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  1. I believe that Grady Jackson is a starter along with Babineaux, having those two in the middle pretty much nullifies the opponents running game..pending on who that may be. There is alot of depth at DT this year, really anyone could start.
  2. nah, we need to use jason snelling more often.
  3. umm.. no mendelhall is good but nobody in the draft class is better than mcfadden
  4. i like the idea of matt ryan, but what can we do with all the other QBs though, i mean redman i think has proved that he can start but the rest ar still backups. i dont think ryan would be the starter in the beginning of the season, but he would eventually play. I still think we should try and get mcfadden with the 3 pick or trade up.
  5. it cant really hurt that he is starting now, like to see how he will play, hopefully he will get us some ofensive production.
  6. DOWN WITH THE AINTS!:P If the Falcons can just win one game this is the one, i would be very pleased if we can beat the saints. thats all i ask petrino is a win and i think you can respond to me..
  7. In the NFC south though there is the curse/blessing of whoever comes in last place in the division one year, the next year they win the division. so it could be a good thing that we're last, if tradition holds true.:cool:
  8. its an okay board right now, just need to get the bugs worked out then it will get a WHOLE lot better.
  9. the season seems to be pretty much over for us and i dont really see playing for anything besides respect.
  10. it was a good 4th quarter i thought for sure that we were gonna come back though
  11. maybe everyone has to start all over again...
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