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  1. Falcons vs Niners......

  2. can you send me one please....I'm going to help your rep
  3. Can I get a PM!!! PLease......all the way out here in Ks
  4. sweet, I've never been in a ncaa league before so this should be fun. I'm in too many NFL leagues
  5. Can't wait. I really hope the NCAA gets this right. U$C needs to go down.
  6. Sorry guys haven't posted in a while.......bad joke ^^^^^^^ :P
  7. All of my K-State friends out here are extremely excited. IMHO Bryce and his brother Authur should have just gone to K-State right away. They will be instant stars in Manhattan.......in 2 years of course
  8. Oh it will be nuts......I have a friend that will probably be their. Man what an atmosphere that would be.
  9. Boss I feel the exact same way you do. I thought Sweed was going to be something special. maybe a change of scenery might be what he needs.....
  10. And Bama hasn't been waiting for this game all year? In your words: "Bama been waitin on this all year too"
  11. Thanks for all of the compliments.....it's good to see people that can still say something good even when they are talking about someone else's team. thanks guys....it was a great game.
  12. Wow, one too many last night!!! Lets go TIDE!!!
  13. Lets GOOOOOOOO!!!!! Haven't posted in a while so I thought I'd do a DBDP D rive B y D runk P ost HA!
  14. I played my game last night and beat LSU 24-0.....I hope it counted it
  15. k well when you can please hook it up!!! don't put a link in here. You need to PM it
  16. I'm still in. Have we not advanced or something. I have a bye so I haven't checked in a while.
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