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  1. I'm with statick on this one. I would just add a coach that isn't Petrino. So yeah, I'm pumped!
  2. Coaching. didn't have it last year and look what happened. A definite upgrade this year.
  3. The first half should be a good way of determining how well we will play this year. At least the first part of the season. With the starters playing the first half and game planning, at least doing some game planning for the Titans, it will interesting to see how well we do.
  4. dawg58


    A Falcon Safari.
  5. And I guess ya'll are loaded. Super Bowl bound.
  6. I don't know about the landslide part but yeah I agree. Nobis second.
  7. Bart. was the MAN. Heres hoping Ryan can be the same.
  8. no thats NOT what he's talking about dummy. So Gazoo is not saying that every pick is a crapshoot, that you don't know what you have really got for a few years?
  9. I think the bucs too. carolina is one hit away from being a bad team instead of a mediocre team and the bucs should be a decent team no matter which of their 20 QBs they use.
  10. As far as I remember everybody loved Humphrey when he was playing for the Falcons. He and Nobis were tough. Claude would wear a huge bandage on his hand and forearm and would take peoples heads off with it. That was b4 it was against the rules to club someone in the head, but he was one of the best at it.
  11. Did anything ever come out of the owners meetings about the last second timeouts before a fieldgoal attempt. I think its idiotic for a coach to say to a ref I want a timeout just before the snap so stand right beside me
  12. First of all its not called a lottery in football dum dum, thats basketball. And its called a lottery because the top picks are given to the bottom 10-12 teams not by where the finished but by merely drawing their numbers of a hat.
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