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  1. I don't blame the LB's at all, the interior D-line was ok but the edges are god awful and QB's will have too much time to let routes develop against a poor pass rush unless they blitz and that would leave the middle open every time. Holmes is too slow footed and we definately need Mathews back at LT and Carimi back to RT. As for Jackson, I don't get the wide off tackle runs when he is a north-south type power back. Running him east-west doesn't use him properly, unless it's a swing pass. Falcons are thinking they have untapped talent in certain players and doing the opposite of what players are great at in certain areas. Bierman has to go! Falcons need faster bursts off the snap and better gap control.
  2. I cannot disagree with that. He is useless
  3. I'm glad others see this. The pass rush is awful as it stands and having a player with zero game at the end makes it worse.
  4. He looks like an average HS player. He does nothing out there, zero push, zero pass rush, zero technique. Why keep him? He played squared up on the tackles for whatever reason, and got blocked out with ease. When he did shade the outside shoulder, the tackles reached blocked him with ease and got punched out of the play. No need for him on the field these days.
  5. Time to release this guy. He got punched out way too many times from the tackles and had his back to the play a couple of times. He is too slow footed and slow to react to the flow of the plays. He does absolutely nothing from the end and I would rather see Massaquio out there or even Haggeman
  6. Someone please give me a solid outlook of the defense in the first half.
  7. I think I want to see how the O-line looks tonite in a first half with the starters. I think the run game will be much more improved, I would like to see how Toiloilo does tonite. On the other side I think it the front seven still needs work and curious how they play, LB's are a question mark for me with the pass rush of coarse. So as it goes, I want watch: LT-Mathews and RT-Holmes TE- Toiloilo, Pascoe and Pederson D-Line and LB's mostly Haggermann and Shembo S- Ishmael and Southward
  8. I get that but after 2 preseason games people cannot predict the season. Honestly my concern is the LBs if anything
  9. Lmao!!! Really??? 2 freaking games and people are all over Matthews?!! I would rather have him make or see the mistakes in preseason so he can develop and learn against top DE talent than go into season thinking he doesn't have much to work on. Preseason is all about looking at depth, playing around with play books and analyzing player positions.
  10. I don't think it's so much LB coverage as it's more Safety concerns for me as the flow with the play and don't read the play correctly, leaving players underneath to swing out open. Johnson was horrible in coverage.
  11. All ATL Defense needs to do is pressure Wilson from his right cause thats where he goes every play. The guy rolls out right every play and when he cant he goes down, Abe needs a big game. We need to see them wrap tackle and stuff the outside runs.
  12. I have to agree there. We need some big beef that plug the holes and push the middle better.
  13. I have to agree with most of you that Dent is showing some positve progression, but on the same note he does get blocked easily on some plays and slow on reads. I like Dent and hope for some more progression in the future. I would IMO like ATL to get a 3-down MLB. Spoon is definately a 3 down OLB and Nicholas does ok, but again tends to be slow on some plays. I would love to see a bigger MLB in the middle who has the speed to cover and help with better diguises on the defense. It is a shame Tatupu got injured, it really would of helped Nolans schmes better IMO. Dent is still raw and may become that 3 down MLB.
  14. Um why would I slap myself for saying that they MIGHT release Abe, the guy is getting old and declining and on top of that injury plagued the past 2-3 yrs. Dent played ok, but isnt a 3 down LB and we need a MLB that can play coverage and run stop defense. Dent is small and ok vs the run but off the field for pass coverage which hurts our disguises IMO. If the Falcons had a 3 down MLB the disguises and schemes would be a lot better and trickier for opposing QB's. Atl was 27th I believe in sacks this year and even tho Abe had 10 of the total 29 sacks, he showed that he is losing his bullrush power and relied on speed to get to QB's. We need a young kid in there who can push the line back, again IMO
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