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  1. Falcons vs Niners......

  2. Read my whole post...even the quote
  3. OK I weighed in at 240.6 lbs on Friday, April 11th Monday 14th: 233.5 Tuesday 15th: 235.5 Wednesday 16th: Thursday 17th: Friday 18th: I added 2 lbs but that's OK because on Monday I weighed in before I ate breakfast and today I weighed in after breakfast and a lot of water I've been reducing my calories A LOT. Should I keep this up? Or should I fluctuate my calorie intake?
  4. Ok, ever since I graduated from college (last May) I have told myself that I'm going to take some time off with working out. I played college football for 5 years and if any of you played college football you know how intense you train throughout the year. Well I am going to enter a "Biggest Loser" competition at my work and I plan on winning it. I will keep you guys updated at how everything is going. Time to get back in the gym
  5. I drank waaaaaaay to much beer this weekend. I'm going to have to hit the treadmill hard tomorrow.
  6. SIR YES SIR!!!! Thank You Shiney!!!!!
  7. Mods can we please pin this thread? pretty, pretty please???
  8. Thanks, the best part about this gym is that they offer the jiu jitsu class and the mma class and I do not have to pay extra for them. I can train for both of them. I still haven't decided if I'm going to do it or not. I'm a teacher and I coach basketball. We practice till 5:30 every day and the classes start at 6 so I am trying to figure out if I want to be that busy or not It is such a good deal though so I don't think i can pass up on it. JDave thanks for all the info BTW. I think I'm going to sit in on a jiu jitsu class tonight and see how I like it.
  9. Hey Midwest. When you start up a martial arts program or system its imperative that you thnk abt skills your looking for as your CORE art. What you start in is not necessarily written in stone to what you'll advance in, but its extremely important to watch class's, talk to the students and get some idea's from them. Its very important to choose a Dojo or fighting system that fits You as well. For example, I started Tae Kwon Do, I did so while I was wrestling in High school. I wanted the balance, flexibility and mind set of the Koreans to go with my ground skills. You could say my Core was the ground, and then I add'd the Feet skills afterwards. Real important to judge what you think fits You. Judo for example is a great in close art. Ju Jitsu and Aikedo as well. Your age and fitness level need evaluating as well. Can you see yourself gut wrenching and hammering away on the ground. Or, should you start with an art that keeps you on your feet, toughening you up, then proceed to the ground? MMA fighting is extremely hard on you as is Ju jitsu. You gotta realize with it you will get hurt, bruised and be incapacitated at times. Just food for thought. Stick with what ever you chose and practice in your mind, at home and develop your art by making it a committment. Well I just finished up playing 5 years of football out here in Kansas. I played middle linebacker and strated the last 2 years I played there. I got beat up a lot so I think that should have me prepared for the jiu jitsu and mma classes.
  10. It is a beautiful day. I'm glad I was out of the office most of the day (out of towners are MUCH more fun on days like today). Wish I could've gotten a run in, but no dice. I'll hit the gym tomorrow for a jiu jitsu class. Freezing rain all day Had to hit up the treadmill. Hey JDave I went to the gym today and their rate was like 60 a month and I can train Jiu Jitsu and MMA for no extra cost. How much did you say I could get a gui for? **wasn't sure how to spell gui **
  11. Yeh the more I thought about it the more I realized you don't have to be very flexible to be effective. To me there's BJ Penn who is a freak when it comes to flexability. Then you have "The Snowman" Jeff Monson is is built like the incredible hulk. Either way it sounds like a lot of fun. Is it something you can get into without any background at all?
  12. Is it a lot of sparring your classes? I would love to start training for jiu jitsu. Is flexability a big factor?
  13. Well I'm not going anorexic or anything....For example: Instead of eating a foot long sub I'm eating a 6 inch sub. Instead of the huge chicken breast I will cut it in half. Americans portion sizes are way too big anyways. We are used to eating more than one serving when we sit down to eat. I'm trying to teach my body to eat regular servings and still feel full. I'm able to eat a lot and it's a transition that will take some getting used to but I will be able to do it
  14. Well boys in just 2 weeks I'm seeing the results of my diet and exercise. I was 232 lbs and today I weighed 228. My goal is 200 so I've got 28 more pounds to go. The hardest part of all of this is being hungry a lot. I used to just eat whenever but I'm limiting myself to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and my snacks are fruit. I hope I get used to it very soon. I'm going to have to implement a cheat day here pretty soon though.
  15. Thanks a lot. Those are some great ideas. I'm really trying to cut the calories down and increase the nutrient rich foods that I eat. The grilled chicken brest idea is very good and I will definately be doing that. I will also look for the natural PB and I will look for a better jelly. Thanks a lot.
  16. Ok, so I'm a teacher and I get a 30 minute lunch everyday. Lately I've been eating PB & J's on whole wheat bread. I have also been eating Triscuts with my PB & J as well. I eat this because it is a quick lunch to make since I have a limited time to eat. Is this a healthy lunch or not. I have not had a carbonated drink in 2 weeks as well. This really sucks because I'm a big fan of beer. I'm trying to "talk the talk" and "walk the walk" since I'm a physical educatuion teacher. What are some (healthy) quick and easy ideas for lunch? I'm going to start implementing more fruit. I have also started taking a "one a day" multi vitamin. Thanks, MidWest Falcon
  17. I'm coaching my middle school basketball team and I decided to run with them yesterday. They won their game this past Monday but a lot of them were very worn out so I decided to push them hard yesterday. We hit up the gymnasium stairs for 10 minutes. I was the lead runner and it was a very tough workout. My legs are a little sore this morning but it was a great workout and my kids were dead Anyways, my question is do I need to do more in a day than 10 minutes of running? I went home after the practice and ran a mile but that was the most I've done since I started my diet and running program. You guys have any input? I have also been very strict with my food intake. I will be eating oatmeal for breakfast for the next 2 weeks......is this OK as well? Thanks, MidWest Falcon
  18. Hey JDave, what's some good alternatives for a healthy dinner besides chicken/salad/etc. etc. etc. I'm getting tired of chicken but I am really trying to eat right so I'm not packing myself with calories before I go to bed
  19. Thanks JDave, I always told myself I would not let myself get fat. Playing football in college is a year long job. We only had 4 weeks off (christmas). So when it was over I took a little break and man it caught up to me fast! Not only does running and working out get me in shape but it helps every aspect of my life. I'm in a better mood more and it just gets me in the zone for the day BTW, BJ Penn is my favorite MMA fighter :cool:
  20. Since I finished my football career up at last year I told my self I was going to take a break for a while. Well I took and break........a long, drunken, beer chugging, break :P Well I have a gut and I'm going to stop it in it's tracks!!!!! I've been running at least a mile a day and doing push ups and sit ups for the last week and a half. I'm really dedicated to this and plan on hitting the weight really soon:D
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