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  1. Zero Chance? This clown should be fired. First of all, how does ANY playoff team have zero chance? Any how... I'm on the record... Falcons will win.
  2. Ok. Couple things. You got two guys. 1st guy says, "The bar has been raised." 2nd guy says, " Nah. I like to set the bar pretty low". Both guys have a team that fails to produce in the playoffs, finishing with, either 1 or zero post season wins. Neither guy cleans house. Guess what folks... Guy #1's bar is no higher than guy number 2's. Guy number one is more concerned with words than action and just talks a big game. Which is why we play like #2 in the playoffs.
  3. Matt Ryan has a weak arm. One of the weakest arms in the NFL. Next?
  4. Look Fool! I told you... He can't throw it that far. Play the underneath route!
  5. 3rd and goal? Let's go y'all... I don't think Ryan can throw it that far.
  6. Huh? Name the team willing to give TG 7 mil. Or the team willing to give D. Rob the loot he got. DONT FORGET PEOPLE!!! We are not just talking about Grimes here!!! There is an AGENT involved... He has a career too!!! If TG gets 7 mil from the falcons, trust and believe, before Grimes takes a penny less than 7 mil, his agent will, at the very least, advise his client to look elsewhere. If Grimes takes less than 6 mil from the falcons he looks inept. If he takes less than 6 mil fron a team other than the Falcons, he doesn't look like he got ripped off. Same for loft on and HD but we are talkin
  7. Huh? Are you serious? This is a substantial cap hit for a guy that is clearly: 1) not the player he once was. 2) is by no definition of the word, explosive. 3) has absolutely zero upside. 4) your primary hope is not that he is better than the year before, but that, hopefully, he is not noticeably worse. Instead of this extremely unusual hoopla. What we should be doing is pondering what the cap hit would have been if the contract was for 2.5mil like it should have been. My goodness: Truly, sometimes the blind... Wants to be led by the blind.
  8. See... Come on man. This is nonsense! The question should be who is the most accomplished. It's just obvious denial and a refusal to acknowledge Smith's failures. Mike Smith is probable not in the top 3 in terms of level of accomplishment at this point in his tenure as an Atlanta Falcon head coach. Let's take our head out of the sand people!
  9. Lady's and gentleman... This is it. This is our moment. The Giants are ripe for this team. TD's failures and inside jobs aside, we can take the Giants. We are playing a Tom Coughlin coached team. He is not gonna open the "spicket". We do not have to worry about a shoot I think this team can hang in there in a long slog in the meadowlands... Ray Edwards... Don't let me down!
  10. Yeah. Why don't we go ahead and ink Emmitt Smith to a 7mil deal since we are inking hall of famers now.
  11. Wow. TD's chickens are already coming home to roost and it's even affecting other teams. The thing is, Grimes, Lofton, and HD will have mor leverage than Ronde because they actually play for the same team that gave TG all the loot... "She did" well you better get ready to Franchise tag him then. There is no way Lofton's agent is gonna let himself get back handed on this. I'm telling you, all an agent needs is the flimsiest of excuses to look you straight in the face and say he wants top dollar. Lofton is gonna get premium money... Trust and believe.
  12. Yes. And that's without taking a single step forward. Without placing a single chip down for the future. Wow.
  13. Huh? Please explain this. We gave up a 2nd round pick for an ALREADY aging tight end, which nobody else was willing to give up that much for. WE STILL HAVE NOT WON A SINGLE PLAYOFF GAME with this tight end! Please tell me how the TG trade was a winner?
  14. 1) At 7.5 mil. We need more than just a "good" TE. We need a game breaker. At 7.5 mil for a 35 year old "good" TE, it severely compromises our leveraging in negotiations with key players like Lofton and Grimes. IE. if your justification for the 7.5 mil is that TG is "good", then you have made the case easy for Grimes', Lofton's, and even HD's agents. They wont have any difficulty making the case that their client is good, but that they are younger too. This is a mess! 2) We have already been waiting for four years. Did TD not know how old TG was when he GAVE UP A 2ND ROUND PICK FOR HIM (again
  15. Thank you. Great example. So now that you have established a precedent for what we are talking about, let's see if the (homer)trolls can come up with a precedent for this TG signing and the Julio trade.
  16. Are you serious? You would consider letting Lofton go so we can hold on to TG for ONE YEAR? wow.
  17. Yep. You do realize that this is the problem. What upward moving organization cuts young inexpensive players to make room for not just a 35 year old player, but a 35 year old TIGHT END! on a one year deal? Who does this?
  18. +1 This reminds me of the song by Drake... She will. And all the agents know it.
  19. Huh? Ain't no question. I will say it as a matter of fact. TG is OVER THE HILL! TG is not out running ANYBODY! He gets open, yes. But as a previous poster stated, it is at the expense of the explosiveness, progression, and development of the offense and other players. Think of Moses Malone. He could have averaged 10 rebounds per game until he was 45 but at some point you have to ask, at what cost? Not financially but in terms of the team development. If you are satisfied with what TG is doing now, then why settle for a 1 year deal? I have no doubt that he can do those little push off hitch ro
  20. It's not stupid. Agents have a business to run. No respectable agent can look at this stupid move and allow his client to give the falcons any kind of loyalty/home team discount. The falcons will be held hostage on the HD deal. I wont say that he wont get signed here, but if he does it will be for more than what he's worth. No agent is gonna be in a position where others look at him and say, "wait a second 35 year old TIGHT END got 7 mil from Blank, and this is all your guy got?". These chickens will come home to roost.
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