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  1. Yo swift, wtf are you and your idiot cronies still doing on these boards? Just a simple question brother???? You take every opportunity to slag off Ryan but you never mention any of his accomplishments. Why don't you pi$$ off to the Ravens board? At least your constant bit€hing about the QB would be warranted then. The idiots on here who agree with you are the same ******** wankers who cheer Vick at the dome. I don't give a flying Phuck how many of your brainless buddies I upset here, your a disgraceful so called fan of this team. Pi$$ off to the Eagles or Ravens boards and ***** about how the Falcons are gonna smash your real bit€h ar$e team this year. Show some support for your team or Phuck off. Your constant whining and complaining about the Falcons is vomit inducing. Go waste your energy on another board. Who the Phuck takes pleasure in another teams players slagging off his teams QB. Dissapear you pi$$y little grub. Support your TEAM or go home bit€h.

    Come on bro.

    If your points were valid you wouldnt need the profanity.

    Does Swift use that kinda language?

    No, 'cause his arguments valid.

  2. It's ridiculous. People go out their way to try to dog Flaco and say he's just Trent Dilfer blah, blah, blah. But then they turn around and say it's a new, qb driven league.


    They just mad cuz the "sponsored one" aint producin' so they gotta take other qbs down. Tebow win a playoff game and instead of pundits trying to learn something from it, they turn up the rhetoric.

    All for wonder boy.

    The most coddled dude in the league.


    Arthur Blank, "Matt was pressured ALL DAY!" After it was pointed out that there was only one meaningful sack given up in Giants game (two total).

    ^^^ Unbelievable! Blank wants his o-linemen to not only keep Ryan from gettin sacked but to give him a completely sterile environment. That's crazy! It's the nfl bro. If nfl qb's didn't have to play under pressure, anybody could do it!

    Oh but no...

    If wonder boy gets any pressure, he's not responsible for the outcome.

  3. I hope we run a hybrid scheme and can limit his reps that way. But have to wonder if a change in scheme might make him expendable.

    Im not starting a "lets fire abe thread" Dude has been 1 our greatest FA signings ever. If he leaves ill miss him. But being a FA, have to wonder though.

    Come on bro...

    I love Abe. I love'm i do.

    But Chris Chandler was our greatest free agent signing ever...

    Hands down.

  4. "It can't be me"!

    Boy this guy is letting everyone take the wrap for his failures. While all these people are getting fired for alledgedly being inept. He gets credit for, supposedly, being one of the best coaches ever. Question, what role did these pigeons have in the supposed 4 great years of Smith's tenure?

    And the way he is actively throwing MM under the bus? Wow. Keep it classy bro! Tell your new oc to stop making comments outwardly suggesting the MM was the sole problem. Comments about screens, vertical passing game... If that's what you are gonna do then do it, but don't sell MM out like that.

    It's like everybody that leaves the organization gets trashed by the famous falcon filter whisper campaign. I have followed the falcons since childhood. I have never seen a whisper campaign in Atlanta Sports like the falcons. You are even whispering about Grimes now?


    Real classy AB. Real classy.

  5. 6. I think the Dirk Koetter hire in Atlanta is a nod to the fact that the Falcons wanted to throw the ball downfield more, and to improving their screen game (maybe in 2012 with Jacquizz Rogers). Koetter's not Mike Martz, but I do think he'll be more open to featuring Julio Jones and getting Matt Ryan to take three or four shots a game deep.



    You are a true falcon fan bro...

    I just don't think they appreciate ya.

  6. Dirk Digglerkoetter is completely the wrong type of hire. Dimbulbtrof would have been better off hiring some clown from Burger King's fry-station. Dirk Digglerkoetter runs a vertical passing game (albeit excrutiatingly badly), which is Matt Ryan's weakness. Holding blocks for 7-step drop patterns is also the offensive line's weakness.

    We hired a coach whose system ignores our team's strengths, while accentuating their weaknesses.

    We signed a man-cover corner a few years ago into a soft zone scheme.

    Thomas Dimitroff is completely blind. He falls in love with some shiny toy and ignores the fact that it is the wrong tool for the job.

    Matt Ryan can ONLY thrive and succeed in a West Coast Offense. Dimitroff ignored the fact that our talent needs to be catered to.

    So Matt Ryan will continue to struggle along in a horrific antiquated run-first scheme designed by the absolute worst coordinator in the league

    Same ol' Falcons.

    Same ol' freaking pathetic Falcons.


    I don't know if I want this guy to be our general manager but I sure wood like for him to be at the table when some of the decisions are made.

  7. Just saying that "statistically" Ryan is better..

    What statistics are you looking at?

    W's are the most important stat.

    You can compare yards, td's, passer ratings all you want. But at the end of the day, if that is your ultimate source of satisfaction as a fan then you will continue to watch other teams in the post season and this front office will continue to pull the wool over your eyes.

    Flacco wins in the post season.

    He doesn't embarass himself and the team on fourth and short.

    Doesn't take a dive when he has nothing but open field in front of him for a first down in a game that is important to his team.

    Has the guts to throw deep and the composure to be on the money with it.

    You can trust Flacco in the post season.

    Matt Ryan?

    Don't give him no accolades...

    Giv'em guts!

  8. with the hiring of Coach Koetter. Let's think about this for a minute. Considering what we know about this organization, how surprised are you really? Truth of the matter is, anyone can run this offense with the collection of talent that we have. This just may be the dream job Koetter has been waiting on.

    I have a feeling the FO knows this.

    I think they are waiting to make the huge aggressive moves when it comes to finding the right defensive coordinator.

    I also believe that they have plans to make several aggressive moves in the free agent market.

    I would rather them sour us a little bit now with Koetter and wow us later with a serious DC and some serious free agent signings.

    Let's see how this turns out guys.

    Having read the above...

    I am certain...

    You Do Not Understand The Disappointment!

    As a matter of fact, it appears that your thinking is directly inline with the thinking of this front office.

    That being...

    "You either agree with what we are doing or you just are not smart enough to understand..."

  9. <p>

    WINNER. This is exactly what I was coming here to post. He's probably getting a catchphrase crash course right now. "Okay Dirk, if you'll look on page one you'll find a list of acceptable buzzwords that you're allowed to say to the media. "Process" , "Falcon Filter" , "Explosive" , "Familiarity" , "Consistency" , and "This will be a learning experience" are just some of the ridiculous bull**** that you're allowed to verbally vomit while in front of a microphone. Now, if you'll turn to page 2, we'll show you why the 6 yard curl route and running the ball up the middle over and over and over again is the recipe for success in this league.."


    This trick is becoming very recognizable.


  10. They have to provide him with all the "buzz words" and marketing strategies that they have to use to try and make this look like a good hire before they let him get in front of the press. Want him to feed the same line of BS the FO is feeding people.

    You put that very well my friend.

    See my post about the press conference.

    Good to know that somebody around here is not just a blind follower.

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