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  1. Just so you know... Brent Grimes' agent is watching... Loftons' agent is watching... Trust and believe, this bufoonery will come up during those negotiations. Try running that nonsense on their agent and try to explain to them why their client should not be the highest paid at their position. This is a panic move that serves no purpose other than to continue coddling Matt Ryan. If Matt Ryan is felt (even if only within the organization) to be a capable (not elite) QB, the thinking has to be, "look, it's been a good run with TG, but honestly? We can't offer more than 2-3 mil. Matty Ice is gonn
  2. Just another tell tell sign. Who else in the league is giving a $7 million dollar deal to a 35 year old TIGHT END. Folks, when a team makes one desperate move after another it's just a matter of time before it all collapses. Question? Was there anybody else in the running to sign TG for 7 mil? No. It's just that we know that the team is so fragile, even if there no other suitors, we can't let him retire. What does this say about Matt Ryan? Can you still mention his name and the word elite in the same sentence when a 35 year old TE is holding you up for that kinda loot? This is an outrage!
  3. "Why The Heii Didn't Td Go After Sproles?!" Listen. I have told you guys before. MARKETING! Blank is a marketing guy. He likes to stay in the headlines. The Julio trade was a much bigger splash. Splash, Splash, Splash. Don't ever forget it.
  4. ? Ok homie. Let's just leave it at that. I would, however, like to see you have your own reality TV show. Call it... Twisted Logic.
  5. MM has been carrying MR. When the crutch is gone the collapse will be epic.
  6. Wait a second... You are a Physics teacher! Oh my goodness. You are a physics teacher and you do not understand the "beat your wife question"? Wow. I will give you one more chance then. The whole point behind the "beat your wife" question is it demonstrates how some questions can be presumptuous. 1) It presupposes that you beat your wife before the fact has ever been established. 2) It presupposes that you are married before that fact has been established. There are no such presuppositions in the pole question. Let's move on.
  7. Trust me. When he leaves, it will be crystal clear which cylinder wasn't firing. I think you all will be surprised.
  8. I think it's pretty clear that you don't fully understand the example that you used.
  9. Blah (doesn't deserve the other two obligatory blahs). 1) You still have not explained how you equate this to the beating your wife question. 2) Carolina? That's two games. What about the rest of the games? How do you just not address those? 3) Have we done a better job of meeting expectations this year than last year? 4) Penalties? Execution? Passion? Direction? (Some of these are opinionated, but so is the question) It's a matter of opinion. Your responses indicate that you might be afraid of the truth.
  10. You are late to the battle field. The rebellion has begun. Blank has failed to address the concerns of the masses and they have broken off into separate, and in some cases, opposing factions. The higher the group number the greater the level of discontent and frustration. Obviously this is just beginning. Prepare for... Group 9 The Final Conflict.
  11. Makes absolutely no sense. The beating your wife question is a leading question. The poll question is not. Plain and simple.
  12. Honestly? I am a little perturbed that my name was not mentioned. This was most certainly an Epic Snub. I mean, after all, I am only just the Greatest of All Time!
  13. Wow!!!!! Heckuva job bro! One question... How the heck do we keep Saints fans from seeing this? I'm sure this has to qualify as dirty laundry. If they see this it will certainly be used against us.
  14. Haaaaahhhhhhhh. It's not a matter of it being his fault. It's a matter of whether or not he could possibly yield the strength, value, and production of five men. It's not a matter of whether it's his fault. The matter is, will this epic blunder be tolerated. TD has made a collective fool of this city and it is going to set us back for years.
  15. We can't change the past, but we can hold someone accountable for trashing the future. TD has got to go.
  16. Bro. Dont you get it? It's still just one touchdown. We still got blown out. Are you saying you don't believe we would have gotten one touchdown without him? The idea was that he would propel us to the next level so that's why we gave up the 5 picks. If all he is going to do is score the lone touchdown in a blow out nationally televised loss, you can make that case that he can play (if you want), but you cannot make the case that he is worth 5 draft picks.
  17. You are part of the problem. TEAM performance is the only thing that matters. Not individual performance. Not unit performance. At the end of the day it is about what the team accomplishes. If we, as fans, cannot demonstrate that we are aware and have a clue, then we will continue to pay top dollar for tickets without any real commitment to the ultimate success. Wake up.
  18. Oh!!!! Now I get it. LOL. It's like the answer is kinda obvious right. I guess I was blinded by my attempt to be neutral and objective.
  19. Yeah... As it turns out... I'm the reason they stopped the neg system all together. My production exposed the inequities and iniquities of the system. Daddy spoke truth to power and won.
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