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  1. Exactly. If Spags comes here, you know who your next head coach is. Unfortunately if Smith has a lot of say, then the dc won't be any more impressive than our new oc.
  2. Simple truth folks... It's hard to attract top notch coordinators when they suspect the head coach won't last another year.
  3. Just because you are a billionaire doesn't mean you know anything about football. Blank has proven that.
  4. Why do I feel the same way I did when we hired Marion Campbell... Again
  5. I've told yall before. Teams beat us so badly in the post season it gives them a huge confidence boost. The playoffs is about momentum. Everybody knows that.
  6. How old is TG? He got 7.5 mil. Now tell me how old 29 is? Trust me... This is the corner the falcons have painted themselves into. Whatever they say to try to justify a low ball offer, the TG deal will come up and there will be no way for the falcons to counter.
  7. Huh? Carried this team? First of all who are you calling, "This team"? Secondly, we made the playoffs before he got here. The whole point of giving up a second round pick for him was that he was supposed to help us get to the super bowl, (heard that lately?). As it turns out, we havent even won a playoff game with this guy. I could just as easily make the case that Blank should have sued him.
  8. And now you know who the better coach and better GM is... Remember that.
  9. Don't give me the run-a-round T-Falcon. Is this the cb that got the shart beat out ovem by that WR yes or no?
  10. Ok. Let me put it this way... We're not making the playoffs next year. Capish?
  11. Com on bro. Don't edit the central portion of a persons post when you quote them then ask them to elaborate. The portion you deleted makes it self explanatory. We still cool though. Daddy don't take it personal.
  12. Let me "splain" it to ya this way... Grimes' agent, " let me get this straight TD. You go out and pay an over the hill, dull, lack-luster, over the hill, decrepit , non-tackle breaking, over the hill, can't out run anybody TE 7.5 mil. And you think I'm gonna let you low ball my guy? GTFO!". TD, "he broke a tackle"
  13. D. E. L. U. S. I. O. N. A. L. Why would Grimes care what TG's cap hit is? Like I said before. U pay TG 7.5 mil, there is No way Grimes takes less than prime dollar from Falcons. Irrespective of any concern for cap hits. The Falcons are preparing the fan base for he inevitable... Another blunder.
  14. Well... Try quoting in its entirety and you might find it self explanatory. I must admit knight... I'm a little surprised at you.
  15. I am not the only one that told you guys the chickens would come home to roost from the TG contract. The falcons give an over the hill, on the decline TIGHT END a one year deal for 7.5 mil and a week later are conceding the loss of their best defensive player who is a YOUNG up and coming player. Who in the world is in charge here? You are gonna grossly over pay TG and then float the idea of letting Grimes go? Can you think of a more clear example of what is going on here folks? I told ya... Marketing! If you wanna get paid by the falcons, you have to be a guy that: 1) Gets photographs 2) Gets
  16. Ok... See... This cute little comment right here? This is exactly the stuff that, not only guarantees he WILL WALK, but it also turns off potential free agents. It wasn't long ago that the falcons got sued by Grady Jackson for bad mouthing him over a medical condition, now they are going to try to raise questions and doubt about Grimes EVEN BEFORE FREE AGENCY STARTS! I'm telling you folks, there is a reason why our coordinators started walking a DAY AFTER the playoff loss. And it ain't because they got fired. I am telling right now that the powers that be in this organization are not as on th
  17. Wow. I bet Mularkey, AS WELL AS POTENTIAL REPLACEMENTS AROUND THE LEAGUE, is asking how is it that Smith is the only one that gets credit for the sacred "4 Back to Back winning seasons". Sure doesn't seem like an attractive proposition to any self respecting candidate. Smith gets all the credit... You take all the blame. We'll see how it unfolds.
  18. If he is taking Ryan over Brees he's "taking" more than just snaps.
  19. Took a class or majored in it? If you just "took a class", yeah... You might not see it. Blank is a marketing Jedi. Problem is... This is football. The shell game has a very short half life here buddy. Make a note of this... Blank will NEVER hire a bald, unattractive coach... EVER!!!!! He is more concerned with how things appear rather than how they are. What exactly did they tell you in that press conference? What other team holds a press conference like that? What other owner takes out a full page ad in the paper after a bad season? If you are gullable, you see that and you think to yourself
  20. Thanks Triggerman. You are an inspiration. "The People find" him and his co-conspirators guilty as charged. Just wanted to give a taste of what it means to be truly "responsible" for a calamity. As far as the "logo" issue? Res Ipsa Loquitur. It's been proven that the true trolls are the homers. We have the truth on our side. We want championships. They are satisfied with denials. We... Have... Never... Spammed... Just the facts Joe... Just the facts.
  21. LOL. had to google that to know who it was. When I found out... Yeah... That's trippy. Wish I would have had that in mind before hand. I coulda spit a Codex Giga size discertation.
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