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  1. I really appreciate that bro... Glad somebody likes quality work.
  2. Obviously, hiring you means we believe you when you said, " Matt Ryan can't throw it deep".
  3. I'm glad you asked. Just let me start by saying, ahhh... Ladies and gentlemen of the jury (ahem) I mean press core... We are gathered here today, as you all know to not just morn but to AJUDICATE the tragic loss of our season... And let me make make this perfectly clear... This man!!!(clutched fist with index finger pointed to a life sized PowerPoint photo of coach Smith) is responsible. I have in my attaché case a fully coerced and signed confession where he admits to making lite of his civic duty to serve in the best interest of this franchise. Failure to inspire! Failure to achieve! And...
  4. How is Mike Smith the best HC this team has ever had? He is not even top 3! How many other coaches have led this team play off victories? Reeves led us to the Super Bowl. You just insulted all of them.
  5. "Smith Knows Failure Starts With Him" Wooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! They really think we are stupid folks. Very simple question here. How can Smith look people in the face and say "failure starts with (him)", when... SOMEBODY ELSE GOT SHOWN THE DOOR FOR IT!!! WOW! They have no respect for the intellectual capacity of this fan base and, quite honestly, the fan base is so gullible, I don't know if I blame them.
  6. Ahhhhhhh... Excuse me? If Abraham is not our most effective player then who is? 1)You can start by explaining what is more important than pressuring the quarterback. 2) if you dare say Weatherspoon you are way out of your league on this one. There is no way on earth an outside 4-3 linebacker in today's nfl is EVER on the same level of importance as an impactful DE. EVER!!!!!!
  7. My turtle stopped Matt Ryan from throwing the Harry Mary into... The End Zone. Peter King picked this team to go to the Super Bowl. We put up zero points in the first round in... YET ANOTHER RECORD SETTING POST SEASON LOSS.
  8. Ok. Tell me more. What is the insight. Not being argumentative. Just wanna understand your point of view.
  9. What press conference? This was an advertisement. It's all the same stuff folks! Their not selling us football. Their selling us packaging. Listen to the key words they used in their opening statements (all three of them). All three use the same buzz words/language: ANALYZE STUDY EXAMINE RESPONSIBILTY "PERSONALLY AS WELL AS ORGANIZATIONALLY" "INTERNALLY AS WELL AS EXTERNALLY" "ON THE FIELD AS WELL AS OFF THE FIELD" Every single one of us could have written each of their opening statements. Why? Because we have all heard it before. In other words? You guessed it: PROCESS! Listen. This is not Ho
  10. At least he didn't kick a field goal at the end of the game. Dan Reeves did that one time and it blew my mind. That must have been the most clearly defined moral victory in the history of professional sports. I felt like I was watching my son's soccer team. We were completely blown out and shut out. With a few seconds to go he sends in the field goal unit. Wow.
  11. Hey is this Georgia Regional? Whach'all doin' for panic attacks now? These 4th downs are killin' me.
  12. TG got 7.5 mil. Everybody's price tag went up after that. No home team discounts.
  13. This is very important. Right now his ability is just in the stage where people are questioning. Once it becomes established that he is, in fact, Joey Harrington, there is no turning back from that and we will get nothing for him.
  14. The first step is acknowledging that we have a problem... Matt Ryan is that problem.
  15. Ok... Explain this to me. On the Hail Mary play. Why didn't he just throw it into the endzone? Manning would have.
  16. Ok. Get upset over this then... Somebody just voted that the team is performing better. Wow. Oh Well.
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