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  1. Ok. Couple things. 1) this never ending woe is me campaign about the "disgraced qb" is disgraceful in and of itself. I mean really, you're talking about a guy that did 2 years in prison, lost everything, was public enemy #1 and is still likely to win a superbowl before the falcons. 2) as far as naming four gms? Well that's easy. Any gm whose team has won a playoff game in the last three years. And what do u mean "under the circumstances". Are we the special needs team of the NFL now? 3) again with the back to back? I tell you what. Instead of naming four gms, I would submit it's a much harder
  2. Honestly? It's just the phrase De jour. It's just a matter of saying whatever will appease people for the moment. As stated earlier, how do you sell fans on the "process" then give up 5 picks for a #2 wr? Well I'll tell you how... You simply change the operative phrase of the day from "the process" to "explosiveness". It's all marketing. It's all about knowing your target audience and what they will buy. When you are beginning the rebuilding phase you need time to grow. So, to be honest, as a grade A critic of these front office. "the process" is perfectly legit. You are letting your base know
  3. Ok. Fine. You can't have it both ways though. If people want to factor in the defenses, then how can you justify spending 5 picks on a #2 wr. It doesn't make sense. Either he needs crutches/training wheels to carry him on offense or T. D. Has made a huge strategic draft day blunder.
  4. Interesting. I think there is a substantial need for upgrade on defense. What is your opinion on the depth situation. Has the team been fortified enough to sustain any substantial injuries on either side of the ball?
  5. Well I am sure they are homers. But come on now. There's homerism and then there is gross psychosis. That and most fans dont have the gall to go there. But hey, respect is just a courtesy not a law.
  6. Very touching Mr. Gritz. I really appreciate the compassion this community has shown the Birdlady. I remember seeing her adjacent to my section when i had end zone seats. Her and the guy with the Joker's hat were awesome. Best wishes Birdlady. Long Live Humanity.
  7. Absolutely brilliant. Masterful. I would like to add that I find it interesting that there is a consistent theme with the Manning/Ryan comparisons. It seems to me that the comparisons only refer to the short comings. It's like Manning is used to justify or pardon Young Ryan's inadequacies. If Young Ryan costs us a game by throwing a pick, then the first thing we here is "well... you know... Manning did throw x amount of picks in one game". It doesn't work that way folks. Ryan Leaf threw his share of picks too. Why is that not a comparison? Because it's not convenient? Doesn't fit the narrativ
  8. Bro... I'm really not wearing a disguise. I mean... Come on now.
  9. Hey Borat! Couple things. 1) Was that toss back an under hand pitch? Or an over the top 4 seamer, under the chin? I just need to know. 2) The hall of famer comparisons will remain invalid for now, at least until someone can provide a better justification. I mean, yes, it is true that hall of famers have had ups and downs at some point. But they are hall of famers and Young Ryan is not. If that's the case Kordell Stewart had ups and downs, David Carr had ups downs, Ryan Leaf had ups and downs (ok well mostly downs - I take this one back), Derek Anderson has ups and downs. So is it fair to compa
  10. Come on bro. The Saints organization has surpassed us. They won a superbowl on Matt Ryans watch.I personally think the pic is disgusting but hey, he went Tosh 2.0 on us. That's what happens when we put ourselves in this position by falling asleep at the wheel. These guys are wearing superbowl rings and we a throwing a parade for back to back winning seasons. It's embarassing. In some ways we are pooping on ourselves.
  11. I can see where you are coming from. But check this out. And I'm just gonna toss this out there and if it's not on point just toss it right back ok? Couple things: 1) We keep hearing these never ending comparisons of Young Ryan to the stumbling blocks of certain other quarterbacks... HALL OF FAME QUARTERBACKS! This has to stop ok? Young Ryan is not a hall of famer so those "parallels" are moot. That would be like me missing two important free throws and using the excuse, "well, even Michael Jordan missed free throws". That is ridiculous. Yeah, Jordan may have missed some free throws, but at t
  12. How ya doin Sherlock... Givin' ya a A++ for effort here ok? But ahhhh.... Couple things: 1) I think the op suggested that players are being pigeon holed... However, the OP is not the one that's doing the pigeon holing. The pigeon holing is coming from within. In other words, yes, Roddy has speed, but for "certain reasons", he is used primarily on short routes. Here is an example where a player with deep threat ability is frequently used for a certain type of play, yet, there are two players involved here and there is some dispute as to who is being accomadated. In other words, it's probably n
  13. What? Joe Montana just rolled over in his grave. Yeah... I know... He is not dead yet. But if he heard a statement like that it would kill him. Couple things: 1) Joe Montana benefitted from having one of the greatest minds the game has ever seen as his coach. Us? We got "Smitty". Well Smitty doesn't know whether to throw his head sets into the stands or posture on the sidelines with Deangelo Hall. 2) Joe was big in big games. Young Ryan is, well... Small in big games. Kerry Collins minus the deep ball?
  14. I can dig it. Just wanna put somethin out there. 1) Would you not agree that Roddy has good speed also? If so. Does it follow that team speed was the problem related to our impotent deep passing game? Or was it something else? 2) Can we expect any fallout or rift between Roddy and Young Ryan after Roddy put Ryan on blast when he was asked what was the difference between Vick and Ryan? As you will recall, Roddy said, "the offense was more explosive with Vick at quarterback." In other words, the #2 WR spot is not the cylinder that's not firing. 3) Interesting point about the contrast between Ry
  15. Sweet Cheeks. Couple things: 1) Get your history facts together. The General you see in the picture? His side won. 2) The honorable General Sherman served this nation well. General Sherman has been recognized by Military historian B. H. Liddell Hart as "The First Modern General"... 3) ...he proceeded to lead his troops to the capture of the city of Atlanta, a military success that contributed to the re-election of President Abraham Lincoln. 4) In 2008 The Times recognized Abraham Lincoln as the greatest United States President Of All Time 5) General Sherman is a great American Hero who made
  16. Couple things: 1) It's not funny. 2) Which comedians out there are making jokes about 70,000 people being blown up and killed in a terrorist attack. I'm not a fan of the front office. But I do have a sense of humor.
  17. Ouch! Ok. Tell the truth... How far do you think this pass is being thrown? You know it's no more than 15 yds. Tell the truth bro... Just tell the truth.
  18. Ok. I can dig it. What you think about this though. What do you think about the very real likelihood that in 2 years the falcons will have the fourth best qb in the division?
  19. Ok. So you think that last "post season" game against the Packers is the one that's gonna impress him?
  20. Already bracing yourself for a let down huh? Don't worry. this tune has been playing for 40 years. all is well.
  21. Now when he says "win". What exactly is he talking about? Meaningless regular season games?
  22. The difference between Julio and AJ? 1) The falcons preferred AJ. 2) AJ cost the Bengals one pick... Julio cost the falcons 5 picks.
  23. This is like an emergency... What to do... What to do? If we don't land this guy, Edwards becomes basically the one prime DE in the free agent pool. Question: Will the league allow a player to wear: #11 and still line up at LDE?
  24. Man. Somebody needs some chapstick. It's good that the curse is over but get off your knees bro.
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