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  1. Disappointing. So many missed tackles costing the birds big time today.
  2. Yes, very good point - I loved his tackle on the sack of Cam. It was a thing of beauty and something our Dlinemen haven't been doing too often in years past.
  3. He just keeps making big plays and is tied for the team lead with Takk for sacks (2 more than Beasley.)
  4. Why stop there? Take his awesome Oline and FB away from him too. Why are we coddling him? I mean Mike Person AND Chris Chester?? It's just not fair to the other teams.
  5. Oh god. Inb4 the "noodle arm" brigade shows up.
  6. Thank you! Can you please copy and paste that into the Matt Ryans Arm Strength thread?
  7. Hey, look everybody! It "dawned" on Kelvin31063, so I guess we can just wrap this up and all go home. I'm glad that's over with; all that head-thinking makes me tired.
  8. Yeah and Stafford doesn't need anything, not even an Oline. He can just play pitch and catch with himself. If only he had a really good, like mega good, almost robotic receiver to throw to, then he'd win it all.
  9. Maybe the problem is that a lot of people, me included, think that Matt Ryan is much more than just "ok" and is far from being the weakest link on this team. True, he's played like ***, but I just think it's the new system. Maybe he will work through it, maybe not. I'm all for drafting a good young backup, as well, but I would much rather invest talent into both sides of the line first. This, I feel, is what we got away from and causes us problems year after year.
  10. I really wish someone would make a "WTF is a Kyle Shanahan" thread. I would just die laughing.
  11. Do you expect a logical and well reasoned response? Or "Woke up and smell da coffee?" My guess is you will get the latter.
  12. Yes! The divisiveness on this board regarding QB's is unbelievable. This whole situation reminds me of the Mike Vick fiasco - the melt down here was epic.
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