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  1. This gets me excited. Man, I haven't posted or been on here in a while so hey again everyone and Go Birds!
  2. Man this was the best drunk post I've never deleted. Rise Up Falcons!!!!!
  3. Fellow Falcon Fans, It's been a while since I've even looked at these forums (Too many reasons to even post). I am still a young Falcons Fan but I'm starting to learn what it's all about. It's not easy (Same Ol Falcons). My friend and I spend Sunday's with our heart beats too high and alcohol consumption at the same level. What I learned today was this.....be proud of your team. I'm proud of our Falcons. I was truly proud to see Matt and Mike together after the game because they've been roasted all year. I'm proud that Smitty got a win and he lives to fight another day. I'm proud that our defense battled all day and won this game....because they did (Nolan stay in the BOX). I'm proud to call myself a Falcons fan. Proud of OUR team. I haven't been this excited about a week 17 game in my entire life. Lets go Panther hunting! RISE UP!
  4. If San Fran wins we have lost to the Superbowl champ 3 times. We are getting so close. All of this negative talk is killing me. This is my last post here for a bit until all of the haters go away.
  5. Man I'm pumped! I just got chills! LETS GO FALCON NATION!
  6. Great game right now...Brad Stevens looks like a high school senior coaching the #13 team in the nation
  7. Nate it did get a little out of control.....it was a good out of control in my opinion but you can't have content like that on a board that has as many members as we do....With that being said, LETS GO FALCONS!!!!
  8. I hate people that bump threads too! I wish it would stop
  9. Actually there was A LOT to see! LOL, seriously though they should make hidden rooms for mature content but the problem is there are so many members in FL that it is too much work to regulate who gets in and who doesn't
  10. Well I was keeping up with it...and when I saw a Labia I knew right then it would be deleted......
  11. If you guys want to see 2 great Mid-Majors playing turn to ESPN2......WSU and Creighton are legit. Both can make a run in the tourny.
  12. Here's an idea. They should make a hidden room for content like that. Only the MODS can give you access......I've seen it done. It's genius.
  13. Falcons vs Niners......

  14. The home Abe jersey has been on all year. It will be on again tomorrow. I wish I could go to the game....
  15. They deleted it....but as much as I liked looking, they deleted it for the right reason.
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