I will likely give her an ultimatum if we ever came in contact. paulitik, you are soft, lame, a square, a b****, and a mark. The only reason why your wife is with you is because of your ability to provide a lifestyle which she finds suitable. You are pathetic, you are delusional, you think your wife can't be sexed by another man because she is married is crazy. If you can't satisfy her, she will cheat or leave depending on what she can get out of you. For one, you are an atheist and probably a worshiper of a false religion, you really have no religion boundaries but you think she will be grateful to you. Women don't work like that son, they never have and never will. They will cheat when they find they can make a legit excuse which falls completely on you in her mind. You don't even care about her anyway. You were more mad at me about Ryan than what I said about her. Keep being delusional, keep thinking you are in control.

    paulitik, you are the worst type of human being to deal with. One who has to lie to himself about everything to be who he is today. Do you man, but I would be ashamed to be of your ilk. Keep telling yourself lies. Tell yourself that you think I live with my parents which is hilarious. Tell yourself anything that makes you feel better about yourself but reality is cruel pauly. At 38, you should know by now but it's clear you don't. Suckers get played and you looking like a grade A fool in that arena.

  4. This message board is really lucky to have you as it's resident policeman. Why don't you take a screen shot of these PMs and post it? Until then, you're just a child in need of a diaper change.

    Why would he do that. He makes threats again my life and was talking about making one call and that's all. paulitik is delusional but that's not the issue here. This thread is about Julio being worth it and he is.

  5. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/nfl--2012-ultimate-mock-draft--aaron-rodgers--jim-irsay-make-sweet-music.html;_ylt=AuBZjRafau30nr.FSwNiyx05nYcB

    1. Indianapolis Colts – Aaron Rodgers, QB: It seems that, in the wake of a 1-15 season and Peyton Manning's departure, the Colts are having some trouble selling tickets. The presence of the reigning MVP at Lucas Oil Stadium might help remedy that situation. Rodgers, 28, is at the top of his game and seemingly ascending. Last December, on Showtime's Inside the NFL, a Rodgers admirer declared that "it's impossible to play the quarterback position any better than he is playing right now." I don't know about you, but I tend to defer to Tom Brady's analysis on such matters.

  6. QB, I hope you were a better QB than you are as a Football connoisseur because you absolutely suck at this. Fanboys like 567 have more logic and a better foundation than you. You said it best in your first post to paraphrase.

    By Quarterback

    Me? I course I've never pulled against any player on a team I support, but in Matt's case, the guy is such a class act, dedicated and tireless worker, and all around good leader by example on an off the field, I've never wanted more to see a man succeed

    QB, this might just say it all. Regardless of Ryan's obvious flaws, because me and Matt share such a connection, I will go the extra mile in support of hoping he succeeds. When I read that, it lets me know you will say whatever possible even if it's unrealistic in hopes that Ryan does become what you dream he becomes. In other words, you are just like paulitik. You are living your NFL dreams through Matt Ryan. With that comes delusion. Comparing him to the greats. Saying he is right there. Giving him abilities that he doesn't possess. Blaming all others but Ryan. You can say, well #1 pick, you just don't like Ryan. Well, your right, I don't like him. At the end of the day, I still hope he succeeds because that means my Falcons succeed. Either way, no need to waste my time or others who actually have common sense. It's not that hard. Ryan has a weak arm. Ryan has no mobility. Ryan has to improve that or he's basically what Pennington and Kosar is. An excellent game manager but nothing close to what's needed to win a ring in this league if he lacks a great defense and running game. I will need you become more realistic. Nothing wrong with living your life through Matt Ryan. Kind of pathetic but to each it's own. I personally hope Ryan does become elite but I seriously doubt it.

  7. If that's the case, then the Steelers FO and HC when MM was there is just as incompetent as our's currently is because the same exact issues arose there as well. I'd be willing to bet MM was going to be the Jags HC last year if there was no lock out. The lock out scared teams from making moves that they could get by without making (ie changing OCs). No lockout, MM gets the HC job in JAX and we get a new OC. MM has never made it beyond 3 years anywhere else but here and the lockout is the only reason he did here.

    And to think TD made a bad decision by getting Tony G and Julio and that staying with Peelle and Jenkins would have been the same offense, then you're crazy. Jenkins was a marginal WR and Peelle was not even better than Palmer. Getting Tony G allowed TD to go defense heavy in the 09 draft. Adding Julio gave us the most dynamic player we have had since Vick.

    What swift basic point is that the offense really didn't improve with the move of those two guys. Because of their pricetag, he could have addressed other needs and still wouldn't have been much worse on offense. I understand his premise but I agree with TD. If you feel you are close and want to make it official, you make the moves he made.

  8. I'll no longer argue with idiots, they will just lower me to their level then beat me with experience.

    QB, you basically took my talking points, changed them a tad then when it was time to explain your theory you then went into another dimension of nonsense. You are the last person who should call anyone an idiot. Your whole premise is false and I doubt anything you say. You claim you played QB in the NFL but yet you are talking about the offensive line as if offensive lines can pass block for as long as they did in the 1990's. If you know anything about Football today, you would know that is not possible due to the size and speed of today's defensive linemen.

    Honestly, arguing with you is worst than paulitik. Do not get me wrong, you a superior person to that plebe. But as a poster, you are a hypocrite. You do not have a foundation. You take my talking points, twist it just a tad and then go into full blown delusion as well as silly insults. Muskokas sonned you so many times in just this thread alone, I've lost count. It's really tiresome to try and understand how elusive you are mentally. If you go from the 1st page to the last, I don't even think QB is the same person.

  9. QB, you are nuts. I read the whole thread. You contradict yourself over and over again. For one, Ryan doesn't have Manning's or Brady's tools or else he would be elite. It's a waste of my time really arguing with you because you don't have a clue of what you are saying. You say the right things at times then contradict yourself. The facts remain:

    Ryan has a weak arm. Bottom three for all NFL starters. Brady, Manning, Brees all have solid arms and can make every throw. Ryan can't v. a NFL defense. Maybe in practice but this ain't practice.

    Ryan mobility in the pocket rivals Drew Bledsoe. Quite simple, the man has two left feet. It always comes to play when we least need it.

    Ryan isn't confident when on the move. That's generally normal but Ryan with the two extreme weaknesses makes this unbearable.

    Until Ryan can overcome those issues nothing else matters. We aren't getting this super line any time soon. We aren't getting Pat Willis or Julius Peppers soon. Ryan will have to physically have a transformation. This sh**y thread is a waste of time. You really just want to say you have faith in Ryan and he can become elite. I don't see it. I ask how, you say he has the tools, it's the line. I think that a bunch of bs. The line is just as good as New York who you said Ryan can move just as good as. As far as I am concerned, you are delusional. I have to get to the gym. But I doubt this thread will get any better.

  10. Your post shows your negativity = not a true fan, plain and simple.

    Not a true fan, how is that? Don't be a jacka**, nothing about my care for this team says I am not a true fan. I just want to contend and win Super Bowls. If you want the best, you strive for it. If you want 8-8 and 1st round exits, then that's what you want but that's not what I want.

  11. huh.png

    Use whatever term you like, but there are at least 16 teams in the NFL with better OL's that the Falcons and this makes them below average. Did you miss the total domination by the Giants and Packers DL's the last two playoff playoff games?

    Falcons line has been rated average. Below average in pass blocking and good in run blocking. It's not hard to dominate with talent when you know Atlanta can't stretch the field.

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