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  1. it doesn't have to be McFadden. It's also that people would have traded for him. Imagine if something like the Dallas rumor really did come along. Now is it better for this team to have the #5 pick or instead have Marion Barber, the #20 and thr #30 pick
  2. you're so dumb. seriously, wtf is the point of that post? question.....is it better or worse for the long term future of this team to win the game today? it's better if we lose
  3. I guess it's because they have the front office to do that?? And the best coach of all time?? And free agents want to go there?? And those free agents are the best players at their position?? idiot
  4. There's hope!!!!!!!!!!!! That a kid Wallace!!!!!
  5. I'm so pissed. I slept so well last nite because I knew that we were going to lose today and get that sweet sweet second pick; and then they go and blow it. Goddammit
  6. you're an idiot. first, we're beating a bunch of back up scrubs, second "so we end up drafting a little lower" is a big fu*king deal. Look at the difference between picking 8th instead of 7th last year. Idiot
  7. What the f*ck is the point of winning this game? If we win, it will be the worst thing that has happened to us all year, besides losing YKW. Jesus Christ Falcons, get your act together and blow this thing. And for all of you that have the mindset "you never want your team to lose a game", you're retarted. A win today costs this team a franchise player and wins in the future; it accomplishes nothing. We all want the Falcons to win a championship, and winning the game today will cost us a chance at winning a championship in the future. A win today is the difference between McFadden and Jo
  8. couldn't have said it better myself, and I thought I was his biggest fan on here. all the media sluts on these boards who don't watch Brennan don't know what they are talking about. But they will. He's the next Romo; the same player.
  9. if you did indeed go to Georgia Tech I presume you're intelligent; That being said, you're a fu*king idiot.
  10. I want McFadden in the first and Brennan in the second so bad that it almost hurts. And it's possible. I'm scared
  11. LOL.....that was most definitely not me saying that I've seen similar musings posted in other threads
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