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  1. Falcons vs Niners......

  2. I'm going to be so nervous until Trent signs. If Bama somehow got Randle I would go nuts! Julio and Randle together would just be insane.
  3. I posted this one in the old Giants thread Jared Lorenzen and Pizza the Hut
  4. Thanks you guys are awesome.....I need to start doing my homework. I've been doing a lot of coaching lately
  5. Yes he is. I remember when he signed.....I was so pumped up. BTW, whats up with Devonta Bolton....is he going to be a LB? I haven't been keeping up as much as I used too
  6. Speaking of Bama....CrimsonKat take a look at my new sig! Is that sweet or what? Sorry I hi-jacked your thread Sac :P OK, back to recruiting
  7. OK I weighed in at 240.6 lbs on Friday, April 11th Monday 14th: 233.5 Tuesday 15th: 235.5 Wednesday 16th: Thursday 17th: Friday 18th: I added 2 lbs but that's OK because on Monday I weighed in before I ate breakfast and today I weighed in after breakfast and a lot of water I've been reducing my calories A LOT. Should I keep this up? Or should I fluctuate my calorie intake?
  8. Ok, ever since I graduated from college (last May) I have told myself that I'm going to take some time off with working out. I played college football for 5 years and if any of you played college football you know how intense you train throughout the year. Well I am going to enter a "Biggest Loser" competition at my work and I plan on winning it. I will keep you guys updated at how everything is going. Time to get back in the gym
  9. OH freaking no. Argh!! Who is he? Are we after him? Is he going to influence any players? He is a Dual-Threat QB out of Texas. Is he going to influence any players going to UGA? I don't think so. Does it suck that he is in the SEC???? YES
  10. Russell Shepard is a verbal committ to LSU "It wasn't a tough decision," Shepard said. "The way I looked at it is why wait if I know where I am going to go. "It was a hands down easy decision for me."
  11. Yeah, I was just reading about him on Rivals and watching some of his film. The guy is a speedster.
  12. Thanks a lot, that is what I figured when I saw his sub 4.5 speed
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